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Stock Chart Analysis Videos for August 29th:

  • Endocyte, Inc. (ECYT) Stock Chart Technical Analysis
  • United Therapeutics Corporation (UTHR) Stock Chart Technical Analysis
  • Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) Stock Chart Technical Analysis

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Stock Trading Quick Tip - A Risky Trader Goal

Growing up we are taught that “goal setting” is something that needs to be done in order to be successful in whatever you are pursuing. While I agree with this, there is an instance where, from my experience, “goal setting” becomes very risky. In what instance is this the case? For those in the business […]

Live Stock Trades - Digging Out of a $210 Hole

My first trade of the day put me into a $210 hole, so I spent the remaing portion of the morning attempting to dig myself out. Could I do it, or did the hole get bigger? Watch this live trading video to find out.

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