Eliminate Your Emotions from Trading

When I first began trading stocks, my emotions were by far my worst enemy. Fear, greed, panic, hope, excitement, anger… you name the emotion, and at one time or another, I’m sure I felt it as a trader. It got to the point where I was trading with my heart, and not my head. Can you relate to this feeling?

The Solution to the Problem

The good news is there is a way to fix the “emotion problem”. The key is to give your mind a strategy with rules to focus on… by doing this, it will keep your heart (and therefore emotions) out of the trading process.

It was not until I learned the strategy of reading stock charts and price patterns that I was finally able to trade without emotion. By learning how to properly use the tool of charts, it allowed me to build a strategy around my personal risk tolerance levels. After my trading strategy was built, key opportunities became very straight-forward and emotions no longer had any place in my trading. Learning how to read charts saved me from my emotions, and that is why I’m such a firm believer in them.

Will they work for me? That’s a valid concern, and my answer is this: follow the big money.

The Big Money uses Technical Charts

I have a question for you. Have you ever watched a TV show, movie, documentary, etc. about anything involving the stock market? Have you noticed what is usually on the computer monitors in the background? The vast majority of the time, there is some type of technical chart.

If the big money of the world (hedge funds, mutual funds, investment banks) uses charts in their everyday business, this tells me they are a very credible tool in developing trading strategies and rules.

Learn How to Read Stock Charts and Trade

The more you study and train yourself, the less and less your emotions will influence your trading decisions.

If you are ready to follow the big money and eliminate your emotions from your trading, then your journey STARTS HERE.

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