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Things have been busy for me with other projects I’m working on, so while my trading time has been a bit limited, I was happy that there was some pretty obvious signals that “this day” would be a great day to do a recording. Thanks to some quick price movements I was able to capture some quick money online and then move on with my day to work on the other projects. $AAPL $FB $TWTR $NFLX $NVDA $MU $AMD $CGC $ACB $TLRY $CRON

HERE is the video I was referring to and the end of this video.

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Good morning, it's Clay at claytrader.com.This will be a live trade videowhere I try to capture some trades as they unfold live.The market doesn't open up for 25 minutes.I took a quick little trade this morning, nothing big,just kinda moreso testing to see how this one traded.Still, like I said, a while before they open,but this one's got over a million shares traded already,so I'm gonna keep a close eye on it, and in fact,I'm gonna put an order in right now at 3.35,so if it goes down there, I'll get the video rolling,but if not, I'll just see youback at the official market open.All right, 66.45, had my first 500 shares up there,and it actually got rejected directly off 66,so let's see if it can work its way back up there,however, this time, actually get through the 66 mark.I have a couple other fishing ordersout there on HTZ and MNK, so we'll see.All right, now I've switched things around,and I'm looking to potentially go long hereon this pullback, down below 64.So ETSY here, as you see, all over the place.Now it's going back up there for potentially a break of 66.There is the break.I am in and out for the quick, what was that, $75?Oh, wow, oh, that could have been a whole lot more.All right, 66.95.Wow, this one really is moving.Well, let's see if we can get up to 66.95,but yeah, as you saw there, $75 in a matter of seconds.66.15, have an order for the opening500 shares, and I got those.So it's giving me 50, there we go.So another quick $50 there.Let's see if I can get some more.Still have that order up at 67.45,so we'll see if we can get another breakout move up there.All right, there is the move.Still got a ways to go, but it's definitely moving.As I'm sure you've noticed, this one is very jumpy,so I apologize ahead of timeif I happen to miss the entry point.I will try my best, though.Okay, going for the break at 67, back down it goes.Once again, going for the break, and back down it goes.Once again, maybe, well,it was looking like it was gonna go for it.So there it is, and there is the break,and I'm at 67.45.I am in, let's see if I can get some more.It's giving me 151 on the 500, on the partial.All right, this one is actually being kind of annoying now.It's moved on there on a couple occasion,and it's not filling me.Looking like it might give me the chanceto pick up some more.All right, let's go to 68.45,try to pick up another 500 shares.All right, I will go ahead and pause for now.Well, now, it's potentially moving back down.There it goes, finally.That was annoying, but like I said,still felt good about it,which is why I never moved my order back up.But 68.45, we'll go with that number again.This one seems to like that .45 number.So, 68.45, and I will try my bestto capture the break of 68.Let's see, we are 12 minutes into the day.I'm up just shy of 250 bucks.so I will gladly take 250 bucks in 12 minutes,as I kinda stall here and see if it wants to get up thereto the 68 and break through it.All right, I am gonna pause.All right, maybe a break of 68,or it very well may be stubborn like that break at 67 was.I'll keep a close eye on it.I'll let it run for a second.Let's see if it wants to, nope, back down it goes.All right, there's the break of 68.Now let's see if I can get up to 68.45.All right, I'm gonna go ahead and change this to 68.75.So 68.75, next first entry point.Unfortunately, on that one,it only got up as high as 68.35 before pulling back,so it didn't hit that 45 number, which,as you saw, worked the first couple of times.But let's see if it can get up to 68.75, okay?Getting close to 68.75.Well, it literally hit 68.75,if you see my cursor right there.The problem is it didn't fill me.So let's go up to, next new first entry.Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up.Honestly, I haven't even been watching the market.There's another project I'm working onthat's separate from ClayTrader University,but like, an online fitness bootcamp type thing,and I got a bunch of stuff I'm doing for that today.We're gonna be filming some videos for it.So point being, I haven't really watched the market at all,but I wanted to get at least one of these live tradevideos rolling, 'cause it did look like therewould be some good early morning action, and I guessto pat myself a little bit on the back, I was right.ETSY, E-T-S-Y, did, as you saw, jump around quite a bit,but that is all, and I don't know.I was maybe paying attention to the market for 20 minutes,so I'll take it, $250, 20 minutes.But this also brings up a good real-life case study,a real-life example, of why you gotta have a system,why you have to have a plan when you're trading.Now, if you did watch last week's episode,in fact, I'll put a link to itdown below where I showed a losing day,and I ended up losing $185, give or take, on the day.And then you fast forward to here.Now, I have already wiped away that loss,but that's besides the point.Let's just say that last week's videoand then this week's video have beenthe only two trading days I've had.And here, today, I have wiped it away.And I could say, I mean, Clay, you made 250 bucks.That's not that impressive.That's the point.When you can trade kind of eh, when you can trade kind of,dare I say, unimpressively and still wipe away a losing day,you know that you're keeping your losses controlled.You know that you're keeping your risk managed.The last thing you would ever want is,when you find yourself needing to trade like a superhero,needing to trade like just an absolute monsterin order to wipe away a loss, that's probably telling youthat loss was way, way too big.Lemme say that again.If you find yourself needing to trade like a superheroin order to wipe away a previous loss,that's a big clue that your losses are not controlled,they're not managed or anything like that,because yeah, I'll be the first to admit.Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not greedy.I'm very happy that I made $250 in, I don't know,20 minutes, whatever it actually was.But at the same time, I have madea whole lot more than $250 in past videos.So 250, it's not like it was anythingnecessarily quote-unquote impressive,but that just still was more than enoughto wipe away the loss from the last video I had.So kind of a good little real-life learning lesson there.With that being said, before I go, final few things.If you enjoyed this video and you want meto keep making these, click that like button,and that's a very simplistic way to just communicatethat to me, to keep on making these, and also,check out the channel and subscribe to it.If you're interested in trading alongside meand other quality traders, then go to claytrader.com.I offer an Inner Circle subscription, it's called.It comes with a live chatroom.I send out a weekly newsletter.The cost is $99 per year.If you do the math,it's eight dollars and 25 cents per month,or if you wanna do the math even furtherto break it down to a per-week cost, it's literally a $1.90.So as I always say, over the time span of 12 months,I'm more than confidentyou'll get at least $99 worth of value.I realize I'm not setting the bar very high,but it's enough to keep the trolls out, it's enough to keepthe pumpers out, and enough to only bring in serious people.And then finally, if you wanna learn how to start to tradewith charts and develop strategies and systems with that,I do offer lots of online trading courses.You can once again just go to claytrader.com.So thank you for watching, and like I said, if youenjoyed this, just make sure to click that like button.One of the biggest questions I get is hey, Clay,how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I use to locate stocksthat I find interesting and think may have potential.So, if that sounds like something that could add valueto you as a trader, then click on the image that is upon the screen right now, and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point,and best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader