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$340 in 15 Minutes

When you know how to trade online and have proper strategies in place, at times, you don’t need a whole lot of time to pull profits from the market. In this morning’s session, thanks to some great moving stocks, I was able to fill my wallet in a very time efficient manner. $SPY $FB $NFLX $TSLA $AMRN $FB $AMZN

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Good morning, it is Clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be a live trade videowhere I try to capture some of my tradesas they unfold live.Lookin' at SOLO right now.Market doesn't open up for about 25 minutes,but, as you see here, lookin' at the chart,quite the movement here.I actually already traded it once, a partial fill.So, if you look over here on my screen you can see that.I wanted 500 but it only gave me 333 on the short side,so I just covered those since it was only partial.I'm already up just shy of $40 on the day.I have an order at 6.25.In fact, that's me right there.Whoops.You can see right there, it's kinda lit up.So, looking like I might actually get filled here,as it's working its way back upwards.(keyboard clattering)So I will keep an eye on it,and if it looks like I might get filled,I'll let you know.Startin' to come back to life here.Still eight minutes before the market opens.I did move the order up to 6.45.I don't know if I'll catch it.I'm still doin' customer service stuff,but did wanna at least get it documentedin case I miss the actual entry point.There is an order at 6.45.All right, got a partial.So far 63 of 500 shares.Oh, brother.(groans)All right, well.We'll do,(keyboard clattering)(mouse clicking)I guess we can try63 down thereat 63.15 or at 6.15.So, there it is.Wanted 500, got 63.Got those out for 6.15, so what that equatesto like 20 bucks or something?Oh well, market now opens up in(keyboard clattering)five minutes.I'm gonna put a new order out there at 6.65.So, yeah, if looks like it's gonna get back up thereI will get the video rollin' again.All right, the markets are now open.I move my order up to 6.85.Just kind of tryin' gauge this opening action here,so I'm gonna go ahead and do 6.25.Also, might come down.Again, down here on the chart,see the opening volume bar.Much bigger than anything in pre-market.So, again, 6.25.My original order, but lookin' like thatit's probably not gonna happen as the price pulls back.So, I'm gonna go ahead and pause.I'll keep you updated.Moved the order up to 5.85.Lookin' like that may have a chance of getting filled.There it is.So, in for 500.My next order's at 6.25 and 6.85,which I've already talked about,but if it wants to give me a quick $50,I'm going to take it.So, it gave me a partial.Okay, now I'm at,I got my other shares there.Six, so let me put that down there.Average at 6.10.Let's see if I can get some of these at 6.85 or not.Try for some at 7.15 and 7.25.Or if it wants to pull back.All right, so all out, let me clear these outta the way.So, I got partial fill of my profit,and then it gave me a full fill of my next,so that's why I ended up with a goofy amountat 7.75 or whatever that was.But I wanna get my next order out there at 6.95,if it wants to go back up there.I don't know what I quite got on that trade,but I'm now at 164.I'm gonna go back up to 6.45 here.So, I'll see if it wants to push up there,makes sure this one gets alerted in the chatroom.There we go.So, 6.45, my newest entry point.Actually, let's do6.85 now instead,go back to that original order.And I may bring it back down,just gotta let this one play out a little bit more.But, yeah, I will keep you updated.Have an order at 4.75 on the pullback here.Might as well go ahead and cancel that 6.85 order.That's not lookin' like it's gonna happen.But if it does wanna break down here through five,I'd be interested in playing the pullback here.See something else, wanna get alerted in the chatroom.There we go.So, they're startin' to drop.Let's see if we can get the break of five.In fact, let's go to 4.51 too,just in case it really has a big movementdown through five.Twitter's makin' a move.Let me get that alerted.(keyboard clattering)All right, well, thought I'd let it roll a little bit here,see if we could capture,well, maybe now it's,with the volume movement here.Yeah, this lower five area, puttin' up a good fight.We'll see what happens.All right, now, quite the turn around here.Makin' a bounce back upwards,so I'm lookin' at potentially short at 6.18.So, still have that order in to go long at 4.51,but newest order, 6.18, to go short.So, we'll see what happens.All right, it's makin' a move up there.Got as high as 6.15.I'm gonna change that to 6.49 now.So, I was within three cents, but nothin'.It happens.But, yeah, this one is quite volatile.We'll see if it can get back above six or not.There it goes.Nice!Filled and out that fast for a $50 bill.But I don't wanna be done with it yet,so let's go to 6.75.See if it can get up there.Oh, come on!There we go.Got me filled.See if wants to give me that $75 bill and it does.Next new first orderat 7.25, so let's see if we can a break up through there.I will keep you updated.All right, goin' for the break at seven.Again, first order at 7.25.(keyboard clattering)This one's been pretty crazy in the chatroom.One minute I'm alerting potential breakdown,now I'm alertingthis movement again.There's the break.Again, 7.25.All right, time to go to 7.35.Remember I am looking at other things.And you can just see on the screen,I have multiple monitors.So, the decision-making process,yeah, it has to do with you see,but there's, like I said, other things going on.Well, shoulda, woulda, coulda, probably put it at 7.15,but that's me talkin' with hindsight in my favor,so whatever.We're all brilliant traders in hindsight.And back down it goes.All right, well, I will keep an eye on it.But, let's see, where am I even at?All right, $289 and it's 12 minutes into the day,so I'm happy with that,but let's see if this thing can get back above seven.Okay, moved an order up to 6.95.Okay, I got those.Obviously, you want more than 500.Well, decided to give me the quick $50 bill,so I'm not gonna turn that around, or turn that down.But I will just leave that new order up there at 7.35.So, goin' for the break of seven again.Let's see if it can actually push up to the 35 area.Nice, only 10 minutes so far in the video.Okay, time to move it up to 7.49.(keyboard clattering)So, let's see if it can make its way up there.It's tryin'.This 7.20 area is being pretty stubborn though right now.There's the break.(groans)(laughs)Literally went to 7.48.So, one cent off.That's awesome.7.75 now.Let's see if it can push up through there.I'm enjoyin' this one, but it's also driving me insaneat the same time,with partial fills, with being one penny away.Let's see.I'm saying some of this with tongue and cheek,'cause, I mean, 340 bucks now for 15 minutes.I'm not gonna scoff at that.I'm not a greedy fool.And back down it goes.So, what I am now gonna dois go back up to 7.35.If it wants to turn aroundand try to get back up there again,I would be interested in that.So, I will pause.All right, I have an order at 5.51, $6 now broken.Was lookin' for more of a flush to the downside.I'm not gonna cancel quite yet but,was hopin' for more of an emphatic break down.Like I said, not gonna give up on it quite yet.So, 5.51 order to go along.Okay, approaching my initial order at $5.30,but now back above 5.50.I'll keep a close eye on it.All right, making the move downwards.Nice, got those at 5.15.Got 'em at 5.05.We'll look to take profits at 5.15.I also have another order down there at 4.75.(keyboard clattering)Let's do 4.55 too.I'm gonna change this to 5.06.Just take the $25 bill if it wants to give it to me,which it did.So, just $25 there.Clearly, 5.05 was not the first ideal entry point,but I am willin' to restart the process again at 4.55.(keyboard clattering)So, let's see if this wants to keep on pullin' back.So, 4.55, new first entry point.I apologize, I said $25, but I just realizedI got in at 5.05 and sold at 5.06, so that was five bucks.After commissions, yeah, that was essentially a break even,that last trade.Maybe I walked away with like a buck-fifty.So, yeah, sorry about that.For some reason I thought I got in at 5.01,but that was not the case.So, like I said, last trade was $5 before commissions.After commissions,yeah, like I said, probably like a buck-fifty.Now it's startin' to break back above five.All right, almost at 15 minutes.I've already captured a lotta trades,but I'll see if I can get one more before ending the video.All right, have an order at 5.65 to short,represented by that green line there.I don't know if it's gonna be able to get up there or not.I mean, it's actin' like it has a chance,but it might just be toying with me.If it looks like it's gonna break 5.50I'll get the video rollin' again.I'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up.SOLO, right here, just had a volume surge,and then the price barely moved.Whereas previously,if it had gotten that sort of volume surge,it woulda moved a lot more.So, I think that's my cue to wrap things up.It now about an hour into the day,but I haven't even really necessarilybeen watching that closely lately.So, like I said, I'm gonna wrap things up.I'm happy with the morning, $344.If you enjoyed this,if you want me to keep makin' these live videosthe easiest way to communicate that to meis to click the like buttonand then subscribe to the channel.Even if you'd never spend a dime on this site,that's totally okay.But, if you want me to keep makin' theseand want me to spend my time to do 'em,then, yeah, just click that like button.If you are interested though in tradin' alongside of meand other traders, and if you're wonderin'what I was talkin' about when I was sayin'I'm making' alerts to the room, you can join that room.Just go to ClayTrader.comand that's called the Inner Circle.The cost of that is $99 per year.Per year, not per quarter, not per week,or anything like that.If you do the math and break it down to a per-month numberthat's 8.25, or if you break it down to per week,it's a $1.90 per week.Overall though, as I say and will continue to say,I'm very very confident that over the time spanof 12 months, one year,you'll get at least $99 worth of value.So, check that out.And then, finally, if you're interestedin learning how to trade with charts,again, at ClayTrader.com I offer many online video trainingson that, so you can check those things out there.But, again, like I said, even if you never spend a dime,just click that like buttonif you want me to keep makin' these.Take care.I'll see you back next week.One of the biggest questions that I get is,hey, Clay, how do you find the stocks that you trade?So, what I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I useto locate stocks that I find interestin'and think may have potentials.So, if that sounds like something that could add valueto you as a trader, then click on the imagethat is up on the screen right now,and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point.And best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watchin' the video.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader