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What is a sign of having a true trading strategy that you truly believe in? When the stock market gets crazy and a stock you are trading online gets volatile, how do you handle it? Do you freak out and lose all composure, or do you stay calm and collective and make the most of the trade? A stock I traded got pretty wild and I caught it all on video! $STNE $AAPL $ACB $CRON $CGC $SPY $NFLX $TSLA $FB $TLRY

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(dramatic music)Hey, it's Clay at claytrader.com.This'll be a live trade videowhere I try to capture some of my tradesas they unfold live.Market opens up in less than five minutes.I think I'm gonna watch YEXT out of the gatesbut that's always subject to change,so let's see what happens.I have an order at 44.45for my first 500 shares.Let me get this alerted in the chat room.So, there we go.That alert is made.And now it's pulling back a bitbut let's see if it can get above 44.All right, going for the break maybe.Again that key break at 44and then first entry at 44.45and then it paused again.All right, never mind.I have an order at 43, oops. got those.And as you see there I got the quick $50in I don't know, what was that?About two seconds?I still have my order up at 44.45.So, let's see if it can work its way up there.All right, I have an order at 41.45.This one's acting very jumpy as I'm sure you've noticed,so I want at least get that order documentedin the event I miss it live on video,so I still have an order out to short at 44.65but also an order to potentially go long at 41.25.All right, nice.All right, let me focus here for a second.Try for some down at 40.55.I got those.My average is at,let me just get some orders out there real quick.My average was at,let me just see what goes on with these final ones here.That was quite the fast move.All right, gonna change these back to 40.95.Let's go to those.So, let's go to 40.25.And 40.45.Very, very jumpy as I'm sure you've noticed.It's giving me 51 of what I wantedand all out there for $300 now.So, quite the eventful trade.I like this.I need to stop talkingand if it wants to give us another flush,then I will be ready at 38.55,so just double checking,so 38.55, next first entry point.And as a quick recapin case you kinda lost track,I got some shares out but then I didn't get them all out,so then I bought moreand then I was finally able to get everything outwith that final bounce back upwardswhich equated to 250 on the tradebecause I was already at plus 50,so I'm at 300 right now.I always forget sometimes peopleare not familiar with my screen,so right here is my gain,so if you were to scroll back,you'd notice that before that trade started,that was 50, so now because that's 300and that was 250 on that tradebut yeah, let's see if this thing want to flush again.I would love to play that pull back some more.This is some great movement.It is now 11 a.m.,so 90 minutes into the dayand I have other stuff I need to doand I've actually already been doing it,hence me not really even trying to get any tradesor looking at anything,so I'm just gonna wrap this upand we'll just have this be a small video.If you enjoy longer trade videos,then just check out my playlist.There's some that are well over 10 minutes, 15 minutes.I think there might even be some over 20,so like I said, I'll keep a variety out thereand this one'll be on the shorter side.However, as far as wild ridesand crazy price movement,this was one that it doesn't get any crazier than thatbut that is the learning lesson I would sayis why you need to have a strategythat you have faith in because when things get crazy,having a true strategy's gonna allow youto keep peace of mind,it's gonna allow you to keep your thought processand it's gonna allow you to benefit from the situation.I mean I realize out of hindsight,I probably didn't play it was well as I should have.I should have been a little bit more aggressive,however, should have, could have, would have,good old hindsightand that's why we are all worth billionsin our hindsight trading accountsbut overall like I said,the main point being that is the importanceof having a strategythat you truly trust inand what does true trust look like?Well, like I said, things got crazyand I wasn't freaking out, I wasn't panickingand that's how you knowthat you do have a true strategy as a trader,so hopefully you can pull out thatas a little learning lesson.Before I go though, final things.If you do want to keep making these videos,if you enjoy the live trades,then the easier way to communicate that to meis to click that like buttonand subscribe to the channel.If you are interested in trading alongside meand other quality traders,earlier in the video, I reference,I was typing up and making an alert to the chat room.That is a chat room service I offer.You can go to claytrader.comand that's called the Inner Circle.The price is $99 per year.Not per week, not per month, per year.If you break down the math,that's $8.25 per monthor if you wanna break down the math even further,it literally breaks down to 1.90 per weekand as I say every weekand I'm gonna continue to say over the time spanof 12 months, I am more than confidentyou're gonna get at least $99 worth of value.Finally, if you're interestedin learning how to trade with chartsand use charts as a tool to build up a strategythat works for you,then you can go to claytrader.comand again I offer online video courses therethat can help you out in that regardbut if you don't wanna spend anything,that's totally fine.Like I said, if you do want me to keep making these videos'cause you enjoy 'em,then just click that like buttonand subscribe to the channelbut yeah, in all seriousness,you should definitely come and join our community.I mean, it's only $99 for an entire year.One of the biggest questions I getis hey Clay, how to you find the stocks that you trade?So, what I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I useto locate stocks that I find interestingand think may have potential.So, if that sounds like somethingthat could add value to you as a trader,then click on the image that is up on the screen right nowand I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very shortand to the point and best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader