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An Honest Reality Check

I’ll be honest Videos like this are not fun to post and I don’t even want to post it. I’d much rather be showing off some big gains in a quick amount of time. The problem is, while that certainly can and does happen, sometimes… well… just watch this video. It’s nothing fancy from a marketing perspective, but, from a reality perspective, it shows what can and will happen to you as a trader from time to time. $AAPL $SPY $TSLA $FB $NFLX $AMZN $MU $NVDA $AMD

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(swooshing thud)(bright jingling)Good morning, it is Clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be a live trade video where I try to capturesome of my trades as they unfold live.Market opens up in about 13 minutes.Watching Tesla here, big gap down.Maybe some pre-market trading on it, I don't know.I have an order at 305 which you can see right here.So if it looks like it is gonna work its way downto the $300 mark, I'll get the video rolling.If not, I'll see you back at the market open.Looking to pick up some shares here on CCCL,at $2.00 on the pullback here.Have an order out on TWLO also.And scanning for some other set-ups.I will keep you updated.Alright I got filled, and I just noticed right awaythat I totally screwed it upfrom a position size perspective.I wanted,500 shares, but I was doing Teslaand Tesla, I only wanted 100 shares with that one,but I forgot to change my order back.So it got out there for $10.But let's try this again,15.15, next order.And there we go, now 500 shares,so an operator error on my point of view, again,because I only wanna use 100 shares with Tesla,I forgot for down here to change the shares backto 500 like that one.Bummer, but it is what it is, let's just move on.ENTG, very, very jumpy,so I want at least get it documented.Have an order at 30.15 for my first order.But I could see this all of a sudden just shootin' up thereand me missing the entry point,so at least wanna get it put out there, 30.15,and we'll watch, see if we can get a break at 30.There's the break,let's see if we can get it up to 15 or not.Alright, back to 30.02.I'll keep a close eye on it.Alright, gonna look for some shares here at 29.61.Bit of a deeper pullback here.We'll see if it can pullback a tad bit more.That trend line that I threw in therejust says kind of a gauge for myself.Very, very stubborn, the price.Got above it a little bit, but as you see,never could quite clear above it.So we'll se if it can move down at 29.61.Not gonna lie, we are almost an hour and a half in,and today has been a struggle.I've put orders out there, haven't gotten them filled.I'm not gonna give up yet.I'm gonna keep searching, but, yeah.It's been a struggle,and I don't say that to try to garner pity.Just saying' that, hey, if you ever feel likeyou're having a day as a traderwhere you can't really explain itother than it's just a struggle,if you've ever had those types of daysyou're not alone, it happens to everybody.Now whether or not other people are going to admitthat it happens or portray it, I don't know.But it does happen.But I at least want to get it documented from a video seg,because who knows, maybe there's a tradethat'll be right around the corner herethat totally changes everything.But, yeah, right now, an hour and a half in, struggling.Alright, I missed the entry point there.At 135.25 here on Facebook for my opening portion of shares.We'll look to pick up some more if possible.Alright, I will pause it for now.And if it looks like I'm either gonna get out for profitor add some more, I'll get the video going again.Okay, it's pulling back here somewhat.Alright, I will pause.Okay, I have another order up here at 135.55.Okay, I got filled there.Would like to look to still add, potentially, some more.Or if it wants to pullback,I'm gonna get this, if it hits that green line there,then I am making money on the trade,so that's kind of the line to keep an eye out for.So we'll see if it can get down there or not.I will go ahead and pause for the time being.Okay, it's pulling back some here.Again, if the price can hit that green line there,that is putting me into the green.So it's trying to pullback.We'll see if it can get down there.Or not.and while it's making a move,and I am out.So $60.00 there,I would have liked to have gotten more shares,but it just didn't move up enough, so there we go.I guess, still a struggle.Not the cleanest of trades, but, hey, we're uptrending.And that's the name of the game, right, uptrending.So let's see what else I can find.Alright, I totally turned my back awayfor, I dunno, two seconds,and the price just shot straight up there.So outta there for another 45.But let's double check when we look at it, 136.45.So I'm not doing very well, in fact,that's the ROKU chart right there.But, yeah, that move there,that's how fast it caught me off guard.I was lookin' over doing a customer service thing,and all of a sudden I was in,which makes sense with that candle right there,shot straight up there.But again, a quick $45 dollars on that one.I meant to put that at $89 for the $50.But, whatever, it is what it is.So up to 115 now.Almost two hours into the day.And maybe some more potential hereif it can get up to 136.45.I'll do my best, but there's still,working with a customer right now,so I may miss the entry point,but that is where the current order is.Alright, looking for an entry hereat 135.37 on this pullback.Trying to make it's way down there.Actually what I want to do here, is put a 135.30.Let's get this updated there.Okay, I'm in.We'll see if I can getthe $50 bill or not.So there it was for 50 bucks,if it wants to pullback some more,134.85, uh, I wanna be done right now,'cause it's literally right at noon,and I have other stuff to do.But if this move wants to continue,I'm gonna sacrifice a little bit of time to give it a try.So let's see, just double checking, 134.85.So there we go.I'll get the video rolling againif it looks like it's gonna pullback.Alright, there's the break of 135.I have moved my order down to 134.75.I will pause for the time being.Alright, well it never got quite downto where I wanted it to.So I'm gonna wrap this up, like I said, it's now 12:09,and I have other stuff I need to work on.So, yeah, I don't really wantto post this video, but I will.I hit the record button therefore I am posting it.If anything it just kind of goes to show,and I don't wanna come across as ungrateful,you know, 165 in two and a half hours, like you said,working from home, I don't wanna come across as ungrateful.However, yeah, it's kind of just not the best day.But I do wanna put this, because,just thinking off the top of my head,I think last week's video was like $150 per hour.And then the previous week was like $500 or something.I do post lots of live trades where there's bigger amounts.However, sometimes mornings like this happen.And while it would be great to only post big days,and days when there's a bunch of money,yeah, that's just not the reality of the situation.And sometimes, you struggle.Sometimes it's kinda of, you just gotta clawand nickel and dime the market to put together gains.And that's just what happened here.If you're looking for more of an entertaining video,with higher dollar values,then there's a whole playlist of these live trades,and you can go watch a bigger gain to your heart's content.But hopefully you're looking at it more of the perspectiveof hey, this is reality, this is how trading can go.It doesn't go like this all the time.But yeah, it can go like this.And from a marketing perspective, sure,this video is not gonna be very exciting.But it is what it is.If you did enjoy the video,make sure to hit that like buttonand let me know that you enjoy these.Subscribe to the channel.And that's really the best way to communicate to me,that, hey Clay, keep spending your time doing these,because I do enjoy 'em, and I will keep watching them,'cause, yeah, I enjoy it.So, hit that like button like I said.And even if you never spend a dime at ClayTrader.com,that's fine, but just communicate to methrough that like button and through subscribingto the channel, and that's a great way to let me knowto keep doing these videos.So thanks, and I'll see you back next week.One of the biggest questions I getis, hey Clay, how do you find the stocks that you trade.So what I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I useto locate stocks that I find interestingand think may have potential.So, if that sounds like somethingthat could add value to you as a trader,then click on the image that is up on the screen right now,and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point.And best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader