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How I Made $455 in 30 Minutes

$BPTH has been an absolute monster as of late, so I definitely had it on top of the watchlist. Given the huge volatility in it, there was a trading halt that I got trapped in, but due to risk control systems I had in place, I was still able to turn a nice profit in a very efficient amount of time. $ACB $CRON $AAPL $APHA $CGC $TLRY $FB $NFLX

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Hey it's Clay at claytrader.com.This will be a live trade video where I try to capturesome of my trades as they unfold live.Market opens up here in about eight minutes.Gonna be watching BPTH out of the opening gates.What a monster this thing has been,so let's see how this one plays out.Well this thing is just beat moding it now even more so.And I can't chase, there's no shares to short, sothe thing that's gonna drive me a little nuts on this oneis I'm kind of handcuffed in the sense of I can onlygo long on it, so it's just gonna have to be a matterof seeing if I can get a pull back or not.Market opens up now in about five minutes.Alright it's pulling back here.16.85 will be my first entry point.Obviously needs to break down through the 16 dollar mark.Very, very fast one, so no promises that I'm able to,actually at this point gonna go down to 16.50,but that may have been the pullback therebefore it starts its journey back upwards.Alright I will keep a close eye on it.Alright what I want to do here is put an order out therefor 18.55, and that may be too late now.Like I said I don't want to chase it.We'll see if this thing wants to pull back below 19.I will keep an eye on it.Alright I'm now at 19.55 and this thing is justabsolutely beat moding at, like I said, you don't wantto chase, I have no problem building a positionbut I don't want to start building it whenit's, you know, at a chasing level.So I'm at 19.55, we'll see if this thing wants to breakdown back through 20, and it has now been halted,just for going so crazy, so government has stepped in,halted it, we'll see how it goes now, but kind ofa buzz kill because now we're gonna have the worryof will it be halted again, so we'll see how this plays out.Alright it is back, and where did I want to put thatorder at 20, so just double checking, so let's go to 20.See if it wants to pull back there.So I will keep you updated, well now it's there we go.20 dollars, 21 is acting pretty stubborn right now.Alright I will pause.Alright I have an order at 24.55 now,and this thing just keeps on moving.Well this thing's probably gonnaget halted again at this rate.Alright, the urge to chase is real, but you justcan't do it, that's not a good habit.Another halt is coming here, so we'llwatch it and see it get halted.Oh.Is the government gonna actually let it trade?Am I actually gonna get filled at 24?Actually seeing that, that should be 24.25.So 24.25, well hey looking like it was gonna get haltedbut it didn't so maybe they're gonna let this onetrade, that would be encouraging.Alright, let's see if it wants to pull back.I have an order at 26.01, seeming to be consolidatingat least a little bit in this area.So 26.01, I will pause, well let's see.Nope, it went down there and then just bounced right back upso gonna be one of those that are very difficultto get filled apparently, okay I'll keep an eye on it.Alright, I'm at 27.01 now, okay I finally got in there.So let's see what this one wants to do.Looking like I may be able to get some more sharesif it pulls back, there we go, oh now it halts,now it's gonna get halted.Well I got some at 24.58, but yeah now it's definitelygonna get halted here, and there is the halt.So here we are, stuck in a halt.Alright still hasn't opened.That green line represents essentiallywhere I am in profits.Only at 1,000 shares and there's a reason why I kept itminimal at 500, so there's still some wiggle room here,and now it's just a matter of seeing where this thing wantsto actually open up, so I will keep you updated.Put an order out to buy at 23, so maybe I can get someshares right out of the gates there at the 23 dollar mark,but I'm still not quite sure where it's gonna open up.So because of that I may miss the time when it startstrading again, but I'll keep a close eye on it.Alright it is back, so let's see how this one wants to go.So again I had that order out, so I got those at 23.So I have an order at 25, and then 25.15,and then let's go to 25.35, so let's see if it can getup there through, so let me move this green line up here.So if we can hit that green line then I am good to go.So the green line is representing profit for me.So let's see if it can hit that green line or not.So all out there for 455 dollars and that is whyyou want to, this one was kind enough, I do feel badfor the people that, it's the first halt of the day,and then you don't even know that it gets halted.But I know that it got halted, so that is certainly whyI didn't want to chase, and the crazy part about BPTHis, actually let me pull up my marker really quick.So I'll pause.So like I was saying the crazy part is, I mean some peoplecould have bought up there and chased, got stuckin a halt, and given how strong this one is,they still might actually get bailed out.I don't know if that'll be the case, but I mademy life a lot easier by not chasing and sure I didn'tnail the bottom or anything, but with only 500 sharesand not chasing, you saw how I was able to make the tradehalt still work for me with minimal position size.So, there's many ways you can manipulate risk.There's many ways you can control risk.And I'm not gonna get into every single way, but what I didhere was just making sure I didn't chase and thenmaking sure the position size wasn't out of control.I don't say this in a cocky way, but couldI be buying 2,500 shares at once?Yes, of course, but with something this volatile andthen of course knowing that there is a halt risk in play,that's just a little too risky for me.But, like I said, 500 shares, still, it's not even10 o'clock yet, so 30 minutes, and not even necessarilytrading, some of that was just sitting around waiting,but I'll take 455 bucks in less than 30 minutes.And maybe some more trading opportunities on this onealthough you can see now that volume is reallykind of dying off, so thanks a lot Uncle Sam.Maybe it'll return, but there we go, maybe like I said,this is how bad habits are built.People that chase, they're gonna be getting potentiallybailed out, but we'll see what happens with it.I am gonna keep an eye on it, but definitely,I know it can get halted, so if there is a pull backit's gonna have to be a much bigger pull backfor me to be interested at all.And then I'm gonna totally turn this into a sales pitch,and I have no problem saying that because I 100% believein this, and I'm sorry but for the price I charge,I think this is more than fair.But this weekend, part of the 99 dollar subscription,I do send out a weekend newsletter, and you can seeas part of the newsletter, number one on the watch list,BPTH, and along with that right herewas the alert as a pullback play.And as I said, don't chase.Don't chase, don't chase, but if it pulls back,pulls backward of that green line, and you can seethat green like was right around the 475ish area,but it would be a nice risk verse reward.And then of course you're seeing it today,and it is trading as high as 29 dollars.And I did the math real quick before I gotthe video rolling, that is a 510% move.Now am I saying that myself or membersplayed it perfectly for 510%?I'm not saying that at all, but I mean stop and thinkabout it, let's say you screwed up half the trade.That's still 250%, and when I charge 99 dollars for theservice for an entire year, not per month, not per week,for an entire year, if you're interested in gettingalerts like this then you can go to claytrader.comand the inner circle and subscribe there.But with that being said I am just gonna wrap things up.We're almost going on 10 minutes and given, I'm very happyabout this video with the way that it played outwith the halt and then how to, there's lots of goodlearning lessons in there and like I said, I got otherstuff to do today and I'm at 455 bucks andit's not even 30 minutes into the day.If you are interested in trading with me, and other membersand also getting the newsletter, so you get kind of twothings, you get the live chat room and you get thenewsletter that I talked about here, then just go toclaytrader.com that is the inner circle andlike I said, it is 99 dollars per year.If you do the math it actually breaks down to 8.25 per monthor 1.90 per week, and as I always say and will continueto say, over the time span of 12 months,I'm more than confident you're gonna getat least 99 dollars worth of value.If you do enjoy this video, and you want me to keepmaking them, the easiest way to communicate that to methough is to just click that like button, subscribeto the channel, and even if you don't sign up or jointhe community or whatever, that's totally fine.But if you do enjoy the videos then at least click thelike button and subscribe to the channel.But yeah, I mean, members I'll just say this in a non-cockyway, I will say members are very, very happy right now.Some of them have done very well on this,and it's all for just 99 dollars for an entire year.Like I said I think that's more than fair, so go sign up.One of the biggest questions I get is hey Clay,how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I use to locate stocksthat I find interest in and think may have potential.So if that sounds like something that could add valueto you as a trader, then click on the image that is upon the screen right now and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point,and best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader