One of the best things about the stock market is how much flexibility it gives to those who want to use it as a tool to make money. If you want to be a well rounded day trader and make consistent money online as you are day trading stocks, you must learn about and take advantage of all the flexibility you are offered. One of the crazy and amazing areas of the market is how you can make money from a stock even if the value of the stock itself goes down! This may sound totally backwards and bizarre (and it is), but if you want to see how this is all possible, I’ll show you in this video. No theory here, you will see me trading live and making money from Boeing’s stock as it declines in value. Being prepared as a day trader to make money no matter what direction a stock moves not only provides flexibility, but even more important, peace of mind. When you can literally not care about what direction a price moves because you know you can make money in both situations, that’s what true power is all about.