Time for some day trader transparency! Please understand if you are a beginner to day trading and just getting started that some days flat out SUCK! The world of online day trading can be a wonderful place where you can score some great profits; however, given the nature of the markets, it will not always be rainbows and butterflies. At times, you’re going to experience what you see in this video. If anything, I hope it encourages you to realize that when it happens to you as a day trader, you’re not alone! It happens to us all from time to time! The goal is to keep everything in perspective and look at trading from a larger point of view. As long as these days are not happening often, then you’re on the right track! The question is not “will” these days happen? The question is “how often” will these days happen? As mentioned, the goal is to ensure that you’re answer is “not very often”. You and I are both humans and we’re certainly not perfect creatures, so please don’t be too hard on yourself when you have days like this. Let me show you what I mean as I use some of my personal day trading results that I was able to capture, live, on video.

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