It’s a more than fair and valid question. “Hey Clay! Do you ever show your losing trades?”. In the world of social media and YouTube, it’s quite common for traders to paint a picture of day trading that is not exactly realistic. They do this by constantly talking about winning day trades and how much money they’ve made; yet, seemingly never talk about losing money because they were wrong. While I understand I do post lots of winning day trades, I also am willing to post the losing trades when they happen. If you are someone who maybe learns more from seeing a day trader lose money, than make it, this will be a video for you. As much as I wish I could sit here and tell you that the side hustle of day trading provides constant money, that’s just not the truth. You must understand that losing is part of being a day trader. It does not mean you are a bad trader, it just means you are honoring risk and ensuring you survive to fight another day! Ready for some red? Let’s get to it!

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