I will fully admit, there is in some ways clickbait going on here. So I’ll address that upfront. Am I saying you should expect to make $100 per minute for 6 hours straight? I mean… maybe… but “expected”? No! However, just because you can’t expect to make $100 per minute the entire day does not mean you still can not do it for lower periods of time. The stock market is a crazy place and when you think that you can take 5 minutes of your time and walk away with it literally being worth $100 per minute, it sounds like a scam! It sounds like online day trading of stocks is too good to be true! While I fully understand how you would believe it’s a scam, let me show you some of my personal stock day trading results that show a trade which when broken down, equates to a $100 per minute! Learning how to day trade stock certainly is not easy and requires vast amounts of dedication and passion; however, to those who endure the journey, as you’re about to see, the results can be as crazy as $100 per minute!