I know my slogan is “trade without emotion”; however, in all actuality, that’s impossible to do. Given we are all human beings, emotions are just part of our very make-up. Here’s the difference though. Just because we will still have emotions does not mean we need to give into the emotions and behave as they want us to. A day trader’s most important job is to gain the knowledge to understand and recognizing their own emotions. When you are skilled enough in this, you can then begin to fight against those emotions by putting in systems to protect yourself from them. In this video you’ll see me get angry. The markets are not going as I’d like, so yes, because I’m human I begin to get angry. Getting angry as a day trader is NOT what you want, but in my defense, at least I realize I am which allows me to ensure my results don’t start to spin out of control. It’s okay to have the emotions as a trader, but you must learn to identify them so you can then deal with them. We’re all humans so don’t think you are doing anything wrong when you begin to feel emotions. This will all make more sense as you watch this live trading video of mine where I captured some of my personal results!

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