Sometimes the best way to describe the life of a day trader is with a single word: ouch! The reality of the matter is that sometimes the life of a day trader is filled with situations that are not pleasant, at all! As painful and annoying as these situations may be, they are unavoidable and you need to understand that they come with the territory of being a day trader. If you are a beginner day trader and brand new to the stock market, please realize that when you are trading, you’ll encounter situations like the one you’re about to see. It does not make you a bad day trader. It does not mean you have anything wrong with your day trading strategy. It’s simply part of the game of someone who is treating the markets seriously and doing their best to manage risk and survive. Just because you may take a losing trade does not mean that all your confidence should disappear. Sometimes you need to just keep on fighting and if there’s another great trade that shows up, then take it! Let me show you what I mean using some of my personal day trading results that I captured on video.

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