While some may consider it risky, and it is in some senses, trying to nail the top of a stock’s price movement can be a great way to pad your profits. As is the case with anything in the stock market, there are pros and cons, so you’ll need to weigh them yourself and see how they fit into your personal risk tolerance levels. This is a blessing and a curse of being a day trader. The blessing is, there is no one way to go about building a day trading strategy that works for you. There are so many avenues and pathways you can follow, it offers a ton of flexibility. However, this is also what makes it a curse. As a beginner who is just getting started, all the avenues and pathways can become overwhelming in a hurry. Let me show you what day trading in the real world looks like and if you see something that catches your eye, you can perhaps consider researching more into it and see how/if the scenarios fit into your style. Let me show you some of my personal day trading stock results that I captured, live, on video!

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