Being a day trader and making money day trading stocks online in the stock market can be an awesome way to build wealth. With that being said, one of the big lessons you need to learn as a beginner and someone who is just getting started is this: understand reality! If you get started in the stock market with expectations that are in line with reality, sure that does not guarantee you will succeed; however, it will put yourself in a much better position to build confidence in developing a trade strategy. The reality of the matter is, not every day is going to be smooth sailing where money rains from the sky. Some days you’ll have rough waters where you need to keep your head down and keep on grinding. Just because you have one of these days as a trader does not mean anything is wrong with you or your strategy, it’s just part of the life of being a day trader. Let me show you what I mean using some of my personal day trading results that I recorded on video.