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Making money is great, don’t get me wrong, but making money with other people who you respect kicks things up another notch. Thanks to a trade alert I made in our private trading community, not only did I make some quick money (which you will see), but other members also made some money… some even quicker than I did! It was a great day in the stock market. $GRUB $AAPL $FB $SNAP $TSLA $AMZN $NVDA $AMD $CRON $ACB $CGC $FNMA

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Good morning, it is Clay at claytrader.com.This'll be a live trade videowhere I try to capture some of my tradesas they unfold live.Market's actually been open 40 minutes.Long story short, we've had a ice stormhere in west Michigan,and my power has been out going on 36 hours now.I have a generator, and that generator's running,so I was on my tablet, but all of a sudden,the internet has finally come back.A generator's only as good as the internet ability,so power is still out, but the internet does work now.The computer's being powered by the generator,and I figured I'd tryto get some live trading done here.Like I said, market has been open 40 minutes,but haven't really been doing much given the situation.Now, we're back up, firing on all cylinders,watching CRON here, so let's seeif I can capture some trades or not.There was a break of 21 on CRON.Have my first 500 shares at 20.85.Let's see, it's going down as low as 20.88.Time to go to 20.65.Boy, it feels good to be back on the normal trading rig.Don't get me wrong, Microsoft makes a great productin their tablet, but when it comes to tradingand efficiency, so much more betterto be on the home rig.We'll see if it can get back down to 20.65.Okay, getting close to an entry point hereof 6.85 on SLDB.Looking to buy this pullback here.98.45 here on TTWO.It can be a pretty jumpy one,so it's definitely getting within the range.Let's see.Have a order at 74.15 here on GRUB.Seems far away, but this thing can move in a hurry.Keeping a close eye on it.We'll see.Change it to 74.25.Went up and just hit a high of 74.All right, we'll see if it can get up through there.I'm in.I'm not sure if I got that or not.Looking like I'll be able to potentially get some more here.Getting 70, nice.Okay, let me get an order out there at 75.25.Ah, and that fast, it pulled back.Regardless, gonna start the process over at 75.25.That was a quick $75 bill.Pretty excited.I also alerted this one in the chatroomas a dead cat fade.There's the first fade trade on it.Mm, hindsight, should've just gota little bit more aggressivewith the next 500 shares I wanted,but let's see if it gives me another opportunity.Okay, got my order, I changed it to 74.45 here.All right, never mind,I don't like how it's pausing right there.We'll go to 74.75.We'll see if it can get up there.All right, guys, I'll keep it rollingsince this one's such a fast mover.There is the break.Again, 74.75.Okay, I got those.Let's change these ones up to is my next batch.Let's see what it wants to do here.Okay, there we go, I got those.Put some orders out there at 75 and 75.05.All right, and all out for that round,but I need to stop talking,and let's go to 75.95.Double checking, yeah, so this'll be the next roundif it can get up there.There we go, it's making a move.Again, actually, no.Remember, I am looking at thingsthat you do not see on the screen.Let's go to, ah, it got up as high as 76.37.This is great action here.Like I said, don't get me wrong,I like making money, but sometimes,I wonder, what's the best part,knowing that I alerted this in the chatroomand others are being able to make money?I mean, it's fun to make money with other people,so yeah, a good example hereof the chatroom making some money.Okay, 76.45 is that next order.This all started at 10:35,which you can see.Actually, let me bring up the marker real quick.This all started, like I was trying to say,right here, if you look at that time,at 10:35, and then everything was done by 10:38,let's just call it 10:39, so about four minutes.$150 in four minutes, I will take it.Very happy with that, especially,like I said, with the way the past coupleof days have been going,it's good to get my feet wet again,and just put some profits on the board.150, I get it, it's not like it's four digitsor even 200, but hey, 150, I'll take it,especially when it occurs in four minutes.Order at 8.15 here on SLDB.I'm not sure I've ever traded this one ever.Just 500 shares, so not gonna make anything big at all,but it'll at least get me potentially involved,but not interested until it can get to 8.15.Also, I have an order down there for GRUB still at 76.95.Okay, it's close, but it stopped just shy.At this point, I'm only interested now at, new first order.Okay, 76.95 potentially coming into play here.It got up on that move as high as 76.40,so it's within range.Okay, 77.45 is what I changed the order to.77.45, and I--Ah, I would've been fine.Hit a high of 76.99, and I was at 95,but I suppose that's why we're all super richon our hindsight accounts,but let's see if it can get up to 45.There was the break of 77.Stopped at now.Let's see if it can get up to 77.75.All right, going for the break at 77.50.There it is.Just stopped again.All right, let's go up to 77.95 then.I apologize for that dead time here.We're just kinda watching it in limbo,but very, very jumpy one,and I'd prefer to capture the entry point on video.There we go.Again, 77.95.All right, I will pause.Have a order for 100 shares at 75,just a small, small order to get my feet wet.I do believe in this pullback in the sense of,I think it's still got a little bitof power left in it.Whether or not to actually go back and re-test highs,I don't know, but I do think it's got some power left,so I'm willing to dip my toe in the waterfor my first allotment of just 100 shares though at 75.Okay, I changed that order down to 74.55, first 100 shares.Let's see if I can get the break at 75.Ah, hindsight, should've just kept it at 75, huh?Should've, could've, would've.This is what it's all about.I'm making comments about,it's good when you know other people are making money.This is the lounge portion of the chatroom,meaning this is not where the alerts are actually made.In the alert rooms, only alerts,but for just general chitter chatter,this is what we call the lounge,and you can see member Zee right heremade $300 on the GRUB alert in 20 seconds,which is not hard to believe at all.I mean, you witnessed how fast that thing was moving.He apparently did a lot better on it than I did,but Zee, well done.When you factor in that the chatroom literally costs $99for an entire year, Zee literally paid for three yearsworth of the chatroom in 20 seconds.I never proclaim to be setting the bar exactly highwith the price, but pretty good stuff.Now this thing is moving again.Let's get up to 78.45 and see what happens.I'll put the order in, just double checking it.There we go.There is the break of 78.Again, I'm at 78.45.Went up as high as 78.18, and now it's pulling back.Order at 77.45, got those,and out that fast for $50,as fast as I could drag the cursor to get out, I was out.$50 in literally, what was that, like, a second?Like I said, literally from the time it took meto drag my cursor and click the buy to cover button,I was out, so I'll take $50 in about 1.2 seconds.It is now 11:11.I bring that up because I think,I'm pretty sure, I might be lying by a couple minutes,but I started trading on the day at 10:10,so we are one hour exactly into the dayas far as my trading is concerned,and I'm up $200.Like I said, nothing huge, but keeping things in context,as I sit at home in my comfortable pajamasknowing that I just made $200in an hour for pressing buttons, I will take it.Also, another member in the chatroom,again, this is the lounge, so Nate Wilson hereposted his GRUB trades for us,and all that equated to $135.His trades started, let's see, at 10:35,and he was done at 10:36, so literally,let's just call it two minutes,two minutes and $135.You saw my trades, the $200 in, what was that,four minutes, and then the $50 in 1.2 seconds,and then Zee, so definitely a good timemaking money with members.Like I said, I like to make money,don't get me wrong, but it is funto make money alongside other members.Lots of yearly subscriptions being paid for,but like I said, I'm not exactly setting the bar highwhen it's only $99 per year.With that being said,I am gonna wrap all this up.If you do enjoy these live trade videos,and you want me to keep making them,the easiest way to convey that to meis just to click that like button,and subscribe to the channel.Remember, there are other videos on the channel.There's quick tip videos, there's a vlog,there's all sorts of different segments,so make sure to check that out.There's a podcast.If you are interested in joining the chatroom,just go to claytrader.com.That is called The Inner Circle,and it's available right on the front page there,and again, it's $99 per year.If you do the math, that breaks downto $8.25 per month, or break it downto a per-week cost, and it's literally $1.90 per week.No excuses, definitely more than fair.As I always say, I am very, very confident that,over the time span of 12 months,you'll get at least $99 worth of value,especially when you see peoplemaking $300 in 20 seconds,and you know they're not lying'cause you saw the exact price actionthat I traded that they also traded.That was definitely more than possible.Making money alongside members, good time for sure,but if nothing else and you don't want to join or whatever,that's fine, that's cool, but like I said,if you do want me to keep making these sorts of videos,then convey that to me by clicking that like buttonand subscribing to the channel.I'll see you back next week.One of the biggest questions I get is,"Hey, Clay, how do you find the stocks that you trade?"What I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I useto locate stocks that I find interestingand think may have potential.If that sounds like somethingthat could add value to you as a trader,then click on the image that is up on the screen right now,and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point,and the best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video.Let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader