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While I have nothing against scoring a large profit on one single trade, that mentality can also lead to too much greed. Whether you are day trading or swing trading in the stock market, you need to always remember that when you take the profits the market is willing to give you, it’s quite amazing how quickly money can add up. $AAPL $SPY $FB $TWTR $TSLA $AMZN $CGC $TLRY $CRON $ACB

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Hey, it's Clay at ClayTrader.com,this will be a live trade video where I try to capturesome trades as they unfold live.Market opens up in less than two minutes,gonna watch PCG and ROKU, R-O-K-U, out of the opening gates,so let's see what happens.Have an order at 15.51 here on PCG,looking like it might have a chance to get filled here.Just 500 shares, I'd like more than 500but that'll at least allow me to get my feet wet.So, we'll see if it can make its way down there.Okay, now ROKU is pulling back here.So, all over the place,have an order at 42.75.Still have those orders out there on PCGbut let's see if we can get a break down there.So, it's working it's way down, I'm inand out for the quick $50 dollars.Let's go to 42.51 and if it can make its way down there,I'll give it another go.Okay, change the order to 42.25,represented by that green line right there.Key break is gonna be that 42.50 mark,which it did already break once butapparently gonna need a break again.So, going for the break.And 42.50 being pretty stubborn,there's the break.Okay.What I was looking for did not happen.Remember, I am looking at other timeframes.How low did it actually go?42.28, so yeah.Three cents off.But I am interested now at 41.90.So, I'll keep a close eye on it.All right, move my order to 41.80.There's the break.So, I'm in.Again, we'll look to build more but it decided to justgive me the quick $50 dollars again.Let's go to 40, actually, I think that's whatthis is supposed to be, let's see.Nope, good thing I double checked.41.20 next entry point.So there we go, less than there,always double check, so, 41.30, next entry point.Key break is gonna be the 41.50 mark.Let's see if it can get that.Clay, why aren't you just shorting right now?Well, you know, that would be,I realize in hindsight that would have beenthe smart thing to do but this thing could reallysnap back at any point.So, again, yes, with hindsight, that's why,that's why I'm a trillionaire in my hindsight account.That's why all traders are really, really richin their hindsight accounts but sticking with whatthe chart and my strategy is telling me to do.So, 41.20, we'll see if it can get down there or not.Okay, there's the break.Oh, it stopped at, it hit 41.20,it just didn't fill me though.Bummer.Right there, 41.20 you can see was the low,I just didn't get anything, so let's go to 41.01.Actually, this point, gotta go to 40.80.So, 40.80 next entry point.Bummer, power of charts.Literally nailed the bottom there at 41.20.Problem is I just didn't get anyfrom a practical setting, so that's whythe paper trading platforms can be oh-so-deceiving'cause just if it hits the price, it'll give you creditthat you get your positon filled but as you just saw hereon the real world of trading, that's not alwaysnecessarily the case.So, 40.80.All right, wow, that was a quick move.Went down in here as low as 40.89but that was in the blink of an eye.Okay, I'm in and out that quick for another $50 dollars,we'll look at 40.51.Nope.At this point, going down to 40.01.Just absolute bloodshed on this one right now.Let's see if it can get down to the 40.01 mark.I will keep you updated but yeah, let's see,we're 12 minutes in, $150 dollars on three separate trades,maybe more, we'll see if we can get down tothe $40 dollar mark.All right, 39.75, might be coming into play,but as you've already witnessed, ROKU very volatile.So, I'll do my best to capture the entry pointbut this one could snap down there in a blink of an eye,I'll do my best.All right, making the move down.39.51.Looks like it may have a chance to come into play.I'll let the video roll here a little bit.It's trying.All right, well back into the 80s and now 90s.All right, 39.70, entry point.Getting somewhat close.Okay, I'm in.We'll look to either get more shares.Okay, it's given me 112 of the 500 that I wanted to sell.Okay, so, all out there again.39.15.Next entry point.So, if it looks like it's gonna break down through 39.50,I'll get the video rolling again at that time.Okay, broke 39.50, now it's just a matter of seeingif it can get down to 39.15.Whoa, that fast, back up above, so yeah, volatilitydefinitely kicking back in again, I'll keep an eye on it.Okay, have a potential nother order hereor I should say entry at 38.85.Shoulda, coulda, woulda kept the one at 39.15.But hey, there's hindsight for you again.All right, again, 38.85 is the next entry pointand if it looks like it's gonna break down through 39,I'll get the video rolling at that point.All right, there's the break,I changed my order down to 38.80.All right, well, I don't like how it was just hoveringright there, so let's go to 38.55.So, 38.55.All right, I apologize, I got filled here at 39.49 on NKTR.It really just exploded upwards.There we go, gonna be able to get some more shares.Let me put my couple orders out there.As you see here, quite the move.Still just 900 shares, not that many at all.Have orders at 40.10, 40.05, so all out therefor a quick $180 dollars, so let's seeif this thing wants to make another move upwardsand if it does, I'll be ready for it,but again, I apologize.For reference point, it's one o'clock in the afternoon.Normally I would not be trading right nowbut I saw this one getting kind of crazyso I just threw out an order right here at 39.49.Like I said, this, I put the order in at 12:57 p.m.and I got filled on it, you know, about 1:11 p.m.,so it was just sitting out there for quite awhilewith not expecting that move to happen but it didand then I got the video rolling and you sawthat the next entry points and then the exit but yeah,my point here is that I apologizefor missing the entry point but this is kind of notwhat I'm normally trading and then all of a sudden this movehere really kina just came out of nowhere.In fact, let's see if I can get another move like that.Let's go to 41.75 again.I realize that seems super far off but you saw howthis one can move, so, who knows,maybe another trade will come on at 41.75.All right, making another move, I have an order at 41.85.I'm gonna pause but just know that it's out there,this one's very tricky to get 'cause, as you can see,that fast now it's back down to 41.30, so very volatile,but 41.85.Okay, there is, it was making a move,got up as high as 41.78and then back down it went.So, maybe I'll just wait until I get filledjust because I don't wanna waste too much timeon the video trying to capture this but we'll see.All right, I need to wrap this up,totally forgot about it.It's not 3:25 p.m., I stopped watching NKTR a long time ago,the volatility really dried up.You see down here, the volume dropped off quite a bitand then I just simply forgot, I got distractedand forgot I had this video out there but yeah,I'm gonna wrap things up.So, let's see, closing the day for $380 bucks,nothing big but I really was not paying that muchattention to the market per se,I had a lot of other things going on today.As of recording this video, it's officially tax season now,so I gotta start to do stuff for my real estate stuffand business stuff, it's a busy timeso I wasn't necessarily paying that much attention,so I'll take the $380, I guess that's what I'm tryingto say in a roundabout way.Before I go though, if you do enjoy these videos,the easiest way to communicate that to me and say hey,Clay, please keep taking time to make these,just hit that Like buttonand also subscribe to the channel.If you are interested in trading alongside meand other traders, you know, I made a lot of these alertsthat you saw me trade, then you can go to ClayTrader.com,I offer a $99 dollars per year, not per week,not per quarter, per year subscription service which hasa live trading room, there's a newsletter that I send out.If you do the math, it equates to $8.25 per monthor $1.90 per week and as I say every weekand I'm gonna continue to say,over the time span of 12 months, I'm more than confidentyou're gonna get at least $99 dollars worth of valueand finally, if you're interested in learning how to tradewith charts and technical analysiswhich is what you saw here,I do offer training courses at ClayTrader.com.Again, you can just go to the coursesection there but if nothing else,if you don't spend a single dime, that is totally okay.All I would say is that if you want me to keep making these,like I said, then just communicate that to methrough clicking that Like button.Take care, I'll see you back next week.One of the biggest questions that I get is hey, Clay,how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I use to locate stocksthat I find interesting and think may have potential, so,if that sounds like something that could add value to youas a trader, then click on the image that is upon the screen right now and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the pointand best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video,let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader