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The 2 Hour Friday

The markets are a beautiful thing, particularly when you consider the amount of money that can be made “per hour” for only a couple hours of… “work”. It was Friday and I didn’t feel like sitting around all day, so I gave myself two hours to trade before starting my weekend early. $NFLX $AAPL $SPY $FB $TSLA $CGC $TLRY

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Hey, it's Clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be a live trade video where I try to capturesome of my trades as they unfold live,market opens up here in less than five minutes,so yeah, we'll see if anything arises and, if so,I'm gonna do my best to capture it all on video.I will keep you updated.All right, I got some shares here at $7.80,market still doesn't open up here for a couple of minutesbut there's this big old jump all of a sudden.So, initial, again, allotment at 7.80,we'll pick up some more at 7.25,if it wants to move down there.Market, yeah, still opens up in about a minute and a half.Again, just 500 shares, so nothing big at all.Gonna try for some here at 7.51.Got those.put some orders out there at 7.75 and then 7.85.And, at this point, market opens up herein less than a minute, so you can see right herethe push to the downside.So, only a thousand shares, nothing that significantat all right now but hoping for some good solid volatilityout of the gates.Gonna try to pick up some at 7.01 tooif it wants to actually, 7.15, if it wants to makea plunge to the downside.Actually, looking like it mightand the markets are now officially open.Okay, I got those out at seven.Okay, so I'm all out for a quick 145.Wanna put some shares up there to short at 8.30,well, looking like it's not gonna, yeah.So, 7.01, I'm going to look to pick up some more sharesand repeat the process again, just 500,so that'll get my feet wet.I'll go 6.75 also, in case it wants to flush down throughthe seven dollar mark.Need to get this one alerted.The chatroom, there we go.So, that is the typing you hear.Let's see, I'll leave the video running,so I may miss that on live video but there is INTC.Quite the pullback right now butit's not nearly as volatileas FLEX here.I'm actually gonna get rid of the 7.01as it seems to be picking up some more momentum,so I'll have my first entry at 6.75and I will go ahead and pause for now.I mean, I'll try to get the video rollingif it looks like it's gonna break down through seven.Have several orders out there on, still on FLEX,MLNK, and I just put in one here on CMCSA for 36.75.So, let things run here while I make some more alertsin the chatroom.All right, well, that one's not looking likeit's in play anymore given FLEX's bounce,I'll just cancel that out of thereand if it wants to keep bouncing,I may be interested now in potentially going shorton this one, so we'll keep an eye on it.Yeah.A short over eight could be interesting.In fact, gonna get that alerted in the chatroom.Dead cat fade over eight, two minute.And I will go ahead and pause it.All right, WDC making a move downwards here.First entry point at 45.51,we'll see if it can make its way down.All right, I got filled on ELLI at 67,just 300 shares.Have a order to cover at 66.75.So, quite the spread on this one.And that's the exact reason whyI only went in with 300 shares.We'll do another 300 at 68.50,if it wants to get up thereor if it wants to pull back some.So, we'll, actually, what I should do hereis take this to 69, there we go.So, let's see if it can get up there or not.It's trying.All right, I'm gonna go ahead and pauseand I will keep you updated.All right, moving down, again, 66.75, and I'm out therefor $75 dollars, so never did end up and my one orderis at 68.50.Woops, went up and hit 68.85, so, I actually would have had600 shares but oh well, that's all hindsightbut I'll take the $75 dollars and I am definitelygonna continue to watch this one if it wants to,in fact, I'm gonna put another order herejust in case it decides to make another jump back upwardsat 60.75, double checking.Why do I say double checking?Well, if you've watched my videos beforeyou know that sometimes with these, I'll do something stupidlogistically and press the button or enter in a wrong valueso I've learned, when I'm doing these videos,if I say just double checking out loud,it forces me to make sure that I'm not doing anything stupidbut there we are, let's see, we are 11 minutes into the dayand up $220 dollars, so I'm not a greedy fool,I'll take that, I'm not aware of many places in the worldwhere you can make $220 bucks in 11 minutesbut I'm gonna keep on looking.All right, have an order at 43.85 on WDC.Went down as low as 43.89.So, what I'm gonna do now is 43.75.Initial plunge is what I was looking forbut was four cents off.Still interested, just not interested anymore at 43.85but if it can get down to 43.75, I would be interested,so, we'll see if that can happen or not.Making a move.I'm just kinda pausing there.So, what I'm gonna do is actually go to 43.55and I'm definitely gonna hold strong thereif it wants to make a move.And I got that wrong.I canceled that 75 order,I would have been perfectly fine,it just shot up to 90 there, so,totally got that wrong, welcome to the world of trading,but I am gonna keep that order down there at 43.55.All right, making its way down, nearing 55.And nevermind.Order at 39.99 on CGC here.Although I may be changing it up here,I'll give it a few more moments to get up therebut I am gonna change it here.Let's go to 40.15.So, 40.15.Mainly, due to this over here, and that's what I needto remind people of, there is other thingsthat I'm looking at on my screenother than what you can see.And oh, STX looking pretty crazy here, what's going on?Okay, got that alerted in the chatroom.Just a little jolt right there on that upwards movementbut I'll keep an eye on it but let's go back to CGC though.And let's see what happens with this one, 40.15,initial short order, key break, 40 I'm curious about.Have an order at 42.90, looking for, there we go.Looking for a bouncer but if I can get some more sharesthat would be awesome too but if it wants to give mea quick $25 dollar bill, I'm not gonna turn away at thatand it did give me the quick $25 dollar billso let's go to 42.80.And again, I'd like more than 500 sharesbut, as I always equate it, if I was walking down the streetand I saw a $25 dollar bill sitting there and I thought,you know what?It'll take me two minutes to pick up that $25 dollar bill,I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna, you know, $25 bucksfor two minutes, I'll take it.Again, I'd like more but...So, 42.80 again, that next order.I'll pause and come back if it looks, well,getting pretty close.All right, well, with the way that it's just hoveringright there, I'm gonna go to 42.70 now.Yeah, I will keep you updated.As a little update, it is 10:15, so it's been 45 minutesinto the day and I really only about 30 minutes'cause for the past 15 minutes or so,I haven't been at my computer,went out to hang out with my kids, cook some pancakes,so I haven't totally been, you know, quote unquote workingthis whole time but as far as absolute time is concerned,yes, the market opened at 9:30, it's 10:17 right now,so I've been at it for about 45 minutes, so, again,$245 dollars, is that a huge amountcompared to what some gain?No, but let's keep things in perspective,I'm working from home, I'm working in my pajamas right now,I'm hanging out with my familyand I just made $245 bucks in 45 minutes.Like I said earlier, I'm not greedy, I'll take it.Let's see, this video's over 12 minutes.So, let's see if I can capture one more trade herebut I, and also for context, today is Friday.Now, when this video posts it's not gonna be Fridaybut if you have not checked out the YouTube channel,then there's lots of other videos that we post,so these are videos that I record just so I can havesomething for the Tuesday, we got something moving hereon SG, let's see what's going on here.Get that alerted in the chatroom,trying to come off the bottom here.But, point being, it's Friday, so I really only feel likequote unquote working for about an hour today.I could be done right now, I mean, $245 bucks,but yeah, looks like I got about 12 minutes leftuntil the hour mark, so maybe I can capture one more trade,I will try my best.All right, I got in, I turned my back for two secondsand I'm filled here.Let's see if I can get some at 42.51 also.And we'll go to 42.40 in case it wants toflush down through 42.50.All right, I'm gonna go ahead and pauseand if it looks like I'm either gonnaget more shares or get the $25 dollar bill,then I'll get the video rolling again.Okay, making a move back up.Getting somewhat close.And now it just wants to pause right there.All right, I'm gonna go back to pausing.All right, getting close again and all out, again,for another $25 dollar bill.I'm gonna start this sequence all over, this time, though,$42 dollars but then again, TAL is moving,so let's see what's going on with this.Oh yes, let's see.26.97, double checking.So, a couple orders out there and yeah,still got 10 minutes left before the hour,so now up 270.All right, have an order at 212.75 on AAPL here.Got down as low as 212.86.Let's go 212.51.I'll keep you updated.All right, have an order at 42.95 here on WDC.All right, nevermind.Gonna go 43.06 now.Okay, broke up through 43, I'm at 43.07.All right and it's just once again stalling around therebut I will gladly take some at 43.15,I'm not changing that order.Getting close.It's going as high as 43.13.So, two cents off.I'm gonna go ahead and pause.All right, making it's way up there again.And once again, failing, so,I know I said I was gonna change it butthis is one where you gotta be careful with it'cause if you get in too soon, it'll grind against you.So, 43.25 now.The new entry point.And I'm gonna pause.All right, YECO, quite the move herebut I don't wanna chase it, so first order at 7.75,just 500 shares, nothing huge.I mean, as much as I'd like to just get in right now,that would be chasing and that's never a wise thing to do,so let's see if I can get a pullback.All right, pulling back,still got a ways to go but it's moving pretty quick.Key break gonna be eight if it can get down through there,that green line represents my first entry point at 7.75.All right, got through eight and, in a flash,pulled back but didn't pull back quite enough.So, there we are in at 7.75 for my first entry point,want some more at 7.51.If it wants to pull back there,I'm gonna put an order out at 7.35 tooin case it wants to flush down through the 7.50 mark.But it decide to just give me the quick $50 dollars.I am gonna keep that order down there at seven, let's see,what is that?Yeah, like 7.35 is an entry point too, so,there's why, you know, you gotta think about it.Keep in mind right now, the people that were chasing,there's people that bought up in there.I wonder how they're feeling right now.My guess is they're probably gnawing on their fingersor maybe I should say fingernails.It is 11:15, so I kinda lied but, you know,just pulling up some of these and these are greatvolatile plays so it's definitely caught my attention.So, now up 320 and still only 11:15, so not even two hoursinto the market but yeah, I'm gonna maybe try to captureone more, we're at 19 minutes but oh well,for those of you that like the longer videos,you're just, here you go.So, let's see if we can get another pullback.Going for the break of 7.50, there it is.Went as low as 7.36.All right, nevermind.All right, I'm gonna go ahead and wrap things up,it's 11:30, so officially two hours into the day,so the two hour Friday, I'll probably call this videoand yeah, up $320 dollars, so what is that?Like $155 bucks an hour.If I can do math, I don't know if that's quite rightbut right around there, so I'll take it, Friday,I'm not gonna let the greed bug bite meand go and do something stupid.So, before I go though, if you do enjoy these videos,which I'm assuming you do if you're still watchingat this point, please hit that Like buttonand subscribe to the channel, lots of other videoson the channel itself.Also, if you wanna trade alongside me and other traders,you know, I said multiple times that I'm, you know,alerting, typing to the chatroom, wow, look at it go now.Wow.But that's where I was, you know, alerting tois that chatroom and you can go to ClayTrader.comand join, cost is $99 dollars per year,so, pull out the calculator, do some math,that breaks down to $8.25 per monthor if you wanna break it down even further to per week,it's $1.90 per week, so no excuses, it's very affordableand, as I say and always will say, I'm extremely confidentthat over the timespan of 12 months, you'll get at least$99 dollars worth of value.Yeah, I get it, that's setting the bar kind of lowbut, like I said, I wanna make itfair pricing for everybody.Finally, if you wanna learn how to trade with charts, again,I offer lots of video training courses on that,just go to ClayTrader.com for more details on that.And thank you for watching and yeah, wow, 21 minutes,this may be the longest I've done but yeah,two hours on Friday, up $320 dollars,right around $150 bucks per hour, I'll take it.One of the biggest questions that I get is hey, Clay,how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I use to locate stocksthat I find interesting and think may have potential, so,if that sounds like something that could add value to youas a trader, then click on the image that is upon the screen right now and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the pointand best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video,let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader