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What a Sloppy Trade Looks Like

When you are not careful you can and will bring annoyance into your life as a trader. As you will see, I forgot to double check an order before submitting and… well… things just got sloppy. The lesson here: double check! $ROKU $AAPL $CRON $ACB $APHA $TSLA $CGC $FB $SPY

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Good morning this is Clay at claytrader.comthis will be a live trade capture where I try to capturesome of my trades as they unfold live.Market opens up in less than a minuteso let's see what happens.Have an order to go short, up I got in there and out therefor 75 dollars in a matter of seconds.I apologize if you missed that entry point,or I don't think I missed the entry point, maybe I did.Had my next order at 52.45 so if this move wants to makeanother attempted break of the 52 dollar mark.I'll be ready for it.And it's lookin' like it wants to give it a try,again 52.45, my first entry point, I'd like more than 500shares but I'm not gonna turn down a 75 dollar billif it wants to give it to me so let's see if it can makeits way up there.Alright, goin' for the break of 52.And there is the break.It's like I said, now it's a matter if seeing if it can getup to 52.45.Okay I'm in.And out for another 75 dollars and as you saw that happenedvery quickly.Let's go to 52.75 and we'll start that process over again.So 52.75.I want more than 500 shares but if it wants to giveme the 75 dollar bill,then I will gladly take it.So we'll see if it can break up through 52.50,that'll be the first key break.Have order at 17.75 on H O M E here.Actually I wanna go down to 17.55, keep in mind,I am looking at things on other monitors though notevery single decision is being based off of what you see.But seven's 55 first order for 500 sharesand let's see if it can work it's way down.Have an order at 17.05 I very well might miss it,because this one is getting pretty jumpy but I at leastwant to get it documented.So 17.05 entry point.I have an order at 61.85 here on R O K U, ROKU.Went down as low as 61.91, and that was the move I waslooking for so at this point, just gonna have to changeit down to 61.75.So we'll see if we can just get a tad moredownwards pressure to take it to that point or not.Alright, making another move.It's trying to get down there.And then back above 90 so never mind, there it goes again,stopped, it actually hit, there we go, so I am in at 75.Would like more than 500 shares, but if it wants to give methe, well it's giving me a partial, it's giving me 137of the 500 that I wanted.So let's see if it wants to give me the opportunityto add some more.Or if it's just gonna give me that 50 dollars.Alright I have 363 shares left.So I'm just, uh oh.What did, oh you bozo.Alright so now I am short 261.So I need to just get out there.Oh Clay, it's nobody's fault but your own.Nobody's forcing you to do these live trade videos.Alright I'm at 61 shares.Let me just hop out there.So that was total train wreck.I still got 50 dollars on the trade.Let me get my next order in there.So 61.25 in case this one wants to flush again.Definitely double checking which I failed to do clearlyon that previous order and created a little bitof a mess for myself, but there we go.I'll start the process over again if it wants to give meanother flush to the down side.So 61.25 next first entry point.Alright, narrowing potentially 61.25.And now back up above 40.So we'll see.I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this up.I'll be fully transparent and honest here,I don't wanna post this video, I'm going to,because I realize this video made me look like kind of anidiot with that last trade, but it is what it is.I mean, that's the life of a trader, and if there's,if one of you can learn to remember to double checkyour orders before you submit them, like I did not do,so if that can help you out, then great.'Cause at the end of the day I still made 50 bucks.So if my 50 dollar quote unquote mistake can just offerup a reminder to you as a trader to just, as simpleas double check your orders then I'll consider thisa success but I fully plan on some trolls showing up,which is fine, I mean there's a lot of professionalYouTube traders out there in the comments sectionthat will let me know how bad of a trader I amand how just terrible I am.It is what it is, but I don't wanna post this,it's kind of embarrassing the way that last trade went,but it is what it is.In all seriousness though, before I go, if you did enjoythe video and you want me to keep making these,the easiest way to communicate that to me click that likebutton, subscribe to the channel, if you're interested intrading along side me and other traders then you can go toclaytrader.com, I offer an online community there,the inner circle, 99 dollars per year.If you do the math it's 8.25 per month or if you breakdown the math even further to per week 1.90 per week.So as I always say, over the time span of 12 monthsI'm quite confident you're gonna get at least 99 dollarsof value and most traders make that back within their firsttrade, but again, it's not like I'm setting the barsuper high at just 99 dollars for an entire year,but check that out.If you wanna learn how to trade with chartsand build a strategy for you, using tactical analysisand charts I also offer a course on that at claytrader.comso you can go and check that out.But all in all, yeah, just remember todouble check your orders but it is what it is,I hope you enjoyed and like I said if you want me to keepmaking these, and keep making a fool of myselffrom time to time, then just click that like buttonand subscribe to the channel.One of the biggest questions I get is hey Clay,how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is out together a free resourceguide where I talk about the tools that I use to locatestocks that I find interesting and think may have potential.So if that sounds like something that could add valueto you as a trader, then click on the image editsup on the screen right now and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point,and best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video,let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader