ONLINE CLASS: 1 Hour Trader Transformation

73 Days. Only 1 Losing Day. Possible? Yes! Let Me Show You...

This Free Event Reveals: How I transformed myself from an employee to my own boss (and how you can too, even with no experience!)

Online Webclass:

On Demand!

Attend this online class and see what I discovered to give myself peace of mind, why it controlled my emotions, and how it actually works...

What I will Show You On This Free Online Class:


How to Quickly Clarify and Transform Your Mindset With This Weird Trick…


How to Quickly Build Confidence Using A Skill We Naturally Have Within Our DNA As Humans (literally!)


How to STOP Working Hard And START Being Productive As A Trader

If your trade plan is confusing, your strategy will fail.

Failed to enter a perfectly good trade because of nervousness and fear.
Let a losing trade continue to go against you hoping it would return to breakeven?
Exited a winning trade too soon even when you had no “sell signals”?
You hoped the losing position would turn around, so you added more (creating an even bigger loss).
Had a couple losing trades, and then the trade you hesitate on is one that would have been a winner.
Made great money in the morning, but by the end of the day, lost it all (or most).
Held a trade way too long because you wanted the “big score”.
You lost money and then became very aggressive with your next trades.
A sudden move in the market caused you to make trades you normally would not.
You had a losing trade so you either stopped trading or changed your strategy.
Your trading takes a big step back after you just had a previous day of great profits.

How much is a confusing trade plan costing you?

(finanically and emotionally)

How many profitable trades are you missing out on?

How many losing trades are you failing to avoid?

Is risking 90 minutes worth the potential reward of transforming your approach towards the market and placing yourself on the profitable pathway?

Thanks again Clay as you have been the only one that has given me real world advice in easy to understand teachings!
Luke Vidotto
ClayTrader is hands-down the best teacher... Clay simplifies complicated information in such a way that even a 5-year old can understand it.
Ron Raymond

I Will Be Your Guide

The 1 Hour Trader Transformation online class is taught by the owner of, Clay himself. He is the most followed trader on (over 500,000 registered users) and has been a featured contributor for He is the host of The Stock Trading Reality Podcast and his YouTube channel has over 175,000 subscribers and growing. He’s consulted with hundreds of traders to help them clarify their trading strategies. Clay teaches an online course in which hundreds of traders have clarified their strategy to create better consistency, more profits and most importantly, the freedom to live their life as they desire. You can learn more about the ClayTrader Online course HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I would set aside 90 minutes. It could go longer or shorter than this depending on how many questions and such are asked.

  2. No. Seating is limited, so it is first come first serve. There is room for 150 people. In other words, show up early!

  3. High speed internet and a browser other than Safari. For whatever reason, the platform we use does not work well with the Safari browser. Chrome is the ideal choice.

  4. I will send out an outline before the event to assist you in taking notes.

  5. Absolutely not. This is open to people of any country.

  6. That's okay. You can still sign up as it will be recorded and I will send out a replay. The only catch here is the replay is only good for 48 hours after I sent it out.

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