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Get inspired and stay motivated by everyday normal people who are currently on their journey to trading success. Hangout with hosts ClayTrader and Chezz as they bring you a new episode every week.

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Thanks for checking out the ClayTrader Stock Trading Reality Podcast. Our show, hosted by ClayTrader and Chezz, is designed to motivate and inspire traders of all experience levels. We interview REAL traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.

Tune in as we focus on the realistic side of trading. You will find no interviews of "hot shot" wall street traders, rather, we sit down and talk with normal people, just like you. There is no such thing as overnight success, so come with us as we learn about the peaks and valleys of various trader's journeys.

STR 209: Joining the Military to Fix Himself.

Rough times happen. Falling into a rut happens. The question becomes, how do you respond to these types of circumstances? In this episode, we talk with international member (from Denmark) Zagros who experienced some bumps in his journey, but as you’ll see, no excuses… he did what needed to be done. Even though he is […]

STR 208: Turning a 500% Profit. Welcome Back Fordy!

I’ve hung out with this guest multiple times and I can speak with first hand experience he is a quality individual. Mike, or better known as “HeyFordy” in the chatroom, has been on the show two times before, but like I said, he’s a great guy so why wouldn’t we want an update from him? […]

STR 207: A Police Officer Taking on Trading

One of the worst things you can do to yourself in the world of trading is forcing yourself into the markets because you “need to trade”. As odd as it sounds, the best time to learn about the markets and trading is when you have no pressing need to do so This is exactly what […]

STR 206: Backing Off to Not Burnout

Wanting to learn how to profit from the financial markets is a tricky situation. On one hand, you need to have an extreme passion in order to ensure you have the willpower and desire to push through the tough times. On the other hand, you don’t want to allow the passion to create a situation […]

STR 205: An Option Farmer in the Making

Are you someone with a schedule that does not allow for you to be able to watch your screen every second of the day? If so, you are not alone and you will find great value in our discussion with community member Jon (his alias in the chatroom is also just ‘Jon’). He is someone […]

STR 204: Lighting the Victim Card on Fire.

I love when people acknowledge they have victim cards and decide to light them up in flames. In my mind at least, there is nothing more motivational than when someone kicks excuses in the face and focuses on solutions rather than perceived problems. In this episode we talk with fellow community member Tomasz ,who lives […]

STR 203: A Young Trader Learning to Focus on Swing Trading

This was a pretty unique episode I thought. First off, let me say I love talking with the younger people out there as it sets a great example of why age should not be an excuse as to why or why not you are doing something. When it comes to the markets in particular, the […]

STR 202: Doing Whatever It Takes. (part 2)

Take note, this is a Part 2 episode, so for the best listening experience, listen to episode 201 first. Assuming you have listened to episode 201, then you already know our guest, Brad (‘Darb24’ in the chatroom) is an absolute beast who will do whatever it takes to get to where he wants to go. […]

STR 201: Doing Whatever It Takes (part 1)

The road to becoming a trader can be a dirty one filled with lots of self-sacrifice and many less than ideal situations. I have nothing against the “smoother” journeys, but there is something a bit more extra motivating when someone has to dig deep in order to get to where they want to go. Our […]

STR 200: Ouch! We Talk Our Biggest Trading Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them)

Wow. We did it! Not only did we hit 200 episodes, but we did it 200 weeks in a row. A special thanks to our community whom I give all the credit to for allowing this feat to be accomplished. Without you and your willingness to share your experiences, there is no way we could […]


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