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Stock Trading Reality Podcast Cover

Thanks for checking out the ClayTrader Stock Trading Reality Podcast. Our show, hosted by ClayTrader and Chezz, is designed to motivate and inspire traders of all experience levels. We interview REAL traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.

Tune in as we focus on the realistic side of trading. You will find no interviews of "hot shot" wall street traders, rather, we sit down and talk with normal people, just like you. There is no such thing as overnight success, so come with us as we learn about the peaks and valleys of various trader's journeys.

This discussion certainly got my blood boiling. As someone who is in the coaching/teaching/mentoring business, it truly drives me insane when I see others creating a bad name for everyone. We have a shining example of this thanks to our guest today John (‘FatherOfBear’ in the chatroom) and his experience with another “coach” in the […]

STR 147: A Work in Progress

We try our best to keep things as “real” as possible on the show, and in this episode I think we do a great job of that given our guest’s strategy. In most instances, the topic of technical charts come up given many in our community use them; however, that’s not the case with fellow […]

STR 146: Investing Into Education Pays. Here's Some 6 Digit Proof.

The impacts of a quality plan can lead to big things. How big? How about a six figure gain within your trading account? What I love about the podcast is the many shapes and forms the motivation and inspiration can take. This time around, the motivation is that of sheer numbers and size of just […]

STR 145: Talking Trading with a London Trader.

I have no idea what took so long, but we finally have a guest from the UK! I will say this though, it was worth the wait! As far as new trader horror stories are concerned, I’m pretty sure I have a new favorite. I had a great conversation with community member Sarah (alias in […]

STR 144: Some Live Coaching with Long Time Member Alex

While it is never planned ahead of time, once in a while throughout the course of a discussion it can turn into a coaching session. Thanks to the feedback you as listeners provide, I know many of you enjoy being a fly on the wall and observing the teaching and suggestions being made. This is […]


One of the biggest factors of failure in trading is created by the emotion/feeling of “make a trade”. Sure, at first it can be nerve-racking to do your first couple of trades; however, after that the floodgates of “make a trade” come out in full force. Community member Jeff (same name in the chat room) […]

STR 142: Learning to Focus on the Process First.

While our guest had always known about the market, he had a bit of a twist in the sense that everything he heard about it was negative. The cherry on top was he also had a friend who was personally affected by losing all their money in the market. Our guest from the community, Greg, […]

STR 141: Welcoming Back Our Forex Trading Viking Friend! Let's Go Norse!

We are going international again and bringing back a former guest. The last time we spoke with Norse was, literally, years ago (wow, has the podcast really been around that long? Time flies!). To his credit, he is still around and going strong which is a great compliment of Norse’s work ethic and focus. Not […]

STR 140: He Operates His Own Metaphorical Casino. Welcome Back Cubs!

If you are not aware, you will be after reading the next sentence. There are quite a few people who approach and use the stock market as a “stay at home” Las Vegas. They believe trading is all about luck and is “a gamble”, so that’s how they conduct their trading. This of course leads […]

STR 139: Step Back. Slow Down. Make Decision.

As many of you know, I love me a good analogy, and in this episode we have several of them… the one that really stood out though was in regards to pitching in baseball and trading. Chris is our guest (‘thekidcanrake’ in the chat room) and he shares with us the many important lessons and […]


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