Inner Circle Rules

** READ FIRST ** I’m aware. The rules may seem complicated and confusing. Please realize this though, the best way to understand them is to simply observe the chat rooms in motion. Read the rules, but if you are feeling overwhelmed afterwards, just know that after a few days of sitting back and watching, the dynamics will become much clearer.

Chat Rules

No Private/Direct Messages – this is a rule for two reasons. First, the point of a community is to talk as a community. Odds are, there is someone lurking in the shadows that may have the same question you do or who knows, perhaps someone gives you feedback that you weren’t expecting, but happened to be helpful. Second, we have lots of quality and successful traders. I want them to stick around. The quickest way to scare people off is to blow them up with all kinds of private messages. You are more than welcome to talk to them, but keep it publicly in the community. Violations of this rule can result in account termination with no refund.

Please make sure you fully understand these live chat room rules and guidelines as they have been put into place to help the team be efficient, and therefore, more profitable. The Inner Circle’s primary goal is to better ourselves as traders and build large portfolios. In order to make this a reality, a professional environment must be implemented and maintained.

There are three separate chat rooms.

The “trading chat rooms” (which are discussed below in more detail) are where alerts are made.

No Clutter

The “hangout room”, known as Hangout > Lounge, is where general chitter-chatter about really whatever takes place. The only rule for the lounge: no talk of politics or religion and keep the language as if your grandma was sitting next to you. Finally, remember, not all members have paid for the training content, so NO SPECIFIC talk that gives away premium content.

The trading chat rooms (Trading Pits > Over1 and Under1) MUST be kept professional. A professional and efficient environment is NOT filled with clutter. In this case, LESS is MORE. Once again, LESS is MORE. Failure to adhere to the following rules will result in account termination, in which, there will be no refund given in any shape or form (Refund Policy found HERE).

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