Trading Freedom Pathway | University Syllabus

Welcome to ClayTrader University!

To get the most value out of these classes (and not confuse yourself!), make sure you follow these guidelines…

The 5 core classes you need to take, in this exact order, are as follows…

Class #1:
Robotic Trading

Robotic Trading

You can not build a strong fortress if it is built upon a shaky foundation, the same is true for trading. Bringing clarity and confidence to your strategy is first and foremost about establishing a rock solid foundation. It’s time to begin to eliminate your emotions and turn yourself into a non emotional robot!

You will learn all the varying aspects of technical analysis and the use of technical charts. I start off assuming you know nothing and then will build and get more advanced from there.

Even if you think you “already know how to read a chart”, please still take the course. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard,

“Oh wow Clay! I thought I knew __________________ about reading a chart, but I was missing things!”

After completion of this class, you will have a firm understanding of how to read a chart and understand the “story” it is telling you about the value of whatever asset you are looking at.

I use “stocks” as the example, but all the concepts I show you can (and should) be applied to any other asset class (options, Forex, futures, cryptocurrency, etc.)

Class #2:
RT: Skill Sharpening

Robotic Trading: Skill Sharpening

You now have a solid foundation in place, built upon rock, but let’s make sure you don’t have any false confidence occurring (which I’m very familiar with in my past trading).

Print out the study guides that come with this class and allow me to come alongside you and “quiz you”.

To get the most out of this class, you need to be interactive with it. You need to pause the video when I tell you to pause and then give your best effort to answer the questions asked.

Repetition is the key here. I truly want to ensure you are building TRUE confidence into yourself and not FALSE confidence that so many have (like I said already, I have good experience with FALSE confidence).

There is no need to rush. Take your time and go through each page of the study guide. I promise, your skills WILL BE sharpened.

Class #3:
Mastering Level 2

Mastering Level 2

Level 2’s are a risk management tool that all traders need to have an understanding of.

In a very literal sense, if you are trading without level 2’s, you are a blind trader. You are missing out on a big piece of the overall trading picture and potentially putting yourself in risky situations that were preventable and easy to avoid.

A few notes about this class…

  1. I use penny stocks in many examples. This is because Level 2’s are most important in the world of penny stocks, but also because they are much slower moving than normal stocks (this statement will make sense after completion of the class).
    • Even if you have zero plans of trading penny stocks, that’s okay. The overall concepts apply to ANYTHING that you are trading in regards to what the tool is telling us about risk, especially within day-trading (and penny stocks).
  2. If you have plans on swing-trading, Level 2’s are not nearly as important as they are for day trading and penny stocks; however; I want you to be a well-rounded trader and be knowledgeable in all “core areas” of trading.
    • I know some swing-traders who “do” use Level 2’s and others who “do not” use them. Neither is right or wrong, but they have one thing in common: they have full knowledge of Level 2’s.

Bottom line, Level 2’s may not play a huge future role in your strategy, but you still need to understand how the tool works and whether or not you feel it is needed in your future strategy.

Class #4:
Risk vs. Reward (RvR) Trading

Risk vs Reward Trading

This is where all the pieces of the puzzle you’ve been learning about begin to be put together.

At this point, you know how to READ and ANALYZE a chart… but, you don’t know how to APPLY it. This is where most traders fail. They confuse their ability to “read and analyze” a chart as the same thing as being able to “apply” the chart. Perhaps this is the case for you? I would not be shocked, at all, if the confusion in your trading has come from this common issue.

It’s time to clear away the confusion and take that next step in learning how to APPLY a technical chart to your trading….

Does this entry price even “make sense”?

Should you be entering a trade at a certain price, or wait for another price?

Should you be exiting the trade?

Is your risk way out of control compared to your potential reward?

These are just a few of the questions you’ll be able to answer after having completed the class.

Trading has nothing to do with winning. A blind drunk monkey who is dizzy can score a winning trade. Long term trading success is all about taking wise and logical risk in comparison to the reward. It’s about making sure the times you are wrong (which happens to EVERYONE) don’t cause the wiping away of all (or most) of your profits.

It’s time to transform yourself into a trader that can survive the markets long term.

Class #5:
Shorting For Profit

Shorting for Profit

First off, if you have zero plans on ever shorting, you still need to go through this class.

While I can’t say it was intentional when I designed this class, I’ve heard time and time again that this class actually has made people better from the “going long” side of the equation.

I focus a lot of trader psychology is this class, so even if you only feel comfortable “going long”, this class will teach you much about your own psychology and what you’ll need to avoid.

If you are someone who wants to learn how to short and what types of set-ups to keep an eye out for, then you’ll get that and much more with this class.

Shorting is not to be taken lightly due to the potential unlimited risk; however, there is a method to the madness. There is a reason why you will have already taken the RvR Trading class before this one.

I encourage all traders to, at the very least, consider learning how to play the short side of the market due to the total and absolute flexibility this skill gives you as a trader.

Think about being able to say: I don’t care if a price/value goes up OR down. I can still make money!

Shorting is what opens the door to total control in your trading and this class will give you all the tools and knowledge needed to profit from falling prices in a wise and risk aware way.

Continuing Your Education

Once you have these five core classes completed, you now have several pathways you can take. There is no right or wrong class to choose, it depends on your personal situation and goals. Feel free to contact me to get my thoughts on what you should pursue within your personal situation.

Note: Your goals/situation can always change but that is NOT an issue. Remember, your access to these classes NEVER expire so please do not feel as though you need to “get it perfect” on the first attempt.

The best way to explain how to proceed from this point is to create a few stories…

Tripp has a smaller account and can not trade $100 stocks in a day trading fashion. But he does know have full knowledge of technical analysis and risk management. Because of this, options would be a great place for him to consider.

Joy wants to swing trade because of a day job, but the thought of “gaps” really makes her nervous. She would like a way to “know here exact risk”, even if a gap happens against her…

Options are awesome for smaller accounts and VERY powerful from a swing trading strategy perspective in “guarding” risk.

Options Trading Simplified

Advanced Options Strategies Explained
The Options Trading Video Diary

Joy and Tripp would both want to then dive into the option classes.

Dot wants to do some saving for retirement and would rather not pay an investment adviser. When she calculates in the fees they charge, they REALLY ADD UP (in a bad way) against him. She’s not quite sure what kind of long term investment strategy to use though…

In this case, Dot would want the class Grow Rich where I show step-by-step how I approach my personal investing (all of which I handle on my own, no investment adviser needed).

Grow Rich

Brody also has a smaller account, but he doesn’t quite want to go the option’s pathway as of now. He’s kind of torn between two pathways: Forex (markets open around the clock) or Penny Stocks (small account friendly).

In this case, (remember, these classes DO NOT EXPIRE, so there is no rush…) Brody can do both the penny stock class AND the Forex class and see what he likes best.

The Penny Stock Survival Guide
Trading Forex for Beginners

Cole already has some strategies that work for him; however, he also realizes there is power in seeing how other traders “approach a trade” and is curious if he can use and/or adapt these “approaches” into his own strategy. Or, who knows, maybe he can even put an entirely new strategy into his trader toolbelt?

In this case, Cole could look into Trampoline Trading and/or Volcano Trading. These are classes that go in depth into strategies to “play the bounce” or “play the breakout”.  I will you through step-by-step how to find the trade, analyze the chart, implement the trade, manage the trade and then exit the trade.

Trampoline Trading
Volcano Trading

Choosing A Pathway

Which pathway should I choose? may seem overwhelming, but you need to remember a few things…

  1. The classes NEVER EXPIRE. You can literally take as long as you want. There is genuinely no need to rush.
  2. You will have the 5 core classes in your trader toolbelt already so this will give you a massive amount of confidence to move forward with clarity.
  3. You will have the Live Guidance Opportunity membership, including the weekly live webinars and access to my personal trading video journal. These resources in and of itself will be providing that much more guidance and assistance in helping you along the pathway.
  4. You will have access to The Inner Circle private online community. You can network with other traders and get their thoughts. I’d be willing to bet there are traders in there who have been where you are and can offer suggestions based on their own “real life experience” of the matter.
  5. Direct access to ME. If you need some personal guidance, I’d be happy to help by giving my thoughts and suggestions. All you need to do is reach out to me.

I look forward to guiding you in your journey down this pathway. Start with those core 5 classes, get your foundation built upon a rock, and then you can begin to expand your trading empire in whatever direction you feel best fits your needs, goals and personal situation.

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