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Feeling skeptical? Good! You should be. There is a ridiculous amount of shadiness and terrible services out there. These services prey on greed and ignorance. One day the service is there. The next it is gone. Or, it has totally changed and guess what? You now need to pay more money… it’s a never ending circle of costs.

The reason I’m glad (and want you to be successful) is because I have plenty of data to show you. We’ve been around since 2013 and we continue to only get stronger and stronger as the pile of reviews and testimonials stack up. These are reviews from people that have actually invested into the services and used them.

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est. 2013

A fave of mine for ages RT @ClayTrader25: $SCTY Stock Chart Analysis_8-7-14
What an incredible run I have had since joining your group 2 weeks ago! I bought FNMA at 3.4 and it's been on a tear ever since! I also bought FREE, LIVE, and FMCC. I am up over 22k in two weeks. That is incredible, and it means so much to me since one of my sons is disabled and we owe 66k in doctor bills. I used to not be able to sleep, wondering how I would pay for all his medical bills. Well I joined your group, cashed in my 401K mutual funds... and started trading stocks using your strategies. At this rate I will be able to pay all his medical bills in a matter of weeks! You really changes my life man. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you have done to help my family! I used to lay in bed at night stressed out not able to sleep, and now I stay awake all hours looking at stocks, financial new, and going over your training video Robotic Trading.
I have been working on an Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my trading accounts and made up a chart to give a good view of the direction I'm heading. I've attached a picture of my account showing how much I've "gained" from being a member of your chat room and from your Robotic Trading videos. As they say, a picture is work a thousand words (and in this case, thousands of dollars too!) More than anything else, I think it really shows how I've learned to control my losses. Thanks for everything!
Just and FYI... I had a conversation with my mom the other day, and i told her I learned more about trading/investing by watching Robotic Trading than i have in the last 3 Years I've been studying finance in university... let me tell you she wasn't happy to hear that but when I showed her I profited over $500 this week (completely covering the cost of both the inner circle and RT) doing something that I was thoroughly enjoying that quieted her down! I owe my new found knowledge and future dollars to you Clay!
I just wanted to thank you for releasing the options course. I finished it last night. I think I am going to switch over to trading options instead of pennystocks. I had know clue you could trade big board stocks for less. I'm so excited! I will be going back through the course this weekend. I also plan to join CTU hopefully later this month or January at the latest. My husband is going to help me pay for it as a Christmas gift, so I'm really excited. :)
I follow STBV from Inner Circle alert and today sold @ 100% profit. Paid for my Inner Circle fee and Robotic Trading course with profit leftover for Burger King
Took 20 mins to get my 99 bucks back thanks.
$99 bucks? Inner Circle members will make that, and more, in no time flat.
Well worth the price of admission. The Power Scans are a bonus. The REAL reason to join is the access to the Under $1 chatroom and the Over $1 chatroom. Both rooms nailing alerts and making $$$.
Here is the post I made in the chat room. Have to tell you I appreciate your commentary and technical analysis on FNMA, you have saved my ass quite a few times with your postings. Thank! I appreciate it and is why I am a member of the Inner Circle.
$AQUM making great money off of Clay's Inner Circle calls! Just one call has made me enough money to pay for the Inner Circle for years to come! Sign up now!
My first trade paid for the Inner Circle membership... paid for 3 years actually! The diversity of the alerts allows me to choose plays that I'm comfortable with. I'm glad you put the IC together. It has already helped me improve my technical skills but I've determined I'm not as a disciplined as I need to be at times and plan to order Robotic Trading soon! I would recommend joining to anyone wanting to increase profits!
ARIA - I set up a 5% trailing stop because I've been in meetings all afternoon and was trading an outsized delta (2500+). I ended up selling out 80% of my position at $9.33. Missed the daily peak, but those $9 calls gained 328% and I'll take that any day.
Good call Clay. STBV got in at .0022 out at .0035 :) 59% Gain. Bought Trampoline Trading over the weekend. Invaluable idea. Now I have money to checkout your 'shorting for profits'. Keep up the great work.
Joined the inner circle Friday, debated whether to pay the $99. Now I'm up $500 in 4 days. Doesn't get any better than this. Thanks Clay.
Hi Clay, hope you're doing well. I want you to know that last night's webinar paid off today. Small gain of $40, but no one on the street would just walk up and hand me $40 for an hour's work so I say that's a winner It was a FB options play and the 2 minute chat did an almost identical dive like last night's example. The whole time I was watching it I was saying out loud *Suppolt coming, find it, find that suppolt, don't you chase, don't do it". Then it happened, consolidation and the cliffpoint. Just like the example. I followed it back up with my stoploss and mitigated. I mitigated like a boss. Then allowed the rest to run with a safe stoploss running behind them. I kept hearing you in my head singing about your milkshake and suppolting me all the way. Thanks again Clay!! John
I hope everything is going well Just want to drop you a quick line about an interaction I had with a co-worker a few minutes ago. I keep my positions window open in the corner of my screen. He walked up and saw several of the symbols were showing losses on the day. He said to me, man, I thought you were doing those classes? Looks like you should get your money back!" (Hardy har harrrrr! I said nothing, but raised a single finger telling him to wait. Then very slowly and methodically I shifted the screen over and exposed the P/L column which showed as much of a gain in MY favor as there was a loss on the ticker He looked at me as I was moving my finger to my lips and he stated to speak right as I said *Shhhhhhhhh... don't spook my profits." Your system works, your classes are legit and I am so thankful I spent my only shot of Fool's Gold (from OWCP) on CTU.
Joined the room 2 weeks ago.. Sat back and watched.. Didn't pull the trigger on anything until.. CYTR... Made back my membership fees
I just wanted to say thanks for your courses and webinar archives. I have been investing for the past 10 plus years and actively trading some during that time as well. I found your courses through yahoo message boards of all places and kept up with your chart videos on AVXL in the fall of 2015 I've been a CTU member for about a year and I have been twing to trade with a small account (staffed with $3k). I was trading $5 penny stocks, mostly on the long side, and had more failure than success. I was discouraged because I felt like I had a good handle on the robotic trading fundamentals, but between a few mistakes, some lack of discipline, and forcing trades, I was going in the wrong direction. I wanted to quit and never look back and chalk your courses up to an investment that didn't pan out. I took a break and worked through the options course (along with some others) and started back in with paper trading to get some strategies outlined for options, I staned having some successful paper trading using options with AAPL, FR TSLA, and NFLX. I had pulled most of my remaining funds from my trading account because we had some bills to pay but put $200 back in about a month or so ago to try to mimic those positive results with real money I am still working out my strategies and fine-tuning my rules, but I've had several successful trades and that $200 has turned into $1100, mainly from two really successful trades, but also a couple small winners. I am swing trading and very much appreciated Diego's webinar from his FB call trade.
Thanks tor the courses. use to work minimun 10 hr a day, now just the first 15min (930-945). aest part I take care ot my 3 month old. Thanks again!
The whole idea of risk management, earnings plays, buying power vs. percentage of capital used... on and on. There is so much to learn. If I were to ask myself the most important I have leaned is to NOT look at your account balance until the end of the month. I just trade every day; same time of the day, same number of hours a day, same amount of coffee every day...consistency is working.
The content of your videos and the teaching effort that you put in them and you entire Website are truly amazing- anyone who is serious about trading stocks needs to invest in your CTU and start watching your videos—you couldn't learn the technicals and psychology of the stock market from a better source- These courses are worth a lot more then you charge for them for anyone serious about stock market trading. I'm 74 years old and just getting started J I looked for about 6 months and paid for several instruction courses online until I stumbled on your book on Amazon—read it, then bought Robotic Trading which I am now in the process of studying and learning. I don't need to look any further—I have already learned more in a couple of weeks from the Robotic videos and case studies then I did in the previous 6 months. This is my retirement profession, when I decide to retire— Trading 3 or 4 hours per day and not even retired- intense— making mistakes, mostly tat lingering orders, but I really enjoy the challenge! Thank you very much for all your dedication and efforts in sharing your knowledge and experience and teaching expertise. It is un-paralleled from the sources that I have reviewed. Feel free to give my name and email for a 5 Star Rating—not 4.5 but 5! J Blessings to you and your family as well as all your associates,
I wanted to send thanks for CTU. It has provided the best guidance I could ask for in the market. I have been trading for a couple years now but I was up and down with no profit shown until I got CTU. I was break even until October of last year and ended up finishing the year up 3k. Then took a couple months break after buying a house. Got back at it about a month and a half ago and I am up 3.5k this year. This is a huge difference for me compared to trading prior to CTU. It's obvious I learned a ton from you. Thank you!
Of the 3 programs I tried Clay's CTU was by far the best as well as least expensive. Teaches you to trade for yourself... no "picks" needed
I purchased one of ClayTrader's courses, he makes it easier to understand. Thanks for the info.
Hi Clay! wanted to say i love CTU, bringing back to kinder-garden, which i needed, a learning lots Of new information in this 115th Of being a member. Thanks.
So far so good! Just wanted to say thanks for everything you're teaching me!
Ok, I think I'll need a rehab program - totally addicted to esignal! Four months ago I thought the stock market was too confusing to get into. Now I'm planning my days around paper trading and stalking esignal. I'd say that your courses are thorough enough for a total beginner to get me to love it this much - thanks
It's 12.30am here in Australia, and I think I've overdosed on Grow Rich! Naha! I couldn't stop watching it - brilliant. Again, thank you. I really love your course info, and presentation style. I've got three kids, husband travelling away at the moment, we moved house two months ago, I've just finished project managing a major renovation on an investment property, and my whole body aches and is tired, and yet I smashed through this course in one night. Seriously motivating. Thanks - I can't wait to start up my own money tree Ea
man ever since joining CTU i've seen a huge difference in my trading. the case studies have been helping a ton.
still watching...and learning lots! I want to thank you. I cant tell you how many times I put a stop to myself from doing something stupid. I listened to tons of traders (liars) on StockTwit and :etaIlv fell Mr their crap but no longer do I panic and buy on fear of losing out. I've been looking at the charts and walking away, later to find out it was a good decision. Because I had a bad habit of doing this in the past, I'm stuck holding quite a few stocks that I don't want to be holding but am waiting patiently. After listening to these videos (Trade without Emotion), I will never let myself do this again! Thanks Clay! Your lessons are well worth the investment! I'm certain that what I paid for this video has repayed me a few times over by not purchasing the stocks I would have purchased if I never watched them. Thanks again) Mamie
Had one of the best mom nights ever.... daughter-freshman year...rough week...boys, best friends, high school...totally indulged with her tonight. A little shopping, awesome dinner at a nice restaurant and the best mom and daughter time....her smiles were priceless...no budget...she was so funny..."really mom! you didn't set a budget!" Priceless! Thank you for your courses!!
Video Podcast today was EPICI Educational and entertaining. IC is the real deal and more. Clay Trader University is a money management/risk mitigation technique in itself. Such a small investment and nothing else even comes close in this realm we call the stock market and all that it entails. Very high reward to cost benefit with tons of content. Keep up the good work ClayTraderl
Hey Clay I am so thankful I found your class, I wanted to give you feed back and show you my profits since I have finished the robotics course. I am now going to reinvest this profit and begin RVR tomorrow on my day off. Thanks again for all you do!
I bought CTU 9 days ago to learn about options trading... today I excised my first options trade, mainly as a proof of concept with an ETF I'm very familiar with. My exposure was 3:25 hours long and I made 4.9%... very happy to be in and out and profitable on my first options trade! Thanks, Clay!
I wanted to say thank you for your CTU courses. I really like the fact that with Options the price can go up, down, or sit still and still make money.
First of all, I have just got to say that I'm blown away by the whole program you've put together here. I'm a web developer at my 9-to-5 gig and I am sitting here with my jaw dropped to the floor at how much work you've put into this thing and how comprehensive and smoothly functional it all is, from the marketing to the content to the vast amount of time you must have put into it to make it that way. I just have to give credit where credit is due on that front, great job, man. Really.
clay, i joined your inner circle and honestly i could not be happier you guys are great
First of all. thank you for your willingness to teach. Your method and the simplistic manner in which you convey complex material is the very reason I purchased your robotic trading course. I'm currently on the MFI video. so I'd say about halfway through. I also watched a great deal of your free content beforehand. mostly because money's tight. After several failed attempts to wrap my head around the key concepts and even the basic terminology of trading using numerous other resources you finally got it to click for me. So thank you. you're a good teacher.
Winnings from your alert in the chatroom a few minutes ago. Maybe you can share this with new members, so doubters can understand that technical trading really works. Thank you.
Just wanted to stop by and update you on my progress so far. I'm about halfway through your courses right now and so far they are phenomenal. Throughout the courses I have been typing notes similar to the format you provide on your slides and putting them in a nice big binder for future referencing. Typing the notes also helps me digest the information more thoroughly. I'm learning a lot and enjoying the process at the same time.
Hey Clay just wanted to send you a shout and thank you. Its because of you and your teachings I have now entered my 7 month of consistency. I wish you and your family a great new year. You have been a blessing to mine and help me change our lives and man you just don't know how appreciative I am.
As you know, this time of year is crazy busy for me. My schedule doesn't allow much for regular day trading activities. As a result, my focus changes to a more swing trade approach. The great news is charting education has paid dividends in my time in CTU and the Inner Circle an 8k week sums up the results.
I wanted to thank you for the hard work you have put into all of your material and building the community you have. I have been a member for a few weeks now and have learned more since taking RT and RvR than I had in the previous six months (free education route-the podcasts finally convinced me to get over my skepticism of all the 'education programs'). I thought given your email in regards to why you teach I would follow up with a thank you! I am still saving up for CTU and look forward to continuing my journey as a member of your community.
Solid start to the week... thanks for the AGIO alert Clay!
Thanks for your RvR trading course. I predicted the HUGE move on NAK. I knew that it was going to a good trade, but a 22.8% move? Was not expecting that. Thank you so much man, its nice to see my investment in your course paid off in a single trade. I just went live a week or two ago and it has been going great. Thanks a ton.
I have a serious man crush on you for fixing many of my trading problems (they aren't all fixed yet). I am regularly hitting solid base hits with the occasional home run. I just pulled down NVDA in our 401K - Bought at $58 a few months ago and stopped out at $91.95 today. Huge increase in my 401 K in just a few months. My $2000 investment in CTU has definitely paid for itself many times over.
I was just writing to say thank you. I joined the inner circle about a month ago and made my money back in a day. I've been struggling with what strategy best suites my style of trading and with the help of the IC, i've found it. I was always running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find which stocks to trade. I still run screeners and take the time to research, but the IC has allowed me to narrow down and focus more on a couple of stocks rather than 15-25. The power profit charts have helped me to understand patterns better too. I have gone through Robotic Trading and other courses of yours, all of which have been truly beneficial. Thank you again, God bless.
Hey clay, wanted to give you and update and say thanks for putting these courses together the way you have. Even with my "limited" knowledge so far I am up about 12 percent in about 3 weeks. Being able to pick out trends has given me the confidence to make trades and know I can get better. It sure has been fun, thanks a bunch.
Thanks for the BURL alert clay +$1000
Hey man, let me explain something to you! I took a chance on you and your asinine courses that were designed to sucker people out of their money- One day I'm going to explain about how i learned about you, but for right now just understand that I took a chance- Only 2 weeks ago, I started trading futures. My account is small and nowhere near 25,000 bucks- I have come to the conclusion that the only way for "ME" to be successful in the market is to day trade. However, 3 trades a week is going to cut it. So I learned Futures. I took the newfound knowledge of the futures, and tested it with the chart knowledge that I learned from your courses and BAM!!!... Today I made $637.50- Clay, that is the most money I have ever made, in one day, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Last week was my first time combining the course knowledge with the Futures and software(think or swim) knowledge. This week-.-.$73.00 on Monday, $139-00 on Tuesday, and now today's huge amount. Don't get me wrong, I took losses as well- But taking losses is a lot easier when you are not subject to the pattern day trader rule. For example, the 637.50 consists of 16 trades IoI, $109 in fees-(l know I should not have made that many trades but I was on a roll) Listen, your courses are the truth! RvR is for real and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. May the good lord bless you and your staff with blessings beyond your wildest dreams. Ps. If you haven't figured it out by now then understand that the beginning of this email was only to catch your attention. Your courses are NOT asinine and you definitely are not a thief.
I'm in the middle of watching the penny stock survival guide... I must say wow! So much info I had no idea about! Especially the promoters part. Thanks Clay I'm getting my moneys worth and I just barely started.
Hey Clay, I purchased Clay Trader University several months back. Even though I purchased the course, I continued to try and do my own thing. I ended up loosing about 30K. Today was my 1st day trading after deciding to stick to what I learned from you. Just thought I'd share. The attached is a screen shot of the only symbol I traded today.
Just paid for CTU
Thanks for alerting LGF in the newsletter. I swing traded it. Risked $8 to make $220
Thanks for the welcome- I'm enjoying your site. I don't really post a lot, so I hope you don't mind me lurking. I'm a fairly active trader so I spend a lot of time looking at my screens- It's quite a nice change to have some input from other traders that are not complete nitwits. As I get more comfortable I'll try and contribute a bit more. Thx again.
Clay I so glad I took theses classes. I took a loss today on JNUG but it was a good loss. I lost 650 but due to the gap down but it was not to far off from what I bought it from. When I could be in the boat like some of my buddy at work down 27k to BK. So I don't have that sick feeling and hoping it jump back up. I am happy I took these classes to where to put a stop loss.
Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying the courses. In the last couple of weeks I have completed both Robotic courses, L2, and RVR. Before I started college for my meteorology degree, I already had extensive prior knowledge and the coursework served to tie all of that together to make me a better forecaster. I am having the same experience with your trading courses. As I was absorbing the RVR material, I was able to finally make the first confident trade of my life on a panic buy while minimizing my risk and maximizing reward. In fact, the trade was so good that I've nearly covered the entire cost of the University package by using advanced orders while I was on midnight shifts and asleep during the day! Thank you for creating these courses. I am optimistic about the future and my pursuit of becoming my own boss one day. I'm definitely looking forward to the more advanced material.
Clay has simplified stocks to everyone as he is the most personable mentor/teacher We ever had the privilege to get to know... and I'm in the military. So that’s saying something. He's taught us to be very humble while trading, but also be patient. One thing We never had my whole life, but thanks to him, We stayed very disciplined.
You've created everything I need at this point I love your courses and for a 51 year old I'm just learning to trade stocks and I love learning this as I was always so intimidated by the stock market most of my life- Was always told don't trust Wall Street. God Bless you clay you never know how you are helping people change their life- For me I'm getting security. I work construction with these skills if I get laid off could get a job at the car wash or Starbucks study charts at night put trades on and be able to supplement my income. Do you know how powerful that is? Yes I'm sure you do- Thank you!!!
Howdy, wanted to thank you for the education so far. Made my first winning trade on CHK using technical analysis! More green than red moving forward I am sure.
I am the most Skeptical Person to trust someone in teaching me something, people usually teach half or not even close to half of their knowledge! After I gave it a try in your Inner Circle Chat Room I was able to see How Professional the entire team is, and every signal is Accurate, After Joining the Chat Room I say to myself: This is the correct way to learn The Stock Market with 0 Experience, and now I'm able to Watch every detail on a Chart And use the correct the multiple tools available to know which direction the chart will be moving Next thanks to everything I have learned in just 2 Weeks!
Thanks Clay. Your premium course is proving to be worth every penny. Very satisfied.
Let the hater hate, and let the potatoes potate. Took ur robotics trading vid when I was 19... amd 22 now and trade for a living and making money out of it... More than what I thought I would at any point. Had to learn to take losses like a champ and move on. Its part of the game.
Just wanted to thank you guys again for the risk vs reward class. I recently told you guys thank you because the rvr eally changed my perspective on my swing trade purchases and sell points. Today I sold shares of CARA after purchasing them just about a week ago. I set my stop loss up and edged it up throughout the move up, then today set up really tight until it got hit. This ONE eally has helped me throughout my year since I purchased the n December
Hope you are having a truly great Labor Day weekend! Wanted to introduce myself and say Hi. I have been watching the free resources on claytrader.com for many months now. I recently (8/29) paid and joined the Inner Circle and then decided to join 2 days later CTU 9/1. I can imagine how many others (you shared in videos) purchase a single course then join CTU then ask for refund/discount. So I just wanted to say I'm NOT going to ask for a refund or any kind of discount whatsoever. (It was just some dry humor subject line haha). What you have accomplished here in your courses is truly amazing. Your no nonsense straightforward approach really does exemplify not only the best teaching style but the reality of disciplined trading (eliminating emotions). Clay the value of this course is easily worth 4-5 times the amount you're asking for of which I am sure you are aware so thank you for currently offering CTU at such a huge value. I too was was finding nothing of value in the mess of other free resources on YouTube/Google about trading. I find it interesting and very terrible people do not see the value for CTU for the amount of work you have done to create and maintain CTU and the website- With your courses I am well on my way to making the $3,000/week I deserve from the markets all from just 30 minutes of trading a day. (Just kidding!) Of course I'll be paper trading for a while until I am comfortable with my own risk/reward style. Thank you for being so real, so educational, and so honest. It is 100% clear you and your team are here to share the knowledge you have gained from your hard knocks roller coaster journey and educate those who are willing to have an open mind to trading and the reality that money can be made in the markets given the right tools (technical analysis) and an individual's risk/reward tolerance. I currently have a cash cow day job so not able to be active in the chat room or travel to the meet and greets. I attached some pics of my notes on the Robotic Trading course. Really feels like I am in college again (I went to IU '92-'96). Outlining and journaling my thoughts as I watch each lesson (pic below ha!) More so swing trading currently as this is only a supplement to my day job. I have already applied some of the concepts you list to my current portfolio and this has helped me make better educated judgements on my current positions. You should def copywrite "wolf" and "sheep" candles- I cracked up, that lesson is priceless. When you start including a Lamborghini in the background of videos like some of those other clowns on You Tube I'll know it's all down hill from there (haha). My absolute favorite line in all the stock trading reality podcasts came from Chez ".-.you know hat goes good with kool-aid? Pancakes." from the guy who used 'hold and hope' for Nate's Pancake stock. Looking forward to this amazing journey and the new people to share ideas with. Congrats on the Guiness world record in charting as well.
Ok but seriously, getting the alerts that people post here, like legitimate alerts, has paid for my membership here 10 times over in the last few days. Really regret not joining 4 months ago.
Completely out of the blue but on the way to work today i was driving and got to thinking how fortunate i am to have made more from trading when i woke up than i was going to working all day. I know im not in the chat very much anymore but still wanted to really sincerely say Thank you. your training videos and CTU made a huge impact on my life and outlook towards trading, and was an honor to have been able to be a guest on the podcast as well
I've bought your stuff. Robotic trading, trampoline trading, subscribed to the inner circle. Couldn't be happier with my purchases. Steadily making money every day. Sometimes big money like today, 494$. Sometimes not so big 35$ on Monday. But learning every day what works for me. Couldn't be happier. Thanks clay. Keep doing what you're doing.
Just checking in on my lunch hour. Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't been around much this summer as it's my busy season. I was able to make a few quick trades in the morning this week before heading out. 3 trades, 1 each day. Total time 7.04 minutes. Total profit $200.79. The power of options, gotta love it!
Years of self training don't touch what I learned since Feb when I bought CTU.
Thank you very much. And also than you for not wasting my money. Your courses are absolutely awesome and I feel like I've been through a 4 year stock college. Have a great day.
I bought and went through RT which, at first and in all honesty, I thought was not going to be in-depth" enough and too simplistic. I soon realized that I shouldn't have assumed that the simplicity with which you can deliver the Technical Analysis material would mean a feeble course. Not at all! I have learned a lot. Most importantly, I feel I have come away with an practical path/understanding of how to trade effectively, rather than being overwhelmed with unnecessary lingo and mathematics and ending up more confused (as I did when I searched for education over YouTube). Your material is simple to understand and yet highly effective- Love the way you went over and over the examples and practically got it ingrained into me!
I don't have time to give a detailed report of what my trading has been like lately, but I wanted to tell you that I was really happy with my ability to navigate Brexit. I had a couple of bullish bias swing trades open going into Friday. When the news of Brexit passing came out, I knew I'd be close to max loss on those. I was able to play the dead cat, minimize losses, and then buy SPY puts basically at the morning high. I made the losses back and then some. Here are my current positions going into Mon. I have three long 200 puts, two short 199.5 puts. I sold the 199.5s after l was up quite a bit on the 20os. That preserves my gains, but let's me keep something on the table for a potential move Monday am. I just wanted to say thanks. No way I would be talking about big winners on a day like Friday if I didn't have the CTU knowledge.
Hey just wanted to shoot an email while I'm thinking about it and let you know how much I appreciate you guys and everything you are doing to help the little guys". I know it is A LOT of work and I know you dedicate a lot of time and effort. Your training has helped me see things more clearly and provided me with insight to help me improve my investing and trading activity.
Just wanted to thank you again for all the teaching. Investing in education really pays off. I took a bad entry point in NFLX with 3 contracts. forcing the trade...terrible decision. it cost me $104. That why you never force. I was ready to be done for the day. but saw an opportunity in TSLA. It was in bull mode and was consolidating. so I bought 3 calls in the consolidation. Then it went up and up and up. sold 2 contracts to lock in profits and let the last one ride. CEO mode on. On the last contract I made approx. $200. Lesson of day: NEVER FORCE TRADES. Wait for opportunities to come. as you say. the market won't go any where.
Thanks you for Robotic Trading best investment I been doing good in option since learning charts
Thanks to ClayTrader I've made over $4k on $AAPL options (calls), $ARRY and $GPRO short squeeze within two weeks... Life-Changing
Just wanted to thank you for your CTU!! I have done the Penny Stock course. and am about 75% through Robotic Trading already! I am learning so much great information that books that I have read in the past just couldn’t convey to me.
Unfortunately can't make webinar after all. Out of town on business. Also wanted to let you know I completed the penny stock course even though I will not be trading them but sure am glad I took it. Learned a lot. Just finished Robotic Trading this morning and it was awesome too. Love the way you teach and so lad I invested in the entire program. Now on to Skills Sharpening. I listen to the podcasts while I'm driving, Which is a lot. so my brain is loving the exorcise. Signed up for eSignal and got it downloaded. Wow, more to learn but I love what I've discovered so far Someday I'll get trading but have a lot to learn first. After listening to you so much over the last couple weeks I feel like I know you pretty well all ready. Have a great evening and THANKS for putting together such a great program.
This is ongoing for me for the past 6 or 7 months until about a month ago where i stumbled upon your YouTube page. I recently purchased the OTS Course and the Robotic Trading course and i'm dumbfounded by all the new knowledge I'm gaining so thank you for the tremendous amount of help!
So, I finished PSSG last night and boy was it good! I've been playing in the PennyStock Wilderness since early 2014 when the MJ sector was hot. I drank the kool-aid and didn't know when to sell. Your personal journey and this course was enlightening and made me laugh along side with you. I was burned by 'hypnotizing Pumpers' as well. Here are my tickers where I lost a lot of money because I bought into the belief and got drunk off the kool-aid- $VGTL, $TBEV, $OWOO- I'm sure you've heard about the $VGTL scam. I'm glad I signed up for the CTU and looking forward to taking the rest of the courses- I already started RT and loving it!. Got through Candlestick Analysis so far. I'm a VP of Software Engineering by day but am slowly learning to become a smart trader. Coming from an Engineering background as well, RT is right up my alley. I just wanted to thank you for putting together this community and CTU. If only I spent my investment money earlier on this instead of being a hypnotized investor ('hunted'). But living through it, and now understanding the PennyStock Life Cycle, I'm better prepared.
I just realized I never acknowledged in the lounge that the only reason I got into the FB trade was because somebody (I don't remember who, maybe hooch?) posted an alert in the Over $1 room about FB forming a descending triangle. FB wasn't even on my radar at the time. When I saw the chart, though, and realized a break lower could result in a big gap fill (today's low and yesterday's high), I set my sell order. So, the credit for such a great trade goes to hooch (or whoever made the alert) and your Over $1 room. All I did was click the sell button and manage the trade. So, thank you for hosting such a great room and the wonderful community of traders you've created. Maybe share this in the lounge so the person who made the alert gets the recognition they deserve.
I purchased CTU two weeks ago. Nothing short of amazing. Very thorough and easy to understand. It took me two days to review the things that took me 6 months to learn. There is no free way to learn. You will pay with money or you will pay with time.
Just wanted to give you an update about my trading . Since I started using cash account again after taking your courses. I work during market hours, so I trade at work ....don't tell my boss lol. I use the work computer but since I also have to over see the floor. I mainly trade with my phone and it been going well . Last week (First week using cash account again) didn't use options and was -65$ . This week, Im up 679$ using options. I just use advance order put my buy, loss and sell.
I know I do not come around at all anymore but just wanted to give you an update. My job changed last year which does not allow me to be in the chat room hardly at all anymore so I mainly just stay out as to not bother those who do it every day. I am still trading options and because of your teachings and everything your community has taught me I am really happy where I am today. I am up $197,000 this year so far and just wanted to say thanks and even though I am not around your way of doing things is reaching people beyond what you see. Again thanks so much and tell everyone I said hi and hopefully I can get around soon enough. My job should settle in a couple months and allow me to hang out more.
this is so true. my account was wiped out last year by AQXP on the last day of its run up.(WHO WILL FORGET ABOUT THIS ONE). i am refunding my trading account. and at the same time mastering robotic trading. if only i had RT before that AQXP pump, probably i ended up green. I AM GLAD TO LISTEN TO CLAY'S PODCAST. and the #1 lesson that i picked up every single podcast is GET YOUR SELF EDUCATED FIRST. yes first. not after you test the water and lose money. i am still glad i stopped before i lose more. the inner circle is one of my best investment in trading. from there you will learn just by reading the chat without even communicating. then slowly study. yup, i did bought some courses. you don't have to. 2)
I hope all's well in the "Clay-pire?!" I have an update for you that I'll try not to make too long. I can't write short emails. I've been watching & listening to all of your fantastic courses over & over (& over & over again+++). I've been paper trading for 7 weeks. I'll always paper trade, just like any serious guitar player must always practice. Then,.... I entered into the real world of trading on Thursday afternoon, March 1oth. WOW!!! First, I have a crazy demanding, full-time job which unfortunately prohibits me from being able to monitor as much as I'd like. As you've stated many times, "You must find what works best for you." Simple statement which obviously requires time, education, practice, trial & error & then do it over & over again. Secondly, I guess I'm starting to develope a hybrid approach regarding technical vs. fundemental analysis. Much more technical than I ever thought possible. This will sound weird or nuts - but since I'm starting over again, I removed some excess funds from my TDA account & decided to begin with an "entry-level" size account. Only $2,300.00. I like everyone, have been closely monitoring oil. On Thusday, I wasn't intending to get back into the real world at all. But after watching oil drop by $1+ per barrel by around 11:3oam, everything I'd thus far learned from you, plus the global fundementals I was aware of just "took over." It was THE weirdest feeling ever. "Weird" because I wasn't winging it, or puppet trading, or anyone of 100 incorrect things I'd done sooooo many times in rhe past. I swear I truly felt 110% "robotic." I can't describe it. Machine-like. I believed heart & soul, that oil had bottomed. My interpretation of the charts further reinforced what I was seeing. So in the afternoon, I loaded up on SPY March 18 Calls. A few at $198 more than a few at $200. I also couldn't resist FB at $107. I was willing to hold overnight for what appeared to me," to be an excellent set up for Friday morning. By Friday at 10:4oam, I'd sold it all for my very first, realized profit of +$1,309.51 as a CTU member. Small potatoes compared to some CTU members, but I know that's irrelevent. I'm more than pleased that planned my trades traded my plan. I stuck with my new mental philosophy of, "See profit, take profit." Not getting greedy. In hinesight, had I hung around thru the afternoon, I'd of easily exceeded $2k in profit, but that's a perfect example of greed. "Hinesight greed" that could impact one's mental approach during next trade(s). I paid you good money for your courses, BUT,.... I'll never be able to thank you enough for ALL you've taught me. Not to mention, my first real world trades, almost paid for ALL of the cost of joining CTU!! LOL!! That's insane!! That's crazy cool. I know days like today won't happen every, single time. However, I *do” know that I'll never need to wony about possibly blowing up my account out of pure ignorance. I have so much to learn & today was fun & will be a wonderful memory. Now I return to taking it slow & much more paper trading. You Clay, are clearly passionate with your work. You obviously derive much satisfaction when you know that you've changed a person's life. If you didn't, you'd be charging 2-3 times for your course material. You're a rare find these days sir. It blows me away at the sheer numbers of "promise people" online offering to make you a gazillionaire. Ok, please know that I am NOT kissing your arse. Rather giving thanks & praise to an individual who has literally changed my life. Chezz too!! Years from now, I'll someday be interviewed by you & Chezz. Haha!! Now there's a goal,.... Reality Podcast #1,207 !!!" And you & Chezz STILL hadn't missed a Monday!! LOL!! Sincerely,.... Thank You & See You "The Room,"
I am so very thankful for the community you have put together. Good people wanting to help themselves and each other to become the very best traders. The educational materials are outstanding but the people help it all come to life! After the e-mail I sent you on Tuesday, I vowed to not have it set me back and was able to respond with a fantastic couple trading days. After not selling anything on Monday. the week turned out to be a great one - not because of the wins (see below) but because of applying proper RvR. Have a fantastic weekend! Appreciate all you do!
I like to give credit when due. I truly appreciate your educational info and your style of helping folks out. While I don't consider my self a day trader, I do allow a portion of my funds for more active trades. Over the winter I have more less become a ClayTrader apprentice. While the market was in favor this week, I traded without emotion and followed a lot of your principles . I had a plan and worked through my trades and I nailed 4 of 5. IPI took a nose dive and I took a little loss. Your info and videos has helped me transform from a Puppet to a trader.
As you know my name Is Micah and I am a member of your university program. I would like to give you a little background about myseii and tell you how much you program has done for me. I have a a background as a helicopter pilot. I never went to college. however I have always loved Iiying. Over the past 12 years sadly. I have lost close to 20 friend due to helicopter crashes. In December with the news of a new child on the way I made the decision that I wouki like to transition out oi flying tor a protesslon and into a safer line of work that has me around more. In December I decided I was a trading pro! Yeah right! I have been In real estate and Oil and Gas tor a long time and have done well. Trading... Well not so much. I was doing great In December and then In January I lost enough money to make a man puke! I thought I could be a headline trader and just randomly throw darts and win. It was a loosing lormula for sure! I would search the web daily for news on stocks and thats when I came across your youtube reviews on UGAZ. I watched them religiously and after about a week I purchased your university program. I haven't looked back since. I stopped what I was doing and started paper trading. I got a good strategy and applied your rinciples and technical analysis. About 10 days ago I decided to put theory to the test. As of the today by 8:30 Colorado time I am up over 8k. With a strategy I started on Monday I was able to finish out my trading week with a gain this morning of 5K. Your classes are so valuable and something I absolute cannot stress enough for anyone that wants to get into trading. Thank you for all you hard work and the knowledge you snare. As a trainer in the Helicopter industry I work to share lite saving knowledge with my peers. People like you are capable of changing entire industries!
Just a small email to thank you for putting me on the right track when i purchased the university content i was looking to stop the bleeding on my account. After looking at the videos i realized that i wasn't trading with the right timeframe and product for my schedule. I now only sell iron condors and straddle on the RUT and SPX once per month, i collect about 150$ per day of theta and i can run my business as if nothing was happening. It's amazing how having a plan for me is almost ignoring the market. Up 4.75% this year, and staying direction neutral in the market
I just wanted to send you a shout out and let you know how awesome your material is- I had the opportunity to sit through a live webinar from Warrior Trading today covering momentum trading, and l have to say I was not impressed-.- Granted, it was a free webinar so I did not expect to hear any in depth strategies, but what I did hear gave me slight anxiety from the risk/trade management department- Thank you again for delivering a superior product; I feel extremely lucky that I found your material before I overpaid for another.
Fantast video as usual. You know ever since I joined your community, it has been great, getting up in the morning, grabbing my coffee and sitting down listening to what you have to say today, it just get me started on the right foot! I can never thank you enough Clay, the money I invested for your CTU course was peanuts compared to what I got and am getting out of it everyday, thanks tons for everything you do!
I didn't watch you video but I understand the situation. I own my own business and I went form a bleeding heart liberal to a staunch die hard conservative in the first two years. Success has its challenges, one of those is getting a thick skin. The remarks about your "lucky success" and the questioning of your moral being as a business owner is all part of the game. You offer an excellent product with superior support and I recommend your company to anyone who asks me about trading. I feel comfortable recommending your service, you tell it the way it is in the stock market. I have been trading for 25 years and I found your approach to stock charts much more reliable than say Mr. Worden's of TC2000 or Mr. O'Neals's of IBD, both of which I subscribe to. Bottom line, the more successful you are the more people will discount your hard work that brought you your success. At the end of the day if you can say to yourself that you didn't deceive anyone and made your money honestly and don't have to constantly look over your shoulder to see if someone is coming after you then you are a self made successful businessman. Bravo!
Your tips and videos have 180'ed me into continuous success, almost $1000 USD combined wins with $WLL today in less than 30 minutes, and as a Canadian that's bank for me with the exchange rates :). Thank again Clay as you have been the only on that has given me real world advice in easy to understand teachings!
Honestly. I was incredibly scared to throw such a significant sum at someone on the internet and the money was part of my university tuition funds. However, after much debating, I decided to jump the gun and take your course and it has made an INCREDIBLE amount of change in my trading. At this point, there is no doubt that your courses are 100% worth it and actually, I feel like they cost too little in comparison to what people get for it.
I can attest to the power of Clay's courses, webinars and personal advice. He's in the chat room with us every day, trading right along side. The difference is that Clay doesn't tell you WHAT to do, he teaches you HOW to do it. And he hammers home that YOU have to do the work, and figure out what works for you.
Made enough on $AAPL calls today to pay for my Inner Circle membership for year to come. Thanks Clay for teaching me the power of options and most of all, controlled, planned trades.
Today I made a $51,004 profit on my ES day trade. I had been stalking the short covering rally with no luck for the last week. Today I got 'em! I owe it to you for opening my eyes to a new way to trade and see the market. Although I have been trading and investing for over 20 years I can honestly say that being involved in your program has pushed me to do better than I ever thought was possible
Hi Clay I just wanted to wish you and your family a safe a Happy New Year. I also want to thank you for everything you do for me and my family, I don't know a lot about computers, and I don't talk or write on your site, but I watch and listen to you and the other traders on the site. I didn't even finish High School but your site has aloud us to Retired and I'm doing very well I took your school the real " U " and it's been a life changer. So again thank you and I send people to your site when they ask how do you do it. Please keep up the good work.
I still am amazed how you're education and guidance has changed my entire mindset and outlook on trading. I am realizing decent gains but it's the losses that I can‘t get over. I still lose, but they are very small and very manageable. I'm doing things with my trading that I would have never done before CTU.
I'm a former Sykes Challenge Student and I can honestly say your educational materials are awesome, particular the webinars and case studies.
I just finished Robotic Trading and I have to tell you, I love you honesty. No "follow me and I will make you rich" crap. I have come to learn that true "trading" involves a lot of work. I'll be starting "RvR" next. Thanks for being genuine and honest. Keep up the good work!
Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all your work on the CTU videos. I worked through Robotic Trading and I'm half way thru Skill Sharpening. All the practice charts and examples have been super helpful... learning a lot! And recognizing how little I do know
I have to tell you, today is the best trading day I have had in a long time. Not because of the money I made. In fact the money is actually secondary in my mind set now. It's the best day because I made a couple of solid trading plans and I STUCK to the plan. Before CTU not only would I not stick to a plan, I would have just focused on the money and in all likelihood would have lost the gains. The education and confidence I have realized is priceless. Thanks again for all you do to make us better traders.
I think my favorite thing about RT is how it changed (and really defined) how I see candlesticks. The story of human emotion is an awesome analogy (I‘m a big fan of analogies lol) and I can see this being helpful for a very long time. :)
Old IC member here, might remember me? MikeyV? 20 yr old? Aaron Rodgers photo? Anywho, I've been away for months now, attending the curveballs life (& TDA) were throwing my way. I stuck with it and finally got the chance to retire from paper trading this week. I can‘t describe the feeling. I literally got to roll out of bed all week (CA time), watch patterns pointed out throughout your courses to develop, and profit. The charts have done everything on their own. Even with all that paper trading, I still couldn‘t believe it. Trade without emotions made a firm believer out of me. With all these political campaigns going on it might also be the only thing I believe in for a while. Haha. I feel like I'm forever in debt with you. I can‘t thank you enough for what you've done and continue to do. It's only the beginning, I'm looking forward to grabbing more courses and eventually enrolling into CTU. That being said here's my week, Monday was also green just forgot to take the picture. Nothing too big. I was being stubborn today, no bueno. However, the green doesn‘t compare to the surreal feeling of being able to do what I do because of your courses and the chat room. Can‘t wait to "pay myself" and head back to the IC. Have a great weekend, Clay!
I bin around the IC for quite sometime now and had CTU for just over a month now, I want to say thank you for all your hard work you, and your team put into everything. going to CTU was the best thing I ever done. I love the real life learning feel your courses brings and I cant appreciate it enough Clay, I have learned so much and improved greatly! IC is a great atmosphere as well, getting to know the gang and they knowing me back feels great, and as well as a support system, had some great conversation with members of the group and | defiantly want to be apart of the next meet up for sure! Being 21 years old I know I got time ahead of me and a lot more practice and learning and want you to know I am here for the long run and dedicated to trading, defiantly a road I can see myself sticking to in the long run my goal is to one day be my own boss and have freedom and trade for a living. with hard work and dedication and thanks to YOUR education and team I wouldn't be going down this road now... who knows I could be off on ihub with some penny stock scams if I never found you!! lol anyways Clay, thank you again! and ill keep in touch and take care!
I've been spending like 5 hours a day with you over the past week watching the videos (I'm on vacation). I know that might sound kinda creepy, but don't worry, I'm not a stalker. Damn man, I've learned so much from watching your videos! I can't thank you enough for the great education and extreme amount of effort it must have taken to put everything together. Seriously, it's amazing. I've had so many "aha" moments lately.
Clay, your chatroom rocks! I really respect how professional it is and I've had some nice tips as well. I wish you continues success my friend!
I've studied from all the big names out there in the online trading education circuit but your stuff is more thorough better sequenced than anyone else!
Nothing like transferring 17k into the saving account to end a fantastic week. Thank you Clay for your honest approach and creating a community of people who value the marathon more than the sprint. I'm so appreciative of the education, support, and friendships being created through the CTU and the Inner Circle.
I wish I would have found Clay's material years back....it would have saved me a lot of tuition payments to the 'School of Hard Knocks' by dart trading in the market.
What a day. Took the fam to Disney after this gift. Cool calm and collected. Thanks Clay
Another great video Clay! I've had three "other" mentors on my list of who I will trust to teach me. I've made up my mind that I'm going to get your university program! Thanks Clay, your super chill attitude and teaching skills are just what I need. Everyone else just seemed to stress me out!
ClayTrader is a great teacher, great courses, and a straight shooter.
Done for the day. Thanks for the pep talk yesterday, Clay. Today was very relaxed, controlled, and green.
I just started on the Penny Stock Survival Guide yesterday and have also purchased Robotic Trading which I'll study right after. I ill be getting the chat rooms soon. This is my first training course and will be my first chat room experience. I thought it was high time after getting my ass kicked in the penny wilderness. Glad I found your training course. Already understanding the penny land 100% better and I'm only on video 7. Thanks brother and keep up the good work.
Hey Clay, Its Shawn from Greenville. I saw this tweet today and it just shocked me. I'm so glad I'm out of pennies, thanks to you! I love how honest you are, its kept me grounded. Keep up the awesome work!
Just executed my first successful trade where I had a call on a ticker, but picked up an extra 10 bucks playing a put during the ride up. I can defiantly feel my nerves subsiding and my plans are falling into place more often because of it, can't thank you guys enough, especially you Clay!!
Today I got a high five from my wife at the end of the trading day. Walked away green and never broke a sweat. Thanks to CTU I can really say I now have the tools and knowledge to use emotion to my advantage. Thanks for giving me the chance to peruse my new passion.
I hope all is great. H03369 - Brian “here, and just wanted to say Hi, ask a question and also check in as I am a CTU student. A little about my backstory before i purchased CTU it was the mj rush thing early last year, and ever since I purchased CTU We put on the brakes, and luckily was able to save some of my capital Because of purchasing CTU, and am going thru the courses at my pace while juggling the wife kids jobs and everything else in life. I‘m confident that I will have a fun success story to share with everyone eventually, once I get down my setups, knowledge, discipline etc. I just really want to take a minute again to say how much I appreciate you, what you do and share and have really enjoyed the courses all along the way. While I am not in the chatroom much lately, ClayTrader University is something I often think off and enjoy having apart of my routine so thank you
Great Friday! Best day ever! Loving It! ClayTrader is a great mentor!
Just writing to thank you for all what I have learned through out your courses and by being a member of CTU. I have been studying since a year now and I continue to learn, watching every webinar and as much of your live trades as I can. Today I got my first home run using the strategies you teach. It was amazing to see the trade going my way and even being able to manage as it developed. I bought 3 puts in NFLX for $300 and ended up having a profit of $322, a 107% profit in a time frame of 40 min. Great! Thank you again, I will continue to study and work hard.
Just a quick thanks as I try to do on occasion. You're a good instructor. I hope you realize the impact you have made on me personally.
Thanks Clay, made $800 today, Inner Circle is great!
Had a great day today - all a result of what I've learned from you. Can't thank you enough.
You were correct, the broker said I was good to go because I had 25k plus in balance. I wanted to thank you for your alert on apple this morning. You said dead bodies on the 2min and I was thinking put option the whole time because it broke the 200 day yesterday so I bought some. I made $502... in about 15 min! That was pretty exciting to say the least because I am used to swing trading.
Clay, thanks for the TNET alert a little while back, +189 and walking away.
After spending time trading penny stocks and losing some money, I took the plunge and bought the Robotic Trading course. After finishing the course I am up over $1500 in one week. It has definitely turned my trading life around.
Is me Eric don‘t know if you remember me, you the guy with two jobs and was looking on the penny stock and you told me to take a look at option. Well I did it took me some time to do so and it is the greatest thing anyone told to do. I thank you so much for that Clay. Now I'm going to quit both jobs just play option. I can‘t wait until I take more of your lesson. Your my mentor now so happy I ran into you when I was researching up on stock. When I make it I want to help out people just like how you are.
Just wanted to update you. Friday was my first day with real money. Made $735. Today was my second day. Made $785. Funded 30k in my account. Using day trading margin, all in. Didn't want to disclose on the chat room since there is a big range of styles in there. Anyways, thanks again for the support.
The better I got at trading the more I realized that I can fist pump and get excited over 10%. The day that started for me was the day I graduated from penny hell. Learning charts from you was only the start of it for me. It was like obtaining magic power but not knowing how to control them if you will. LOL. Thank you bud.
So i am already on 8th lesson of the course since i bought it 10hrs ago and i don't even wanna sleep. You kept your promise that "options is easy". Im only at the 8th out of 14 and i feel like i'm ready to trade now. You are right, that it doesn't have to be complicated. Just so you know my sister is discouraging me to buy this course since i am also a penny stock newbie, and she said "one at a time". You know what, i regret nothing. This options trading is so intimidating and these free youtube videos from different sources are not helping that the more i watch them the more i get confused. I can't believe you made it as simple as abc. Thank you for posting videos in youtube which are really educational, and because of that i found a new reliable guru and I promise my self to transition to you from my expensive penny stock guru which is not really helping me until now. That is my gift to my self as i spend this money for my education even though i already lose 29% of my entire portfolio in penny stock. Thank you clay! Im sure i can save my portfolio with my decision of buying this course.
Just a small update on my trading. By the grace of God, ClayTrader's CTU, and a good friend of mine, I have 47k in realized gains this year so far and an 87 percent win rate. Thanks Clay and to all those that help each other trade. I am proud of that since I trade strictly part time.
For any stock or options trading fans out there, I highly recommend ClayTrader.com - has tons of free material too, paid stuff is legit imo$$
Here's what so bad though - the wife knows I've made some money trading... We are already planning on having to take money off to pay for the doctor bill. So, while its not ideal, I have to say thanks to clay.. Had I not learned how to trade, not sure we would be able to pay this doctor off up front!
After 15 months (on and off) of trading, I finally had my first green month! I'm a former TS Challenge Student, so I was little hesitant at spending more money on education. But I joined IC in January and also purchased Robotic Trading and your options course. I paper traded in February and took $50-100 losses March through May. I realized I was using too big of position size and not honoring stop losses, so I did a mental reset in June only going in with one contract. That helped immensely in my decision making with entering and exiting trades. going to continue with only using one contract until I'm consistently profitable.
I thought I would give you an updates. I'm about to finish your Penny Stock training video and all what I hear sounds sooooo familiar... I dumped a lot of my retirement money into MCP and I sunked... | feel so dumb! But, I'm looking forward to go through all your training and hopefully make it up one day. Today was a good day . I took advantage of chat rooms and actually your tip of XT LY let me get some greens. I hope one day I'll be able to contribute as well but for now I have a lot to learn.
Dude man I can't thank you guys enough. My first week in joining your circle I'm up +7k and rising in profits in 2 days... I know everyday won't be like this but wow.
This week alone I am up $1,000 but the money is not the exciting part. Every trade I've made this week came with no stress or anxiety of losing money. I’ve reversed my thinking about when to buy and sell. Now instead of working hard to get out of a position I work hard to get in one.
Second the options course. I'm a SW Engineer in the middle of release week, will end up working about 85 hours this week. Just transitioned from paper trading after digesting all of Clay's content and made my second trade w/ options. In @ EOD on GILD last night @1.10, out this AM @$1.73. It's possible, take your time, learn, listen to advice and do your own Technical Analysis. Informed decisions
I thought last October I would never be a trader after the unsuccessful run I had from April. Listening to the podcasts made me realize it's a long journey. There will be ups and downs for everyone. I needed to put my ego aside. Finally signed up for CTU. Which was another losing trade because I lost about $500 by not signing up right away. Hopefully that's the last loser. I paper traded the month of May as I would trade normally. My account is about $3000 in the green. Only made 2 real trades on F3 which were both in the green. I thought I knew how to use charts but you really brought it all together for me. I knew all the different candles but that didn‘t mean anything since I didn‘t know how the story unfolded. It felt like I knew words but couldn‘t read a book. My confidence is back. I'm going to continue to paper trade for another month or so just to make sure. Thanks for the help.
I wanted to say thanks. This course has restored my confidence and cut my losses. I now have a trade plan and stop loss, something I never did before. Today I was able to take advantage of a panic sell off and had my limit order fill at the 50sma. That allowed me to make 14% on ERN today.
There were a couple alerts in the chat room today and I spent some time looking at them. I did my own investigation. I ended up buying call options at 1.10 (2 contracts) and sold a couple hours later for 1.85. After commissions I already made back more than my 99.00. I look forward to being in the group for many days to come.
RvR has to be my favorite course since it taught me how to spot entry and exit points as well as stop-losses. Prior to this course I always entered into a trade without a plan
Your options simplified is awesome, very very good job on explaining everything the simple way for us simple people!
Just wanted to say thank you for doing a great job with them. I was really confused after watching my brokers training on options but you put everything into a language I can understand.
133% gainer on $USO options. Can't say enough about your options course, paid for itself 10 times over!
I‘ve invested into the University program and oh WOW! even though I‘m still taking notes on your penny stock survival guide its amazing. I‘ve also asked a couple of my SGT who had successful trades in the past cause I‘m a little skeptical and like to confirm things and they agree with what you have said. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to do these videos.
+6,373 I would like to personally thank Clay for his time he has put into his videos. I have made over 20k in the last 2 months and I've still yet to finish RT. Great work bud you have been a blessing to me.
Here I am emailing you after i was talking on the chat with a few guys about my story and how i really messed up my savings by going into a place where i didn't see any value. As i said in the chat i was part of Sykes "challenge webinar" which is freaking expensive but not worth it. I have to admit that i was blindly following what he markets about being millionaire by buying and selling penny stocks with a small account in not much time. It is totally bullshit as i see him just talking hindsight on anything he does videos on. He doesn't provide much valuable information besides his DVDs which are kind of worth it and just one guy that gives webinar twice a month. But Clay here I am. I am now part of this community and let me tell you that the difference is huge compare to the other chat i was. Valuable traders. helpful people. I am about to finish your Robotic Trading course. and let me tell you it is worth every single dollar. l have learn a ton on that course.. My next stop is the options trading course. I would like to take that one so i can be able to trade big boards stocks based on TA like you guys do in here. I have been reading about options a lot while doing the RT and trying what i read to the options. I have paper traded a few having good results so far. Clay i really wish i could get on CTU but my finances don‘t allow me right now. I lost all my savings on that stupid mistake and i need to get that money back somehow so i can start on CTU. Hopefully i can start making some money on options so i can start paying CTU with profit money. which is my plan so far. I am putting a lot of time daily to study even though I am working on my MBA and really busy with school. I am from Venezuela and being an international student with a visa i can‘t work as much. but i managed myself to get a few dollars here and there to cover my expenses. Well. that is it for now. I am super glad to be part of here and i look forward to keep learning from your courses. you and the whole community which is excellent. Thanks again clay. you guys rock! This weekend i have a little job that could give some money to complete the $197 to by options course. I will for sure let you know when i buy to give you the feedback of the course.
Thanks for sharing the power of options to us in the inner circle!
I just wanted to thank you again for teaching me how to fish. I have had consistent gains over the past few weeks and I am making great progress. I can't wait to become a full time trader someday.
What can I tell you I am really happy for the whole experience I am really enjoying the process of becoming a trader .. not a day trader yet because I am still working fulltime on a large & traditional company now I can see the difference. When I first started investing I did it blindly, with no preparation but the whole goal of becoming a millionaire but putting some real money down and waiting then I run into pennystocks .. I made a lot and lost a lot I became greedy and then through lHub believe run into you and your teachings .. since then, I have put lots of efforts in learning and it is really paying off .. now l can say I know what I am doing and why I am doing it I know if I would have the time to be all day long in the room with you and the rest of the guys I would become much better at it but the Trade Talks give me a pretty good opportunity to continue learning and improving the techniques. I know that there is still a long way to go but in the other hand I know that my eyes are more clear, I can see with much more detail what is going on and know when l have more conditions in my favor to have a winning trade My losses are becoming smaller and smaller and my wins are more frequent If I consider since the first time I invested till today .. I am undenNater, but I am getting closer to the surface I know that I am going in the right direction!!
Just wanted to drop you a note and say charts and options really started to click for me over the last few days. 8 positive trades in a row for $1.420 in profit. Today was my best day in a long time at $642. I finally figured out what works best for me. I only watch 1 or 2 stocks now and make just one or 2 trades a day. less is best. Best of all. after 5 years I think I finally got over my greed issues and learned to take profit. Loving the podcasts by the way. Thanks for all you do.
Without CTU and the CONTINUOUS repetitiveness or charts, and tools and charts and more tools and more charts, I would never had been able to make such a quick decision and make it profitable.
Hey clay . i just want to tell u i‘m sorry i cant join any webinars., because i‘m from Europe/belgium i have a full time job + having extra jobs in the weekend I‘ve been trading for about 2 years but did n make any money . there were profits en loses so at the end i closed off whit loses. but when i started to get motivated to take courses from you things got a bit different i exactly closed whit profits, so i wanted to thank you for the good courses, this was one of the best investments i could do, i took the right way so thank you.
Hi clay, just wanted to let you know i paper traded your powerscan picks from saturday and you're the man. Haven't been in the chat room as much as I just moved in a new apartment and haven't had much time (also waiting on some capital) but your analysis were spot on with IG, ARAY, EPD, and GNTX. Can't wait to start CTU and all your courses.
I have said it before and Ill say it again, the support we show each other in there is like no other room. Everyone is really here to help one another. Thank you to everyone that had words for me last week to get me out of the slump.
These are 2 trades I completed last week. The first was a great trade that I bought in Pre Market on news of 06 earnings that morning. Although I used alot of capital, l bagged just over 4% on that trade using a Trailing Stop Loss. I now firmly believe in Stop Losses as they truly are Insurances for your Capital! The other trade was using a down market day as the S&P was going down as well. TVIX follows the S&P (if I'm correct) and I made that trade with a little profit but little is better than a loss!!! I used a Trailing Stop for that as well... these were placed with my 401K account. I work full time and these setups were great for me as I can place a trade in the AM and then immediately put in a Stop Loss order or an 000. Learning from RvR So much more to Ieam! Thanks again Clay!
Want to start off by saying I have alot of work ahead of me in terms of the proper mind set to day trade, Which in my opinion is a VERY overlooked trait for new traders. l have paper traded many times but find i don't take it serious because real money is not on the line.. I funded my account with $100.00 so that i can trade with real money but at the same time train myself to keep my trades small (in my comfort zone) and control my risk so i can prepare myself for bigger positions. This has helped me tremendously. I wanted to share this with you because in the past week with keeping my trades extremely small yet managing risk i have increased my account by 59% that is including the commissions i had to pay for my trades which most would think would make these small trades hard to do. I can only afford 1 trade per day with 100.00 so i really have to find the best position to enter or just leave the trade and continue to look for another (this is a very good lesson to learn. something i didn't do when my account was fully funded I "forced trades") l have attached screenshots to show you the trade I made today and also just a simple spreadsheet i made up to keep track of my progress. Again this is all thanks to charts and learning to read them through "Robotic Training“ and make the best educated assessment of what trade i want to take on for the day. Appreciate you help through this process and look forward to the future of trading.
Firstly I want to say thanks for the tough love you showed me when I first emailed you last spring/summer where you said invest in you education and stop throwing darts. I took your advice and I used the winnings from last year fantasy football pool to join CTU in October. Since joining CTU I've watched all but 3 courses. all the webinars and I almost done with the case studies. I've been paper trading the entire time practicing the patterns I've learned. Yesterday I felt comfortable enough about BABA falling apart that I put some money on the line in my very small account, I noticed BABA at close to historic lows and a cliff point 84.09 ish. I entered into 5 put contracts and held overnight with the same feeling. Sure enough BABA indeed fell apart BIG time. I sold into the first big drop when it was well outside the 88 on the 5 min. when it pulled back. Looking back at the trade I should have just put in a stop rather then sell right away after I saw some green. I should have used the yellow brick road rather then previous candle given it was still well outside the lower 88. I could have made another easy 100%. However. its never wrong to lock in profits. The fact is I can see plays now and recognize when I make mistakes. I didn‘t have that sort of vision 5 months ago. Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication you have shown to me and the rest of your students.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU. Really. I haven't traded with real money yet. not sure if you remember me. I am still paper trading. just purchased CTU last weekend but I have been in the inner circle and watching robotic trading for about 1 month now. I just finished my second round of Robotic Trading. (since I am a newbie) the 1st time I watched it didn't make much sense to me. quite different on the 2nd time. its like I am looking at charts with a different set of eyes now. its crazy. I am going over the Robotic trading skills sharpening and it's just amazing how much I have learned in such a short period of time. I am a bit shy so I haven‘t interact much in the chat but I have been silently reading and the combination of the Training videos. newsletters. chat, forums is just incredible. so much to Ieam. I am learning something new everyday so I really want to say Thank you. I was a bit discouraged and overwhelmed with so much information. sometimes I feel like its too much and I know so little! But the newsletter you just sent for this week (2123) helped me gain confidence. I am right behind Shawn. studying . studying. studying and paper trading. waiting for the right time. need to feel confident and CTU is helping me get there. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Can't thank you enough Clay for the courses and showing me discipline. Was able to trade on the road - pay for CTU twice over this week!
I used his "dentist chair' concept this morning. There was a time not very long ago I would've just went all in at $3.08, and would've been such a nervous wreck that my decision making - good news or bad - would've been poor, or at least emotionally affected. Instead, took the dentist chair idea and made a "lottery" play at $3.08, a calm half position at $3.17 after the EIA news dust settled, and now just kicking back to execute the full position when I see how the market is going to react to upper resistance. Thinking ClayTrader going to be getting some of my money soon for his Options videos.
Hello, thought I would let you know that your course has already helped me immensely. Even tho I'm not to far into it, I am seeing opportunities more clearly and everything is starting to make more sense. Really looking forward to RvR, but just taking it one step at a time :)
The most personal training I have ever attended on line
I just made back double what I paid for a year membership in less than the first hour I was a member....nice.
Just wanted to say Thanks! to everyone here! ever since i've joined and started taking the courses it's been an eye opener. cant wait to join the CTU.
I have been in many different chat rooms and different stock sites and I have never witnessed the amount of effort and compassion to try and help another trader as I saw here.
I basically made 14hrs of me working at my minimum wage job in 25 minutes
Good Morning Clay. Just wanted to let you know that I made my first options trade after completing CTU. Traded APPL Puts for $90 ( 17.3%) win after commissions in 10 mins! Sold way too soon but am very excited. Thank you for providing amazing courses and being a fantastic teacher.
Hey Clay. I am sure you have heard multiple stories like this - I wanted to quickly share mine. I just finished your Options Trading Course this weekend. And I am also 80% done with your Robotic Trading course. Today. was my first day Trading Options with real cash. I did a total of 6 Options Trade. The combination of Candlestick Analysis and using the Options Strategy has made it a Green Day. I have a small Trading Account - so Options makes sense to me. Thanks for putting together great course(s). I look forward to implementing more of your strategies. And you will be hearing more stories like this from me in the near future.
Master Clay Here is a copy of my Monday morning Trades, I hit my goal by 10:20am - Needless to say I am not greedy so I am done trading for the day. AMZN - I would have carried one option for the day - Due to TOS platform problems It is just not worth the risk V reward for me. I am not gambling with my money. If my platform is down so am I.
Want to take a minute to thank you for creating IC and CTU. While I have been an IC member from early on I just, within the last week and a half was able to join CTU. I would have liked to join early on but couldn't I have to say the content is fantastic. I am going through the options course currently but have taken time to watch case studies and webinars. I will say that those are worth the price of the CTU all by themselves. The courses are a bonus. Glad to be a member and part of the group. Thanks for the hard work.
I absolutely love your robotics trading and options simplified courses. I was very skeptical about the technical analysis of charts. After I watch both of your video courses and took 30 pages of notes, I learned a lot more than Tim Sykes and other penny stock traders. I was lost with the options and how they work. But now, with your video series on options, options are becoming second nature to me. Now I will be paper trading this year so next year I can start options trading with real money on the table. I look forward to purchasing more of your courses in the near future. You are simply the best teacher out in the web in terms of understanding stock and options trading. My favorite videos that I watch from you are PLUG getting Unplug and the bonus video on risk in the options course.
I started watching this series today. As someone who has never played Options but only read about them and felt intimidated by Options, I have learned more from the first 7 videos in the series (7 more to go) than I have learned reading books and researching on the web. I agree with you that you may "offend" some "advanced" Options teachers with how simple you make it to understand. Delta and Theta were hard for me to grasp.... until I started watching your videos. Thanks for sharing your gift of simplifying the market. I can't tell you how intimidated I was by Options Trading but now have more confidence to at least begin paper trading and eventually enter the market with real cash.
Over $700 profit for the day in options. Holding 2 contracts overnight - Education paying for itself
Just made $2156 on amzn options on chatroom alert of icahn rumors.. thanks
Thank you so much. Learned options last night... made 160% profit today.. in with $175, our with $400.
Tried my hand at some options that I learned from ClayTrader. I like it. Can't argue with 1.1k overnight hold.
$BABA scored 40% on put options thanks to ClayTrader alert in the chatroom today!
2 hours trading BABA & QQQ options up 20% for the day and I'm done to go do other things! Thank you for teaching me how!
Beautiful day of trading. Thanks to ClayTrader and his amazing RT course, my account went up by almost 10% on $AAPL and $GM PUTs. Thanks bro.
Year end review: began active trading in June. Net return: 11/5% vs $SPX 6% over period. Learned a ton this year, thanks to @ClayTrader25.
Just went thru the options course this weekend and today I correctly paper traded an AAPL put. "Bought" @ 1.50 sold at $1.68, that's almost a 20% profit. Before this course, I'd never even consider options because they seemed so complicated. Thank you yet again Clay!
Always thought options were to complicated to learn but your video's makes so easy a cave man like me can do it.
I officially made all my money back today. I was in the red for a while during a slew of newbie trades. Education is paying off now, feels good to bounce back at the market after it kicked my butt.
Nice 4 figure day w/ @claytrader25 trading $BABA, $FRPT, and $JNUG. All winner day! #innercircle
4 losers today, avg of $25. 12 winners today, avg of $70. Cut the losers quick, let the winners work for you!
Thank you Clay for being an awesome teacher and providing the best learning environment in the market today. Banked 8K on a JNUG short in 48 hours. My only regret is that I did not find you sooner. You have truly changed my life. Thank You.
I did something exciting Saturday I signed up for inner circle. I love it which led me to sign up for CTU which is blowing my brain in a good way. And I did something hard kissed 8 years of trying to trade penny stocks good bye... didn't know I was such a poor sport. I have been in awe of you since I bought robotic trading. Keep up the good work! Changed my account to cash signed up for options and will waiting on approval am watching videos like crazy. Learning to walk couldn't have been this bad. I am very grateful that you simplified options it helps a lot. Sorry I rambled
Hello Clay. I have been on PTO with my day job for the past 2 weeks. I have took that time to really put to use everything I have been learning from you for months now. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do and teaching me to read charts. Over the past 2 weeks I was able to make $2.945 (34% increase on my account). Your courses have really helped boost my confidence and take my win percentage up dramatically. Thanks again, hope you and your family have a great weekend. Unfortunately back to the day job next week for me. Thanks.
I have been a CTU member since you created it. I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you have done. I have tried many other chat rooms and online training and you are simply the best. I feel that you actually care and you teach the fundamentals, not just tell us what stocks to buy. I have struggled with trading for over 5 years and have lost more money than I want to think about. Your options course is a life changer for me. I have been trading options since mid-December and have had almost an 80% success rate and my longest winning streak ever. I am now able to keep my loser small and let my winners run. Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family.
I wanted to thank this forum. I joined Nov 18th - Since then I have made a total profit of $495. Not bad for an annual $97 investment. That means I have made more than 5 times the annual free.
I'm sure you hear it a lot but I just wanted to say thank you for delivering an honest and worthwhile product for the money. I am so glad I took the risk and purchased some of your courses; the reward seems to certainly be worth it. I traded my first option this morning, an AAPL put for a -100% profit! Thanks again!
Big thumbs up to the options course Clay. I am on video 6 of 12... I decided to give options a go this morning as I am now so comfortable with charting. I put some calls on Google and sold 10 minutes later for a profit of $130. Cant Wait to finish the course... The level of excitement and action is very high... Jumped in for another fast call on Google and made $200 for the day. Got my longs still in play - no need to be greedy. I'm done for the day. I purchased Options for myself as an end of year gift, so it paid for itself in 2 trades, the first day I ever tried trading options. Thanks Clay.
Hi Clay. I have struggled for a while to make profits with trading. I purchased Robotic Trading and now finally it all makes sense. I'm making my first profits. Everywhere I go in Canada I recommend your courses. it is a real eye-opener. And thank you for your last course option trading. first options seemed confusing. but now they all make sense. Keep up the good work and hopefully one day the inner circle could have a big party. Thanks Again
Hey Clay - glad you are online. I am hesitant to say "Thank You!' because I don't want to 'jinx' myself as I am on a bit of win streak, but I believe it is important to tell someone they have done a great job. I completed Robotic Trading and the results since have been super. I identified a couple of my trading issues through RT and I think I am now "on my way. Thank you.
Hi Clay. I just wanted to thank you for releasing the options course. I finished it last night. I think I am going to switch over to trading options instead of penny stocks. I had no clue you could trade big board stocks for less. I'm so excited! I will be going back through the course this weekend. I also plan to join CTU hopefully later this month or January at the latest. My husband is going to help me pay for it as a Christmas gift. so I'm really excited. :) Thank you for breaking down the complex material into something much more understandable. I have already purchased PSSG. RT. RT skill sharpening and L2 as well. All of your courses are great. I look forward to furthering my education in the near future.
Just want to say THANKS. My technical analysis is getting sharper and sharper due to your training. It is becoming second nature. It's amazing how all of the courses really do tie together and make you a better, well rounded trader. I am still getting through Risk vs Reward but, man, this stuff really works. I find myself subconsciously tying in the training from RvR, Level 2, Robotic Trading and RT Skill Sharpening. I am finding plays left and right and banking and managing my risk so I can live to fight another day. I got into a play today where I was about to chase but I beat the inner 'Greed Monster and used the RvR spreadsheet. By staying patient and letting the market come to me, I ended up getting in right at today's support level. Now support has significantly built up above my entry and the stop loss is in place. Trust me, I won't forget to switch to the Yellow Brick Road (love that name, man!) or low of the previous candle when the situation calls for it and to keep moving my stop loss up. I am looking forward to your Options Trading videos for CTU. Keep up the great work and thanks a lot for all that you do.
Just wanted to write you a simple email thanking you for your knowledge and willingness to teach. Made my first decent size profit this morning with the lessons and discipline I have learned from you. Again thank you and look forward to many more profitable trades!
Been watching and charting NatGas for the last month. I started on the D/UGAZ trades with 1k. Currently at 2816.00 after comms since Halloween. Starting to see the chart for what it is and not have to think and analyze every little thing. I am starting to "get" what chart vision is. Thanks for your courses; couldn't have done it without the education. This Stuff Really works
As a lamb trading in an arena with wolves, my initial experience as a day trader was shocking. I lost my entire investment. I then made a decision to put money into my education through CLAYTRADER and after a very short time and investing a small amount compared to my initial loss, I am now profiting on a daily basis. Clays courses are fantastic and he is ALWAYS available to answer questions. The worst trade I have made this week saw me a $20 profit after broker fees thanks to my tight stop losses. I no longer rely on others to "Point" me to a "winning" stock, I scan, plan and trade on my own. I am a trader and will only grow from here!
Can never rep ClayTrader enough. Runs the tightest chat room in the game, and finds time to call out the pumpers after hours.
I'm new to the Trading Room - been lurking awhile. Reluctant to buy Clay's courses. Thought it was just good marketing. BIG MISTAKE!! I enrolled in R vs R and haven't looked back. Bought a CTU membership and am listening to courses at fast as I can. On Robotic Skill Sharpening now. Well worth the money and helping me daily. I made back the full cost of CTU this first full week of trading. Second week almost as good. I hope to join Hooch's club someday. Signed, Retired and Day trading.
I'm glad I decided to learn before I jumped in to the market. One day after finishing RT I made back the course fee and yearly sub free to the Inner Circle
Just goes to show that shovel days can still be winners. Really enjoyed the webinar last night. CTU side effects may include loss of sleep, pattern recognition in every part of your day, and an increased balance sheet.
Are you kidding me? Popped into chat for 10 seconds yesterday, alert went out on RMCP, threw $100 ez $300 profit.
I must admit, I gave Clay a very hard time when he raised his prices Truth is that its worth every penny he charges. If I hadn't been a fool and blown my bankroll before doing his courses I would have joined CTU, but ill figure out a way to get CTU access in the future. One thing at a time and the studying is what is most important to me right now. III try manipulate Clay later on about CTU access. hahaha
I have to say since taking PSSG, RT, and L@ and being a member of this group my success rate has gone way up, I mean way up
This is the first time I can HONESTLY say I traded the chart and nothing else. It happened so fast and the only emotion I had was that I knew I had done my work and was in the green. Nothing else crossed my mind. I even made the mistake of buying another 100 Shares instead of selling to take profits. I Hit buy instead of sell @ 10.08. The good news is that with reading the chart I knew I was still in the money.
Just wanted to thank you again for everything that you've put together. I truly believe that there are no better blueprints for trading available. The daily videos combined with the courses make things almost seem like second nature.
Just wanted to tell you that I searched high and low and haven't found one negative review about you. Much respect!
I posted this feedback here because I wanted to be sure you would get this message and because I know you want to know what we think of the videos you post. These technical chart videos (and all your videos) are quick, precise, to the point, no non-sense videos that are an incredible learning experience. I don't think you realize the level of in-depth knowledge you impart to the viewers. It is incredible! I truly thank you. Keep it going with the fantastic effort you do for everyone. You are helping me and others gain a lot of confidence in using stocks to achieve our goals. Thanks again.
Clay, I had the first positive cash flow of my acct occur today, and I owe to you and this innercircle.
Thanks guys! I am still very small time, but I made $185 today off of your alerts... and $250 yesterday. Thank you all for your awesomeness.
Clay - your LOCO alert was golden, I made $400 off that alone, but don't you worry little buddy, most of it will be going back to you in the from of 'shorting for profit'
Ive made more $here - than I have in my past two years of trading.
If you guys haven't watched trampoline trading yet the theories behind it made me over $1,500 today. Keep that in mind.
I made $200 on APP today, found support, waited for L2, and played the bounce perfectly! It was one of my better alerts here too. Thanks Clay for teaching me all that good stuff.
Getting there... patience is truly key in penny land... before I started Inner Circle I was hemorrhanging money... Been posting green days since I finished L2s
Great run on $STLK. News alerted immediately in @ClayTrader25's #InnerCircle
Made $570 in 3 minutes thanks to a call made in the Inner Circle $NEWL.
Just made $500 in 5 minutes thanks to $NEWL refer to @ClayTrader25 and his video for exactly what I should have done.
Up $498 scalping BLUE today. It should be over a K but I got emotional instead of listening to the charts for one trade.
Thank you #InnerCircle ClayTrader made 150 bucks in 15 min doesn't sound like much but not bad for 15 min more to come!
But seriously, I signed up for the ClayTrader Inner Circle and made my money back + $00 on my very FIRST trade from chat.
ClayTrader's courses are great for new traders, and his chat room is one of many valuable social media tools.
Want to get to promise land in trading? Join the #InnerCircle
Just finished ClayTrader's lesson "survival in penny stocks". WOW! I feel like NEO at the end of the 1st matrix movie. I can see it all.
I have never seen so much green in my portfolio. Thank you again for all your courses!
I made $30.00 on INCC in at .0135 out at .0145. I made $400.00 on PTAH in at .0008 out at .001. Last MCET $200.00 in at .0012 out at .0014. Taking The PSSG has made me realize taking profits sooner is better than taking a loss later! I do not regret paying the fee for the INNER CIRCLE and the 99$ for PSSG. Total Profits today $630.00
Thank you Inner Circle and PSSG!! I made some money today! What a great feeling. While others were doubting my decision, I watched the Kool Aid, remembered the liquidity, sell on the news and jumped on the life boat! Can't wait to start RT and L2!!
It took me 3 months of lurking and researching everything out there before I decided to become a member of the inner circle. My expectations were pretty low because of all the other stuff out there... I am at this moment so far into impressed I can hardly stand it. What you have going is nothing short of awesome, the way you watch and keep out losers or even just noisy posts. That takes time and effort but makes an insane difference in the quality of posts coming through. Although I'm not new to trading, I've started your RT video and plan to see more..
I've only been seriously trading for a few months. Probably since May. But I've been studying like a mad man through all of Clay's courses and some independent studying. I technically started trading a year ago but I was awful at it and was in the red constantly until I picked up technical analysis and started going joined the inner circle and took some courses.
Been taking L2 course all day as well as monitoring L2 live on ihub. little pause action through out the video and trying to analyze on my own. I have been in INCC for a few weeks now but really looked at that L2 all day while viewing your lesson. Took your advice from the inner circle as i was logged into that as well. Sold at .0085 for major profits. waited for sell off and got back in at .0062 all free share. Thanks for the lessons thanks for the Inner Circle. You truly are the best thing out there for really any one trading but especially for novices like myself. Keep doing what your doing. Im sure your doing very well off it (well deserved) but more importantly your teaching a lot of people how to actually trade. Again many Thanks. Good Stuff
I bought shares of BBRD after seeing an alerts in the Inner Circle today... I'm up $2,000 in a little under an hour. The subscription paid for itself in about 3 minutes. I've also bought a few or your courses and wanted to say thanks.
Instead of losing another (1 thousand dollars) in the market I invested in Clays courses and now I'm up three months straight. enough to be able to quit my job and trade full time. It's a lot of work and studying, and well worth it.
I've been here since about March; almost five months. I started with pennies much like everyone else did in the MMJ sector hoping to make fast cash, I did and then I lost it...I found this site on Twitter from someone I followed. Immediately bought PSSG and watched it, the next day I timed a trade right that I was down $800 in. I made back $400 of that and sold right before it plummeted even more than before. So I was back where I started pretty much, $500. I quickly brought it up to $1k knowing what I knew from the PSSG. I then bought RT and my life has been changed forever since. I've slowly gotten better and better, making the occasional mistakes that everyone has to go through to learn. I slowly but surely grew my account, then summer came. Right before summer we had a couple huge weeks in chat; around 2000% gains. Considering membership was $99 it DEFINITELY paid off. But then it got slow...I wanted to find something different. I wasn't getting along with the volatility of pennies in summer. I hadn't had the money in my account to trade the big boards yet, I didn't even meet the PDT. One of my accounts was even in a 90-day restriction. So I ended up finding Forex, I started watching videos and learning. I created a demo account, I struggled for a bit learning this market. Then I started getting consistent, using indicators learned in RT. So, fast forward a few weeks and here I am getting consistent five-figure days. This is using 50:1 leverage by the way. At 19 that is unfathomable; I make both of my parents salaries combined in one week I was able to quit the job I hated SO MUCH back in June. I'm able to live my dreams now. I can work as long as I want now. Heck, this morning I was up $9k by 8am thanks to a pattern I saw last night. I didn't take the day off though, I kept grinding because I love doing this. So, for giving me control of my dreams I cannot thank you enough Clay. I just hope one day I'll be able to change someone's life like you changed mine.
I have 2 degrees in business, accounting and finance. I'm a CPA for a big 4 firm, I audit f/s for a living. I say that to say this. I didn't realize how much I didn't know. You're really good at what you do. There are so many "expert" traders and groups that just what high fees to join a chat and get "tips" and "alerts" and I've been with them for 2 years w/o ever progressing as trader. Just wanted to say thanks man. You're work is really appreciated. I've done Level 2 and in Robotics Trading now. My blindfold is off, my confidence is high, and my hunting skills are improving. Looking forward to doing the trampoline and volcano courses before labor day so I can be ready when volume comes back into the market.
Clays lessons are great to hv. I made $1935.00 in last 6 trading days. L2 course has changed everything. My next course will be shorting
Along with the courses, the chat, the videos, you are extremely available and approachable. I appreciate that. Upon joining the group and studying the courses I set a conservative goal of $500 in realized gains each week. After 8 weeks of inner circle trading my average is $556, 10% above my goal!
Your videos have provided me with education to be aware of support and resistance.
Well I haven't made money yet, but I stopped losing so thats a step in the right direction. The L2 videos are really helpful, I'm not even halfway through yet. I was itching to get in a stock this morning but L2 was screaming HELL no, I'll admit prior to your lessons I would've been in and down 10 percent.
I have been taking photos of my profits/portfolio progress since joining IC 17 days ago. 126% growth thus far.
I just wanted to let you know that your instructional videos thus far are amazing. Last night I bought PSSG, Robotics, and Mastering L2. I stayed up for 12 hours last night watching PSSG taking notes and learning so much about myself and man did you hit the nail on the head. I was a sorry investor that asked for help and knew that I should get out of a stock but still hung on till almost losing it all. Now that l am restarting l am excited and reenergized to be in the stock market field. Today I will probably finish robotics and tomorrow will finish master L2. Last night I dreamt about making trades and having different scenarios and gauging the Kool aid of a stock. So far I have spent $450+ and it was well worth it. Great job Clay. By the way a free weekly tips video would be awesome so I am on board with that.
Thanks for the NTEK alert! First day here and I banked 1k!
Hi Clay just wanted to give a shout out to the IC. Made $206 in 2 minutes and 13 seconds on the GIGA alert this morning before heading out to work. In at 9:35.29 $3.80 out 9:37.422 $4.19. $206 after fees. Had I been able to watch it all morning could have pulled over $400 in profit. The Inner Circle is a great deal at $99 a year. hell it would be a great deal at $99 a month. Thanks for all you do.
I joined about a month or so ago now and have been watching and learning. I started out before joining here with 2400 and lost 1700 of it. Since joining here and taking some of clays courses and doing the work to learn I am slowly building it back up ( back to around 1600 now)
What to LEARN to be a trader instead of praying and hoping? Paid for the Inner Circle and 3 courses in one trade today!
Sorry for this email during market hours but I just wanted to point out some extraordinary help your moderators have been providing. These two spent more than two hours helping me with scans in ToS. Im so happy to be a part of this community. I just wanted to make sure their efforts were recognized :) - Inner Circle members helped me replicate my equity feed scans in ToS saving me 100$ a month. That alone paid for my membership
Poppin back in to say you guys rock! I've made more in the past two days in this room than I've made in the last 4 months. Thanks
I see a lot of people on here express difficulty in finding stocks. A lot of people here buying into Twitter pumps, Reddit pumps, etc. People frustrated when their stocks release good news only to have it tank in the market. I've been trading for nearly 8 months now and I have made a TON of mistakes. What it all boils down to is this: do not invest in penny stocks, trade them. I've seen so many stocks tank on good news and skyrocket on no news Follow the volume, play the charts, LEARN LEVEL 2. I struggled for a while making mistake after mistake, chasing stocks because someone on twitter was pumping it. I finally ended up joining Tim Sykes chatroom and after a month, I was even more frustrated as his chatroom is beyond cluttered and focused mainly on short selling. It was useless. I then ended up in Wolf's chat abut his website has a lot of work to do. Finally I ended up on Clay's chat. First off it's $99 for the entire year. You'll pay almost that on any other chat. Secondly, not only does Clay preach disciplined trading, but he keeps his chatroom extremely disciplined (i.e. no bullshit chatter during trading hours, once a stock has been "alerted", he doesn't allow continuous alerts, etc.) I can't stress enough how important it is to have multiple eyes on the market scanning for stocks. I made back my membership fee today in a matter of minutes. I apologize for the rant but I've seen a lot of hate for Clay on ihub recently and I really don't understand it. Whether you agree with Clays trading techniques or not, being in a chatroom with multiple traders is whats truly useful. I recommend anyone who is losing money on making stupid mistakes join clay trader. Just watch what people are saying, watch the stocks people are talking about and learn how to trade accordingly. Like I said, I have no affiliation with Clay Trader. It has saved me a ton of money and I couldn't be happier. Feel free to ask me any questions!
However, I will say this. I joined this site about three weeks or so ago. Bought PSSG. RT. and L2 and finished watching everything on saturday. After finally actually using Level Ts. holy crap... It all makes sense as soon as you pop open that chart and level 2. All the DVDs make complete sense and now I feel like I understand everything so much better.
I joined Saturday and your courses and trading room already paid off the membership.
If you are looking to make money as a day trader in the stock market I highly recommend joining ClayTrader's inner circle. He has taught me how to understand the technical analysis necessary to increase my gains and reduce my losses. If your looking for guidance in a confusing marketplace look no further than ClayTrader's inner circle.
On your TBEV alert I made enough to pay off my debt of 10k in C Cards, you rock. I already told my friends to join inner circle. Taking day off from trade n waiting on money to clear.
I signed up to the Inner Circle... Got PSSG... Then RT... now finished L2... And in the past two days I made enough to pay it all off! Thanks for everything you do!!!
Inner circle paid off in 1 trade thank you.
I just wanted to say thank you again for showing me this chat room of the #inner circle# I'm making profits in the past 3 weeks and very small losses and I see the bright future now with education and alerts in here.
I picked up a 9% gain today after going through Clay's courses, studying StockCharts' Chart School, practicing the material, etc. It took me 3 trading days to lock this profit in. It feels good to be on the winning side. The difference this time around is my eagerness to learn, I quickly acknowledge mistakes and correct them just as fast....one step closer to becoming a full time trader. Oh, it helps to be a part of the Inner Circle group. The before and after market hours chat is just as valuable as room chat during market hours.
Your videos were simply awesome. They completely changed the way I trade. Although I had previously been able to learn some of the 'basics' of TA by reading articles posted on the internet, your lectures really brought it all together for me. Robotic Trading and Trampoline Trading were my favorites that I found to be the most beneficial. I find the chat room alerts valuable as well, they have put me in some great trades :)
First, I would like to thank you for such a thorough and informative course! I just completed the PSSG and feel like the wool has been lifted from my eyes. I really wish I had taken this course sooner and learned this information prior to getting so drunk on the Kool-Aid. I was feeling pretty disgusted with myself as I could relate to so much of this course however, the video about your personal journey did make me feel a little better. It is a little comforting to know that other smart people can also be taken :-).
I only got through ~70% of your L2 course, and I have already paid for it by watching L2's exclusively on active tickers and knowing when to get in & out. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your knowledge.
I invested in my education in trading once again with you, and once again amazing! I took the level 2 course and omg it was like a cast iron frying pan bonking me on the head! you are a wonderful teacher, explaining things simple enough for a novice like me to learn yet well enough for the professionals... the dilution noted today on $UTRM was so clear to me, so I watched the chart and got out on the upside (as you teach) and I am green once again! thank you
I have underestimated you twice I am sad to say. I stumbled on your videos on youtube, and liked what you had to say. I was very skeptical on joining your inner circle. As you know there are a lot of websites that "promise" to make you "millions". After days of thinking about it and losing most of the gains I made on the market I decided to pay the $99.00 to join. I made a $400.00 return just off ENTB the next morning due to a few tips in the chat room. As if this were not enough to convince me that this site was legit I still had some hesitation when I went to buy Robotic Trading. I learned more in 4 hours, then I have in 10 years about the stock market and how to read charts. I am completing robotic trading today, and I do plan to watch the videos multiple more times to pick up anything I missed I am about to buy PSSG. This time no hesitation what so ever. The price I have paid for this information is so low, it would be insane not to pay the money.
Just wanted to send you a thank you for the classes you put out. I had 0 stock knowledge as of April 10th when I signed up. Nada... None. Been doing this for 4 weeks now and when I follow my rules, I make great money. When I try to bend the rules, I lose. Still trying to get the discipline down but I'm really thankful I found your stuff. The difference of how I feel when I trade a stock now is night & day from where I was on the first day. Hope to buy you a beer in the future someday.
dang Clay on Video 2.. you really boil it down to basics light bulbs going off here
Clay it's my first day here on inner circle and I made $400 and 14% DRL so already paid for PSSG and inner circle - thanks not for the money, but for opening my eyes with the penny stock world.
Great course, I was using level 2 before taking this course but I had no idea so much went into it. When I was only half way through the course I was able to identify HEAVY dilution on a stock me and my wife were in and we were both able to get out before losses became greater by seeing they were not going to end anytime soon. It is amazing how much you can really get out of level 2 once you really know all the detail you are look at. I have now finished the course and I must say the second to last video is eye opening if you are reading social media or message boards as to how much of a joke it really is. I have taken RT, PSSG, and this course and am a member of the Inner Circle and must say this is a great addition to PSSG. I have learned ALOT from you.
Just wanted to let you know I have officially made my first successful trade based on what I learned from your course Robotic Trading. Also the members in the chat room have helped me in many ways. I learned how to scan now and a few of the stocks that showed up on my scan today are actually 50% up. So just wanted to let you know thanks for all your help.
Good day! PSSG is a real eye opener. I'm only 4 chapters in and feel like a moron. I'm sure you get emails like this all day long. I will be finishing it this weekend. I have completed RT and found that to be amaging I have a note book full of notes on that course I reference all the time. I will be also taking the level 2 course after I finish and absorb PSSG. I do watch level 2 screens and do understand them, but I feel there is much to learn in all the courses I have taken/taking that I'm sure I will benefit from LS as well. Thanks for the wake up call!!! I'm in the chat room daily just observing right now. I hope to turn my portfolio from red to green soon.
I just want to say thanks to everyone in here who have helped me refocus my mindset and especially to Clay, I have made 4 trades so far this week at an ROI of between 25-75% also sold MINE @ .024-25 and several other positions I was holding do to alerts and TA. I have learned more in the 2 weeks I have been here than anywhere else since I have began my trading career in January. THANKS again!
I must say everyone, after three other rooms that I have been in, this is the absolute best, bar non. I finally found my home.
Another ClayTrader winner! Your newly released Mastering Level 2 video series is in depth, revealing and on a whole different level. I have not heard ANYONE break down Level 2 like you have. Although I am only on video 4, I am sharpening my pencils every few minutes because I am taking notes like crazy to review later.
First day with the innercircle and made my very first trade today... Up 45% on IGPK!!
Definitely worth it! I have been an Inner Circle member for just 2 months and for a mere $99/month you get access to chat rooms that help Adam the market for any breakouts and patterns to keep an eye out for as well as Clay's weekly power scans. The chat rooms also have a lot of experienced traders that really know what they're talking about. Sign up for it, you won't be disappointed....
This video series is totally changing my perspective on penny stocks to one where I am learning how the game works and how to play it to my advantage. Thanks to you, penny stocks are no longer the stocks to be afraid of and avoid but ones we can get in, make money and get out with the right education and execution. $99 is a steal for this level of knowledge.
I'm only up to video #7 on Penny Stock Survival Guide and I feel like I am a completely different trader. I really appreciate the effort you have put forth in creating that course. I was a lazy investor and now I am ready to make money. Keep up the amazing work.
BRND made quick $500 in 10 minutes and sold half my shares, holding rest to see what happens Monday. Thanks everyone for making me not be ashamed to take quick profits.
Made $1,300 on a $5000 position in FROZ play. .0046 entry - .0058 exit on double resistance (50ma on the 1 min and the resistance level at .0060)
Got tired of loosing profits with other tickers? so I purchased your inner circle membership, and took advantage of that FROZ alert at .0045 and sold at .0056 for a $500 gain today, not bad for a first day.
I'm a newbie to trading. I began trading (or investing, as so i thought) in marijuana stocks at the beginning of February. The sector was hot and seemed as easy as getting $ out of an ATM! I had a coupe of "great people" (strangers, pumpers) I followed on Twitter and it was great. Well, great until the three primary (investment!) stocks I held started to go down. Being encourages by the pumpers I kept a strong hand and watch my profits dwindle away.
Made almost $400 today on the alerts from the chat room. That covers PSSG, Robotic, and my 1st year subscription.
I'll be strait forward here. Inner Circle group of professionals and honest rules are awesome! Nearly $400 in profits within the first 10 mins of trading one day after joining.
Weak Hands prevail once again... From what I've been learning with the Inner Circle, I was able to double my money by selling MINE into strength this morning. Thanks for showing me the way Clay!
I've been a consistent winner over the past week since coupling PSSG, the Inner Circle Chat Room and my knowledge of technical and chart patterns. Today I played MINE perfectly taking profit within 1 tick of the HoD, easily selling my shares to the longs at 21% profit in a 2.5 day swing trade. Best 198.00 I have ever spent, will be looking to purchase RT shortly to further hone my skills. Thanks again!
2:35am. Just finished PSSG, it was like a good book, I couldn't turn it off. I took a lot of notes and tomorrow I will be buying Robotics. I can't thank you enough for opening my eyes and blowing my mind. I was making things so hard, and this while time it was so simple. It was funny when i watched the video on you're journey, I was burned by the same tickers as you when I first started. That is why I am so passonite about working and learning as much as i can to get it right.
Thanks Clay. After only being here for a day, I was able to secure over $2500 in profits in one trading day. The most important thing I learned was not to get emotional and divorce those stocks that I kept coming back to that were losing me money. I learned to keep the twitter window minimized and keep my attention on the charts.
Today, I put my PSSG skills to the test. I was able to flip VAPE for enough profit to pay for Inner Circle, PSSG & Robotic Trading combined. I just had to get my mind right. Thanks to PSSG, I took profits early without getting greedy. This my first real Day Trade. Thank you.
I was using the 60 min chart, I saw the vol pick up which I alerted in chat. The MACD pos divergence started separating, money flow turned up, price was .003/.0029. First Resistance I saw was at .0035/36, I watched it all day and it finally broke, next resistance I saw was .0039/.004. I set all my sell order from .0039-.0041 in 500k block they all filled! 6k profit based on the skills I used from Robotic Trading course, definitely worth the $250. I've been trading pennies for years and never used technicals this is so much easier and takes a lot of the stress out of trading.
Clay, thank you for the information last week. I joined the Inner Circle. Very impressed with the straight shooting, actionable and/or informative alerts from you and other members. I'm most impressed with the way you moderate the two rooms. You are very quick to delete posts that don't follow the rules you've set, which makes the experience and information flow so much better. The InnerCircle vs Twitter/iHub is like night and day. Kudos to the atmosphere you've created. With that kind of atmosphere new(er) traders will now be able to make much better trading decisions which will lead to more consistent profits. Looking forward to getting Penny Stock Survival Guide & Robotics in the very near future to not only learn for myself, but to also learn so I can contribute to the InnerCircle.
That feels good man to win like that. More to come I'm sure of it. $530.39 profit one day on REDG. Most I've ever made in one day. I give a lot of thanks to you man for making me realize how simple this can be by getting rid of the emotional side of trading. Thanks again.
Hello Clay, My name is Chris and I just subscribed today. I have been watching your videos for a while now and definitely enjoy them and do find them helpful. Although I am already a successful trade, I joined for your chat room; essentially the extra eyes and ears on the market, which is invaluable. That being said, I purchases you subscription at 12:20 PM today for $99, and closed the day up a little over $500 profit due to a fellow subscriber pointing out a possible support play. Made the money back in half a day.. To anyone thinking about subscribing, I highly recommend it. The extra eyes and ears on the market are invaluable, like I said earlier. Not to mention Clays no BS style of chat room makes it an extremely efficient environment. day 1 was a success with many more in store!! Thank you!!
Just want to say WoW!! Finished PSSG over the weekend and what an eye opener. Clay Thank You!
Just finished the Penny Stock Survival Guide and one word comes to min. Bravo! Your no nonsense approach, delivery and content is exceptional and I've taken other courses both free and those costing much, much more. I now look at the market in a whole new way and understand what we are up against. Can't wait to tackle Robotic Trading.
You should get a Nobel price for lesson 9 in PSSG. And no I'm not drinking. Not yet, I'm going to be soon though. I'm anticipating a drink will be fn to have while going through the case studies lessons. By the way, as I sit here right now going through the course, this is what I also se coming across on twitter: "$MINE ***WARNING*** FLOAT is being consumed at record pace :)) Last 2 Trade Days, Accumulation gained 281M Sha". Everyone should have twitter up while going through the course, it will drive home the reality of what you're saying.
well, thanks!.. i have to give credit where it is due... i am totally new to trading i believe i do have good characteristics for trading environment, cuz i am a registered nurse - trauma and we can handle extreme stress ;) But in all honesty you deserve the credit for helping me educate myself so far... i started watching your daily chart reviews (partly because of your voice, you sound just like my nephew! no lie lol) but you were explaining things in technical chart terms very clearly... started following you on ihub, heard about the inner circle... joined, and just observed and paid attention. Then i would research what i was reading during the course of the day. Bought PSSG, learned the psychology of it... and i must tell you i am so thankful i did! I look forward to learning more because i WILL purchase your Robotic Trading... Thank you so much Clay!
Just wanted to say that in the last week I know that I have invested $400 in my future by taking Robotic Trading and Penny Stock Survival Guide course as well as joining the Inner Circle. I was like so many people out there, that are looking for bits of information on what stock to buy and how much I can make only to learn quickly that it is dangerous out there. Although some will have short term success (I bought BAC fro $6.50 during the recession), it usually leads to overconfidence and eventually loss. I appreciate what you do and what seems to be your motivation. Teaching and empowering people to make their own stock decisions is so much better than these "Get Rich Quick" pitches that people put out there. I'm sure as you can tell in the chat that I'm a big advocator of your classes and can see the value. I ended up making $400 this week (on only 4 trades) on a $2,500 account. I know success isn't guaranteed but I can at least take ownership for my trades now. Really can't tell you how lucky I am that I found your stuff. I know that my success this week was 100% more likely having the knowledge of your courses and the guidance of you and other in the InnerCircle. I'll leave it at this, your courses remind me of the old saying "give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour, if you teach him to catch fish you do him a good turn." Always good to feel equipped one your own to go out into the market knowing what you are doing.
Finished survival guide over weekend. WOW - been drinking the kool-aid so much I got heartburn. Think I bleed out today watching my stocks tank, started dumping them and regrouping by buying RT. Thanks for the wake-up call.
I'm half way through the survival guide. #1, I'm stunned. #2, I feel stupid, #3, what a terrific video series. I used to think what was important was having followers on Twitter. Well, you can't have followers and be a bow hunter (unless you go off the grid). I'm going to complete the series before I enter another trade, but I know that my next moves are going to look more like Black Ops - in/out without anyone knowing I've been there.
Just wanted to give credit where credit was due. I am completely new to trading. I bought in on the MJ sector at the wrong time and lost most of my initial investment in a few weeks. I quickly decided that I needed to educate myself before losing any more money, so I bought Robotic Trading. I come from a science background, so technical analysis just makes sense to me. Whit this new knowledge, I thought I was golden - especially after drinking the TTDZ kool-aid at the right time and watching my portfolio turn green. Still naïve, I bought into all of the posts on ihub, and of course, quickly watched all those profits disappear. luckily, TTDZ jumped up nicely this past Friday and I made most of it back. This time, I decided that I wasn't going to be the sucker, So I joined the Inner Circle over the weekend and bought Penny Stock Survival Guide a day later. I spent last night and early today watching the first few videos from PSSF and immediately realized that I had been the sucker the entire time. So I sold all my shares of TTDZ within the first 10 minutes of trading and watched as the stock dropped almost 20% throughout the day. VERY GLAD I invested in my education with you and joined the Circle. The profits I secured from TTDZ paid for everything already. I wouldn't have anything to show for it if it wasn't for those in the Inner Circle that gave advice to invest in PSSG immediately. Oh man what an eye-opener that was! No more kool-aid for me. A big thanks goes out to you and the circle.
Thank you for a great Penny Stock Survival course. My only regret is that I did not watch it sooner. I am new to this and started a small $500 account to play with. Well, I was one of those "investors" with PHOT and we know how that turned out last week. Live and learn, and learn is what I decided to do. I am confident I will be back and take what you taught to make myself better.
Purchased PSSG last night stayed up a till 3 am and used one of your techniques after getting slaughtered the past few weeks or so and traded a stock that moved up 60 percent in one day (I kind you not). If that isn't proof that PSSG works then I don't know what is. I never really knew much about penny stocks prior to taking he course and would like to thank you for draining the excess amount of Kool Aid from my blood stream, it has made all the difference in the world.
I have finished you new Penny Stock Survival Guide and all I can say is that it was a brilliant idea to put together a course in that format. I have been learning about stock market for about 6 months now and penny stocks about 3 months (out of 6) and I gained more understanding about penny world from your course than from my own time spent. I have 3 kids and spending every available minute studying but time/money spend on your guide are well spent.
Just wanted to send a quick thank you! Joined the inner circle this week and played 3 alerts straight from chat room. SPLI FROZ BCCI. Made over 1k on the three and left ove r1k on the table from exiting early. 20 year old college athlete living loan free cause of the stock market!
As you may know, I'm a full-time student only 3 weeks into investing. I blindly followed sentiment like a lamb on the way to a slaughterhouse until I found the inner circle and made the decision to join. With Robotic Trading, I saved a $2,000 loss and turned it into a $200 loss, so in my mind the course kept $1,800 in my pocket. It more than paid for itself, and I had only watched about 2 hours out of 8 at that point. It may have saved my trading career (I probably would have not been able to bite that loss at the time), so thank you for that. With Penny Stock Survival I cut some terribly choices that were dragging me down from my portfolio, and now I'm making consistent gains. I feel like I'm actually understanding what is going on in the market, and the course is so well-structured it is almost blatantly obvious where each security stand and where they may go. I feel like a mind-reading robot now. Your courses really cannot have a monetary value put on them. To me they are PRICELESS. I appreciate the work you put into them, and will likely remain an inner circle member as long as I'm trading. (I don't plan on quitting anytime soon... already making weekly paychecks in a matter of minutes every day.) Thank you for everything, see you around in the chat.
Everyone should take your course. For 99 bucks it's a steal. Same for Robotic Trading.
I joined the inner circle @ 1:12pm and was up $500 on ADCS (on a call made in the chat) by 1:30pm. So to any doubters, in 18 minutes I made 5 times what it costs to join your inner circle for a year! I look forward to downloading and studying your guides as well.
I want to thank you for making this course. I feel more confident from it. I know that this course is going to save me from losing my entire savings. This course is life changing! I had no idea how the penny stock market worked, it blew my mind! No more drinking the kool-aid for me.
On Friday I purchases the PSSG I watched it throughout the weekend. I would consider myself a beginner when it comes to the market. So it was nice to no only hear another traders in depth tactics and beliefs, but also some clarifications about how the market works. The next trading day I managed to Sell REGD at its high .0074 mainly due to the fact that I was at work and kept getting side traded (Was planning on putting my order in at .0068). Shortly after my sale I saw TRGD slowly starting to sink. By end of day REGD closed at .004 (Down 33.33%) But the realization of taking profits and the volatility of penny stocks ended up saving my day. Now whether or not I'll regret the sale tomorrow is only something the future will tell. If it wasn't for the PSSG I know I would held through its high thinking it will keep going up. Along with the low by convincing myself that the stock would come back. Needless to say the PSSG paid for itself with that one trade.
Boy oh Boy!! I just finished PSSG and feeling like WInner!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you and cannot than you anymore and now hardly feeling emotional on PennyWorld!! Its definitely not $99 worth by that i mean its definitely worth more than that!!
I was somewhat skeptical to leave a review for your penny stock survival guide training, because this course gives away so many secrets lol. Great course and great material for beginners, intermediate, or advanced traders. This course definitely opened my eyes to reality and also how to successfully trade in the penny stock market.
Hey Clay, I have almost completed RT and now PSSG. You are the man!! Thanks a lot and truly appreciate what you have put in the video. I have been lot many Youtube video but the one you have put is real thing of "Beauty" I am glad I am going through these.
The MELY alert from yesterday was spot on, can't remember who it was that called that in chat. Made an easy $800 on it following your charting techniques. Pays for your service 8x over. Thanks for the wonderful service.
Really great course. Thanks :)...... I watched the Penny Stock Survival Guide until 2am last night. It's the ONLY reason why I'm not broke today. I cut all of my losing stocks first this this morning and made a little on an FRTD flip. If it weren't for this course, I'd be way down again on REDG, LVGI, SPLI, and MINE and holding FRTD until it nosedives. I highly recommend this course!
@ClayTrader25 I'm up $625.00 in 3 days! No emotion and focusing on chart analysis is a whole new world man. I can't thank you enough.
I just wanted to give you a quick testimonial on what I am pleased with: That the whole chat room is focused on the goal of making good trades and educating themselves and other who want to learn; it's a nice environment overall, and I've already made my membership fee back in a few small trades. As one of the few women traders out there, I can say that I'm comfortable in this chat room. Thanks!
Just wanted to say I'm loving the inner circle. Already made double the fee to join.
Thanks Clay! My subscription paid for itself in the first 2 minutes! Saved me from a big mistake and led me toward a better play!!! Satisfied customer here, let's keep it up!!! ;P
@ClayTrader25 the value of your robotic course is worth every penny the amount of knowledge I've gained is priceless
Awesome alert on VRNG, I was able to grab 67s and 69s. Sold at 97 minutes later.
Clay joined chat room couple of weeks ago. I made some trades on Monday then after looked on live chat and saw resistance was just broke on the stock I sold, if I had seen that before I sold I would have held for an additional 50%. So today I had a stock up 25% was ready to sell went to chat room saw that it was being alerted so I waited and sold for 57% profit instead of 25%. Up $2,000 today locked in. So I purchased robotic trading just now. Hope to profit more. 6 weeks ago I decided to trade smarter after reading your site. Since then I am up almost $13k on $3,000 playing funds. Thanks medic/ff
I wouldn't be a trader if it weren't for @Bull_Warrior and @ClayTrader25. best information in the game.
A fave of mine for ages RT @ClayTrader25: $SCTY Stock Chart Analysis_8-7-14
Good call Clay. STBV got in at .022 out at .0035 :). Bought Trampoline Trading over the weekend. Invaluable idea. Now I have money to checkout your 'Shorting for Profits'. Keeps up the great work.
Clay, I follow STBV from inner circle alert and today sold @ 100% profit. Paid for my inner circle fee and robotic trading course with profit left over for Burger King.
I just made back the money I spent last night on trampoline trading (plus a little bit more) in 2 hours this morning. Bought aria at 7.05 and sold at 7.68 on 500 shares. Used your video chart and took the emotion out of the trade. Looking forward to more successful trades. Thanks.
What an incredible run I have had since joining your group 2 weeks ago! I bought FNMA at 3.4 and it's been on a tear ever since! I also bought FREE, LIVE, and FMCC. I am up over 22k in two weeks. That is incredible, and it means so much to me since one of my sons is disabled and we owe 66k in doctor bills. I used to not be able to sleep, wondering how I would pay for all his medical bills. Well I joined your group, cashed in my 401K mutual funds... and started trading stocks using your strategies. At this rate I will be able to pay all his medical bills in a matter of weeks! You really changes my life man. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you have done to help my family! I used to lay in bed at night stressed out not able to sleep, and now I stay awake all hours looking at stocks, financial new, and going over your training video Robotic Trading.
I have been working on an Excel spreadsheet that I use to keep track of my trading accounts and made up a chart to give a good view of the direction I'm heading. I've attached a picture of my account showing how much I've "gained" from being a member of your chat room and from your Robotic Trading videos. As they say, a picture is work a thousand words (and in this case, thousands of dollars too!) More than anything else, I think it really shows how I've learned to control my losses. Thanks for everything!
Just and FYI... I had a conversation with my mom the other day, and i told her I learned more about trading/investing by watching Robotic Trading than i have in the last 3 Years I've been studying finance in university... let me tell you she wasn't happy to hear that but when I showed her I profited over $500 this week (completely covering the cost of both the inner circle and RT) doing something that I was thoroughly enjoying that quieted her down! I owe my new found knowledge and future dollars to you Clay!
Your Robotic Trading course is amazing so far. I'm a newbie and half way through have learned so much? Looking forward to joining the chat group....Thanks!
Just wanted to give a shout out to Clay for his awesome responsiveness to some questions I had about the Volcano Trading course I had purchased. He got back to me within minutes, and helped me out a lot with my trading strategy. All during trading hours, when I'm sure he was busy doing his own trading. Thanks Clay! It's very obvious you care about your students.
I joined the inner circle the other day Clay I made $200 on your MINE alert today quick flip in less than 10 minutes. Thanks.
I join the inner circle about 3 weeks ago and its a great community. Nights are the best to learn as there are a few regulars that are in there nightly helping people to look at charts as well as pointing out stocks to watch. Actually VMLK on the 60 minute chart looks to bounce today, that was discussed in the chatroom also. Well worth the $99 for the inner circle and i highly recommend the robotic trading for $200. Learning to read charts=profit.
Congratz Clay! You've already paid for my #InnerCircle & Robotic Trading Course tuition multiples... if you don't understand charts.. you're not trading yet!!
@ClayTrader25 my subscription to your private trading group paid off on first day there Clay, new machine is on the way now will be back eow
Just wanted to share some feedback to hopefully help offset some of the BS feedback you probably get. One week in and I love the service. Watching and learning from your style is perfect for me. I'm conservative and disciplined so I can potentially build a nice foundation as a trader with the guidance your service provides. I haven't made a big score or anything but baby steps are just fine with me. Look forward to eventually signing up for the training courses and developing some of the skills so I can build this thing up and contribute. Lot more fun than running big bog retail outfits. Keep it going!
I have been an Inner Circle member for about a week and have gained a lot already. My first trade was PAWS, which I was alerted to from a member and earned 13%, it dipped the next day and I picked up another 10% on the dip, so far I have earned three time the cost of my membership fee. Besides the alerts, I enjoy the conversation, no bashers or pumpers, people seem eager to help each other. Also the "no non sense" during trading hours is great. it allows people to be very productive. I will be taking the Robotic Trading course in the near future. Thanks again, keep up the good work.
Finished Robotic Trading last weekend traded without emotions all week and was green all week and up 25% total. Tanks a bunch Clay. Well worth it to be a part of the inner circle and learn from you. So basically by investing in education it paid for itself and then some in a week WOW!
If you have not joined the Inner Circle. Why? I made 10 times my entry fee to the Circle on one alert this afternoon. Entire turnaround took less than 45 minutes. Awesome alert on FNMA andy_trader.
Very informative information that is given teaches the ABC's of trading and is an honest teacher helping others to make great Investment choices.
Joined the Inner Circle yesterday!! From the Chat Room... MNTR!!! Join the Inner Circle folks! Clay keeps chat honest!
CLAY. Alerted to PLUG in the Chat room Friday. In @ 7.20 out @ 10.60. 16K in da pocket. The Chat Room Rocks. Thanks, J.
So after killing it with ntek to the tune of 20k not bad for $300 bet. I have managed to squander a good portion of it away. That was till I took a trip to Dr Clay where I received a frontal Robotomy. Now Im like a freaking Chart reading ninja/borg hybrid. There was nothing new, no secret methods, no sacrificing children or anything. Just the basics and some discipline. Thanks Clay for the basics at a price point which is extremely reasonable.
Well worth the price of admission. The Power Scans are a bonus. The REAL reason to join is the access to the Under $1 Chatroom and the Over $1 Chatroom. Both rooms nailing alerts and making $$$. Beyond that, if you are new to charting or want to sharpen your charting skills, Clay's Robotic Trading is an excellent course and will give you a whole new perspective on charting. I've been using charts trading off and on for 5 years, and the Robotic Trading course gave me a whole new outlook, and has definitely sharpened my skills.
I had to get the training course after joining the inner circle. I have seen a total reversal in my trading since joining and now I'm eager to learn more. Keep up the good work and I am recommending you to friends. My green days far outnumber the red since joining :)
I signed up 4 days ago and literally the next morning I received several news alerts from the chat room and was able to capitalize to the tune of $1000. I've since added another $1500 in profits from various alerts. Clearly the concept of many eyes watching the market to maximize opportunities is simply priceless and I can't thank you enough for the service. As I continue to learn I'll no doubt contribute much more going forward. Thanks again!
I've been on board for a week now; mostly watching/reading/learning. I am very impressed with your straight forward approach and no BS attitude. This is what drew me to you programs initially when I reviewed a chart breakdown on EDXC last year. I find your demeanor, vocabulary and style both refreshing and professional. A true pleasure. I am four years into 'dabbling' in trading and truly want to be a more structured, dedicated, and knowledgeable trader.
Did well on FREE & AVNR, via your wk/end Power Scan! Many Thanks, Clay!! $$$$
Have to tell you I appreciate your commentary and technical analysis on FNMA, you have saved my ass quite a few times with your posting. Thanks! I appreciate it and is why I am a member of the Inner Circle. My first post, I know the rules but just have to say just from your alerts I'm up $800 extra this week so thanks for that! I'm in HART up nice premarket.
I agree. The Inner Circle is one of the best moves I've made pertaining the education in a long time.
I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks and tell you how the Inner Circle was instrumental in making a few successful trades. None more remarkable than GDSM over the last few weeks. The Cliff Note's version of the story was an alert on this stock in the "trips", multiple chart updates and videos to reinforce the technical analysis. repeated admonitions from you and many in the room to always take profits when able, and the final piece of wisdom was to always sell into strength. Taking a starter position and increasing my position when the chart allowed resulted in a healthy profit. Needless to say, the cost of the membership was recovered many times over but the benefits reaped from the exposure to other trader's individual alerts and multiple sets of eyes on the market is priceless. I'm not naïve enough to think every trade will have wild profits, but I can say none of the profits would have been made were it not for the Inner Circle. I know I'm not the only person to benefit (profit) from the chat room, but no one owes more gratitude to you and your concept of assembling a group of traders in one place to share observations than me. Off to Robotic Trading School for this guy.
I have seen nothing but success since starting this course and joining the inner circle. Everyone is so helpful. Thank you clay and the rest of the group.
fyi, with the help of RT and this chat room, I have been able to buy MYEC, VGPR, PTOG, NVLX, XTRM, MYBC, and URG. Rode the wave and sold half of them to regain my investment and now sitting on thousands of freebies. Being a member of this chat room is a secret weapon.
Just became an inner circle member about a week ago. You have a fantastic sight with a pleasant wealth of knowledge and SERIOUS TRADERS.... something I have NOT experienced anywhere else. No P & D just charts and positive people.
Upon joining your inner circle I was very skeptical with all of the other sites out there demanding subscriptions to provide mediocre and usually deceiving information only benefitting themselves. However only 2 weeks after joining the performance alerts from the chat room directly paid for a lifetime for subscriptions to the inner circle.
It as my first great date using Trampolines.. many thanks!! ... I have lost a ton in the past and now I feel with these strategies as well as the shorting one (which I expect to take a deep dive as soon as I feel that I have dominated the trampolining) will take me where I want to go!!
I would like to thank whoever it was that pointed out that SMVI had just come out of a coma yesterday around 10am. I immediately got in at .0002 and got out first this this morning at .0003 which paid for my inner circle membership in the first half hour i got to use it. Im looking forward to getting robotic trading hopefully this week, really glad I found this site.
I posted this on A valuable Trading Tool - Live Stock Trading Chat Room. 2/21/2014 I was alerted in the chat around 9:10 with news on NLVX. At 9:35 I bought 3950 shares at $0.251. I only had 1k that I could play with today. At 10:09 I sold all of the shares at $0.2850 I made a profit of $111 in 34 minutes. I was watching the 3 minute chart and decided to sell when it started to drop around 10:00. By the way I have been trading stocks for less than weeks. This was my 5th trade so far. I joined the inner circle on 2/16 after watching clay's videos on youtube. I also just bought robotic trading today. Looking forward to next week. I have really enjoyed reading all of the messages in the chat room.
Great Call 3k profit in 2 days... in 500k @ .002 out @ .008 days.
Mad props to Clay... I really enjoy The Inner Circle's environment. When the market is open, no BS, no pumps/bashing, nothing gets posted, unless it's substantial, at least not for long. All business...making money based off the charts. Since my robotomy (Robotic Trading) several weeks ago, this has been the most productive trading I've ever had consistently. Thanks Clay
Amen on the HPNN. 3 Bagger this morning. Awesome pick. I am new to the Inner Circle but very excited about learning as much as I can. I am a business owner who works from home and trades while working. Very excited to learn. Thanks for the alert.
I just joined his Inner Circle =). I started following him because of his great chart videos on YouTube (BullWarriorStocks), and really liked when he started his own website and now live chat. He's helped me become a better trader and i've been telling all my friends to check out his videos & website if they're either interested in getting into trading or are already trading. I'm looking forward to investing without emotions and learning as much as i can from him.
Awesome testimonial right there. Clay is making a positive impact on people's lives. When people think it is all about the money, they are so wrong. It is about the lifestyle you can have when you know how to make money trading. Imagine spending as much time as you want with your family, not having a boss to approve your vacation time, working when you choose to work. In the long term, Clay's teachings are more about achieving personal freedom than just making money.....it's what having the money allows you to do.
i cant make these up... i started following CLAY in July 2013 in hopes of a dircection to understanding technical analysis... i never in my life have traded stocks or every analysis'd charts... i then began to analysis my life.. i made a decision to stop being lazy and atleast watch his videos... i started doing that and made my first yahoo stock profilio just to look at companys i liked... mean while watching Clay's channel.. you have to do your own research and anaylsis your own charts to understand the market its as simple as taking your pants off...you type the ticker symbol of your company in to google and sit there and look at the chart for a lil and maybe draw some fake lines in your head... idk the point is i started off with a total of $27,000 between 3 accounts i know not everyone might have that money but i some how had some help when i finally made my decision to get in to the market along with some family support... its 2/19/2014 3:25pm and all my 3 accounts together are a total of 95,083.... all from me studing whatever Clay would put up on youtube...after i made my first 15k in profit i then bought his beginners Download pack thing lol ... and basically the rest is history... so if a normal Ex forklift driver/ 24 year old who lives in NJ with his gf and 9 month old baby in a lil apartment in a small county called Middlesex in NJ can do it so can you ... i have payed these man about 300 dollars and made $67783 o wait did i tell mention that was just from January 1,2014 to now... he doesnt know im writing these either so yes i see promise in these ClayTrader and i well continue to follow him and look up to him as a financial mentor maybe to others his not but to me he is... he allowed me to take control of my life and as long as he allows me to stay in his chat room and doesnt kick me out for being annoying lol... i think ill be ok in life now because not only did he taking me out to fish.. he also showed me how to prepare the bait for tomorrow and the day after that and maybe even months to come all i know is that im glad i came across his page hopefully more people well catch on to these wonderful land of Chart analysis and how much money is really behind drawing those crazy lanes others might think are wrong :) ... ?
$AQUM making great money off of Clay's Inner Circle calls! Just one call has made me enough money to pay for the inner circle for years to come!
I absolutely love robotic trading course. I have read hundreds of web pages to try and learn how and what to read on the charts. However, reading it can be very confusing and just make things worse. Your videos with all the clear examples and explanations have made a world of difference. I am no expert yet but shall be soon! For me "investing" in that knowledge is a no-braining.
I have followed you on and off and casually would check out your charts on iHUB through the years. I have had a Love/Hate relationship with the market for the past 7 years. I decided it was time to change my trading strategy and go for small wins instead of going for homeruns all the time. I was tired of being up, then watching as my profits dwindled away. Anyways I joined your board on Wednesday (3 trading days ago), and what a great decision that was. I am playing with about $10,000 in a margin account and have a simple goal right now for a $300 per DAY (not trade) profit. Anyhow, 3 days and just 5 trades later (4 wins, 1 small loss), I have easily outperformed my goal so far. I eventually would like to move my goal to $500 per day (=100k/yr) and feel with the "tight ship" message board you run, I can find truly profitable chat plays to do so.
Took a 350% profit on SPLI from Monday. Tipped from the Chat room on Sunday. Gotta Love it.
hi clay hope all is well... ty for the charts i love your new venue!!
Fun day trading, really like the chat rooms.
Just joined over the weekend, first buy based off Clay's charts was HEMP @ .12 when it looked like reversal was underway. +30% so far and more than paid for my $99 lol!
Clay, my first trade paid for the InnerCircle membership... paid for 3 years actually! The diversity of the alerts allows me to choose plays that I'm comfortable with. I'm glad you the I.C. together. It has already helped me improve my technical skills but I've determined I'm not as disciplined as I need to be at times and plan to order Robotic Trading soon! I would recommend joining to anyone wanting to increase profits!!
I'm still just a lurker here on your Chat page but I've made Mad cash from your system with FNMA alone. I used to follow you many years ago on iHub and learned most of my chart analysis by watching you. Albeit I probably didn't need to purchase your system it was still a nice confirmation to see your videos are still how I trade. I also got it because I felt payment back was way overdue anyway. Thanks Clay and keep up the great work!
Just wanted to give you a thanks! Put to work TA process for the first time on gild 2 weeks ago and it worked great! Out today. Will be chiming in on charts once I get more confidence.
Finally purchased inner circle yesterday. Very impressed. I have already learned so much from the guys in the chats. Love the way its set up during trading hours. no BS like ihub. Pure technical. Very satisfied with my purchase and know it will make me a better trader.
chatroom making bank alright, best $99.00 i ever spend. Thanx Clay.
Awesome chart explanation as always Clay... Thank You... Have a great weekend
Increased profits from 200-500 a day to 1000-2000 a day!!!! since joining the innercircle and using the live chat room. Rarely alert in chat but scan everything. And het the robotic and trampoline courses didn't hurt either. Thanks Clay!!!!
Hey Clay, wanted to mention that this week I'm having the best trading week I've ever had. The reason that's a big deal is because 6 of the 7 trades I've made were my own picks that I selected using skills I gained from Robotic and Trampoline trading courses. Cheers!
Up $210! AND I owe it all to the "Inner Circle"! paid for itself in 4 days!!!!!!
Have milked the cash cow from $.22 all because of Robotic Trading. Thanks Clay!
Made 40% on HEMP this morning! I give thanks to this group who alerted me yesterday. What a great group!
Hell yeah, made a nice chunk on HEMP myself thanks to the inner circle, thanks Clay
I have incorporated Trampoline trading in my strategy. Today I bought STBV (200,000) at 0.0036 and I've sold at 0.0071. It has not been a big position but its been nice profit ;)
Trampoline Trading: Another winner! Just wrapped up my in depth review of Robotic Trading earlier tonight and moved on to the Trampoline Trading video series. I how you tie in the psychology behind the moves the market makes in Trampoline Trading (got through 3 of the videos tonight and understood everything you were saying). Your presentation and explanation of complex topics are top notch. Even my wife was casually looking over my shoulder at your video and had no problem following what you explained. You have an awesome gift of breaking down the complex in a way that just about anyone can understand it. I see why you are the most followed member on iHub. Your videos are worth every dang penny you charge for them. Keep up the great work and I will continue to recommend the heck out of your video series to family and friends.
Hi Clay,
I have been trading blind since 2001. I purchased your robotic trading last winter and finally I took the damn goggles off. I CAN SEE NOW. Finally there is an easier way to trade without any monthly fees or emotions. My blood pressure has gone down and off medication. Took all the hypertension out of trading. My family and Doctors thank you.
Hi Clay, Just got out of the chat room... I knew it would be really valuable to chat real time and the experience exceeded my expectations! Love the Inner Circle... what a deal
Hey Clay when you get a chance check out SVFC. I bought in .005 early this week as my first trade after completing robotic trading and sold half today at .0078. Still holding half and will check out chart when I get home. Cheers!
Glad that your board is increasing in followers and traders are buying your courses. You are a very good teacher Clay. Even though I do know something's you go over in the course, it is nothing wrong for a "refreshers course" and also have picked up more that I was doing wrong. If traders apply you teachings, it is no reason they should not pay for the 3 courses within a month easy.
I joined because I've know ClayTrader for about 10 years. He is well respected and accurate. That is very hard, if not impossible to find in penny land stocks today. Most live chat room start at 30.00 per month to join, That is 30.00 each and every month. Newsletters cost sometimes much more per delivery. As you can see by my profile I've been IHUB for over a decade, trading for 30 years, and when I saw CT was having a live chat room, I did not hesitate in joining. Frankly, the more eyes you have on the market the more power you have to make money. IMHO, I know my tiny 99.00 investment right now will result in thousands and thousands of trading profits down the road. All those stocks I might have missed, I now have the opportunity to trade by being notified by the members of the room. I in turn will notify the room of stocks I find. Together, as a team, we can all prosper. If you can't invest 99.00 in yourself, then good luck, you're probably going to need it. A Carpenter is only as good as his tools.
It's a great value. Yesterday alone I made 36x the lifetime cost while trading one of Clay's picks. Obviously, there's never any guarantee that you'll make money in the market, but the return on investment can be pretty quick if you manage your trades well. The key thing here, where Clay's product is different from other stock newsletters, is that he's building an educational community instead of just pushing ticket symbols. He's actually around and accommodating if you have specific questions about how to execute your trades - that alone is worth far more than $99 (and will save you many multiples over from poorly manages trades).
ARIA - I set up a 5% trailing stop because I've been in meetings all afternoon and was trading an outsized delta (2500+). I ended up selling out 80% of my position at $9.33. Missed the daily peak, but those $9 calls gained 328% and I'll take that any day.
I purchased the Robotic Trading course videos a few days ago and without the knowledge I've already gained (haven't completed the course yet), I wouldn't have made a 49% gain in 7 minutes yesterday :)
I just completed the Robotic Trading course. Let me tell you from what I've gained, the applied knowledge and trading profits has already paid for the course many times over! Looking forward to trade & chat with you along with others at the Inner Circle!
I purchased robotic trading last week. I find it perfect! Thanks ClayTrader. Next will be trampoline trading!
Same here! Bought Robotic Trading a week ago and it paid for itself. When I learned key indicators, I was able to identify a the buy patter in last weeks SVFC chart. Way to go Clay!
I purchased Robotic Trading last week & am currently in surgery :). Already used what I've learned to pay for the course in 1 trade ($202 profit)! Look forward to trading with everyone in chat!
In at .22 our at .28, $360... Thanks Clay!
I went ahead and played STBV and ended up making out handsomely. If I had been a bit more patient I could've REALLY blew it up. No regrets though. Profit is profit. The Saturday Power Profit Scans have become a highlight of my weekend. Sad? A Little. But the sadness goes away when I see my brokerage account steadily moving north. Loving The Inner Circle.
@ClayTrader25 So glad I bought your course. Course has given confidence that I need with a solid foundation for understanding what to look for.