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Trader Testimonials

That feels good man to win like that. More to come I'm sure of it. $530.39 profit one day on REDG. Most I've ever made in one day. I give a lot of thanks to you man for making me realize how simple this can be by getting rid of the emotional side of trading. Thanks again. - Russ

Hello Clay, My name is Chris and I just subscribed today. I have been watching your videos for a while now and definitely enjoy them and do find them helpful. Although I am already a successful trade, I joined for your chat room; essentially the extra eyes and ears on the market, which is invaluable. That being said, I purchases you subscription at 12:20 PM today for $99, and closed the day up a little over $500 profit due to a fellow subscriber pointing out a possible support play. Made the money back in half a day.. To anyone thinking about subscribing, I highly recommend it. The extra eyes and ears on the market are invaluable, like I said earlier. Not to mention Clays no BS style of chat room makes it an extremely efficient environment. day 1 was a success with many more in store!! Thank you!! - Chris

well, thanks!.. i have to give credit where it is due... i am totally new to trading i believe i do have good characteristics for trading environment, cuz i am a registered nurse - trauma and we can handle extreme stress ;) But in all honesty you deserve the credit for helping me educate myself so far... i started watching your daily chart reviews (partly because of your voice, you sound just like my nephew! no lie lol) but you were explaining things in technical chart terms very clearly... started following you on ihub, heard about the inner circle... joined, and just observed and paid attention. Then i would research what i was reading during the course of the day. Bought PSSG, learned the psychology of it... and i must tell you i am so thankful i did! I look forward to learning more because i WILL purchase your Robotic Trading... Thank you so much Clay! - Johanna

I Can Help You

If you are struggling with your emotion, I can completely understand what you are experiencing, but there is good news... I can help!

When I first started trading, my biggest stumbling block was my emotions. It was not until I eliminated them from my trading (which I will teach you how to do!) that I began to experience profitable consistency.

The Inner Circle's core mission is to provide you with winning trade ideas, with the secondary goal being to teach you to eliminate your emotions and better yourself as an overall stock trader. click here for more information and details on what The Inner Circle is all about.

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