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Trader Testimonials

Here I am emailing you after i was talking on the chat with a few guys about my story and how i really messed up my savings by going into a place where i didn't see any value. As i said in the chat i was part of Sykes "challenge webinar" which is freaking expensive but not worth it. I have to admit that i was blindly following what he markets about being millionaire by buying and selling penny stocks with a small account in not much time. It is totally bullshit as i see him just talking hindsight on anything he does videos on. He doesn't provide much valuable information besides his DVDs which are kind of worth it and just one guy that gives webinar twice a month. But Clay here I am. I am now part of this community and let me tell you that the difference is huge compare to the other chat i was. Valuable traders. helpful people. I am about to finish your Robotic Trading course. and let me tell you it is worth every single dollar. l have learn a ton on that course.. My next stop is the options trading course. I would like to take that one so i can be able to trade big boards stocks based on TA like you guys do in here. I have been reading about options a lot while doing the RT and trying what i read to the options. I have paper traded a few having good results so far. Clay i really wish i could get on CTU but my finances don‘t allow me right now. I lost all my savings on that stupid mistake and i need to get that money back somehow so i can start on CTU. Hopefully i can start making some money on options so i can start paying CTU with profit money. which is my plan so far. I am putting a lot of time daily to study even though I am working on my MBA and really busy with school. I am from Venezuela and being an international student with a visa i can‘t work as much. but i managed myself to get a few dollars here and there to cover my expenses. Well. that is it for now. I am super glad to be part of here and i look forward to keep learning from your courses. you and the whole community which is excellent. Thanks again clay. you guys rock! This weekend i have a little job that could give some money to complete the $197 to by options course. I will for sure let you know when i buy to give you the feedback of the course. - Sergio

Thanks for sharing the power of options to us in the inner circle! - DayTraderNovice

I just wanted to thank you again for teaching me how to fish. I have had consistent gains over the past few weeks and I am making great progress. I can't wait to become a full time trader someday. - Keshia

I Can Help You

If you are struggling with your emotion, I can completely understand what you are experiencing, but there is good news... I can help!

When I first started trading, my biggest stumbling block was my emotions. It was not until I eliminated them from my trading (which I will teach you how to do!) that I began to experience profitable consistency.

The Inner Circle's core mission is to provide you with winning trade ideas, with the secondary goal being to teach you to eliminate your emotions and better yourself as an overall stock trader. click here for more information and details on what The Inner Circle is all about.

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