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Add variety to your own trade ideas by gaining exclusive access to my personal scans & watch-lists via the private newsletter.

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Tired of missing the big movers? Profit from real-time commentary & alerts in the members only live trade chat room.

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It's not what you know, but who you know. Network with ClayTrader and other like-minded traders within the premium message board forums.

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Enjoy an environment designed for teaching and turning you into an emotionless trader. Not a beginner? No worries! We have many battle-tested traders apart of the group you can brainstorm ideas with.

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Trader Testimonials

Clay it's my first day here on inner circle and I made $400 and 14% DRL so already paid for PSSG and inner circle - thanks not for the money, but for opening my eyes with the penny stock world. - Ziv

Great course, I was using level 2 before taking this course but I had no idea so much went into it. When I was only half way through the course I was able to identify HEAVY dilution on a stock me and my wife were in and we were both able to get out before losses became greater by seeing they were not going to end anytime soon. It is amazing how much you can really get out of level 2 once you really know all the detail you are look at. I have now finished the course and I must say the second to last video is eye opening if you are reading social media or message boards as to how much of a joke it really is. I have taken RT, PSSG, and this course and am a member of the Inner Circle and must say this is a great addition to PSSG. I have learned ALOT from you. - David

Just wanted to let you know I have officially made my first successful trade based on what I learned from your course Robotic Trading. Also the members in the chat room have helped me in many ways. I learned how to scan now and a few of the stocks that showed up on my scan today are actually 50% up. So just wanted to let you know thanks for all your help. - Alex

I Can Help You

If you are struggling with your emotion, I can completely understand what you are experiencing, but there is good news... I can help!

When I first started trading, my biggest stumbling block was my emotions. It was not until I eliminated them from my trading (which I will teach you how to do!) that I began to experience profitable consistency.

The Inner Circle's core mission is to provide you with winning trade ideas, with the secondary goal being to teach you to eliminate your emotions and better yourself as an overall stock trader. click here for more information and details on what The Inner Circle is all about.

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