Iron Sharpens Iron: Generate Trade Ideas

The quickest way to improve as a trader is by surrounding yourself with other experienced traders. The Inner Circle is my private trading community that puts traders of all experience levels into contact with one another. Having a group of traders assembled in one community allows for the two most important areas of trading to be maximized: learning and profiting.

Observe and Learn

Sitting back and observing experienced people conduct their business is a great way to learn, and with the Inner Circle service, this is possible. Join myself and other experienced traders in the chat room and forums and observe how strategies, rules and discipline are all applied in a practical sense. “Reality” is an excellent teacher, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Inner Circle.

Efficiently Generate Trade Ideas: The Eyeball Army

Perhaps you have been trading for a while and are simply looking for another tool to assist you in developing trade ideas. The Inner Circle serves as an excellent tool in this regard.

You and I only have two eyeballs, so no matter how much we as experienced traders hate to admit it, our abilities are limited in the amount of information we can obtain. Whether it is a stock that is breaking out, a big news release, or just a reminder of an event (earnings, economic data, etc.), our two eyes can only do so much. By surrounding yourself with a community of other eyeballs that are seeking out and sharing information with one another, efficiency levels dramatically increase.

This is not “theory” either. This all truly exists in a practical way. In the image below you can see a trading opportunity that I personally did not see, but thanks to another member in the group’s alert, I was able to still make $668 from the stock. Had I not been part of the group, I would have never known to look at this particular trade.

Join Our Community

To top it all off, the membership fee for this community is literally less than one cup of coffee per week. As I always like to ask people…

Is sacrificing one cup of Starbucks coffee per week worth it to better yourself and profit as a trader?

Join the Inner Circle for only $2 a day

I Truly Value You!

I want to finish by saying that I’m here for you. Not only as someone who can help guide you in your trading journey, but also as a friend. This may sound corny, but as members of the community know, I love to joke around with people and learn about their personal story. To add some proof to this statement, our trading community has had several meet-ups in person. You can see a couple of these HERE (Pittsburgh) and HERE (Nashville).

I do my best to respond to all emails and inquiries in a timely manner, so please do reach out to me. My goal is to always reply in 24 hours or less, but sometimes it may be a bit more.

I am by no means “special”, so I don’t hold myself in higher regard over others. I’m just a normal guy who works hard and enjoys passing on knowledge to those willing to also work hard. I say this because I want you to feel free to get in touch with me. Whether it is via email or social media, I am here to help.

I greatly appreciate your support and thank you for it. If you’ve made it this far, I’d love for you to introduce yourself to me at my Facebook or Twitter pages. I’ll definitely respond and I look forward to meeting you!