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Let’s Explore How To Make Money From The Markets

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I’m Clay, and I’m here to help you make more money, save more time and create whatever kind of freedom you desire! Do you imagine what a new side income (or even a full-time income) could do you for? That’s what I’m here to help you achieve.

Since 2013 I’ve helped hundreds of people get started in the markets – and here’s the common fact: Everyone starts from zero. So, if you’re feeling behind – don’t worry. I’ll catch you up quickly with what you need to know. Let’s start with what this thing called “trading” really means, and is it even possible?

What Is Trading?

Here's My Definition

In order to succeed and have consistent profits with trading, it is important you understand exactly what the concept of trading actually means.

Definitions vary, but in my experience, what most people desire with trading – and what I focus on here at my site is:

Learning how to trade the markets to either create additional income, or to replace current income with the goal of kissing your “day job” goodbye.

This is accomplished by taking advantage of strategies and systems that allow discipline, risk management, and cash flow to take place in very time efficient ways.

Income Generation Models

Which One Is Right For You? Watch This...

I ended the above section stating, “time efficient ways”. What do I mean by this? Let’s begin with this video, where I explain the different income generation models that exist within the markets. As you watch, take note of which model best fits your goals and needs.

Trading In The Real World

And What Is Possible To Achieve

Now let’s get more specific and step out of the world of theory and into the world of reality. Here are three of my most popular podcast episodes that go into detail showing the ways people can make money trading the markets. As you listen, ask yourself, “which of these approaches and situations best fit me and are most interesting?”

As stated above, trading can simply be a way to create additional income sources for yourself. That’s what Nate is doing…

STR 009: Trading to Create “Fun Money”

Some people believe you need lots of money to get started in the markets. This is not true. Shawn started with only $250 and was able to grow it to $10,000!

STR 057: She Turned $250 into Over $10,000. Here’s How.

Because the markets are so large, there is truly a mountain’s worth of upside potential. How much so? “MR” as he is known in the community has made as much as $51,000 in a single day!

STR 046: Holy Crap! This Whole Story is Crazy!

And really quick, I highly recommend you subscribe to my weekly podcast below. I interview everyday normal people (like you and I) who are currently experiencing this income generation journey we call trading the markets.

The podcast fans tell me all the time how much these episodes helped them understand the realities of income generation from trading the markets and all the opportunities that are out there. I guarantee they’ll help you out too.

If you love the episodes, be sure to subscribe to the podcast to get new episodes as they come out.

What Trading Is Not

Mythbusting, ClayTrader Style

Let’s discuss some myths and set realistic expectations before you continue on your journey.

  1. Trading is the same as gambling.
    Technically speaking, crossing the street is “gambling” since you could get hit by a car. What is a great way to increase your probabilities that you do not get hit by a car? You do what you were taught as a kid and you look both ways before crossing. The same is true for trading. By learning the proper strategies and putting a set of rules in place, the probabilities of making money can be put in your favor. There is proof that trading is not gambling as I show HERE. I also show some of my personal results HERE that would not be possible if trading were total randomness like gambling is.

  2. A college degree is needed for trading success.
    This could not be any further from the truth. If you can count to 100, you can trade stocks. I’m not saying the stock market is an easy place to be; however, when it comes to trading, the most important thing is your desire to succeed… NOT college degrees. If you’re still not quite convinced, then watch THIS video. If you can understand the math, you’ll be good to go – no degree needed.

  3. Trading is a great way to “get rich quick”.
    I don’t advertise, teach or believe in get-rich-quick schemes. Nothing in life comes easy. Trading is no different. Many “trading gurus” will try and persuade you to think otherwise. Why? Because they’re trying to make money from false hope. It’s basic marketing: sell the dream, NOT the reality. I’m here to give you reality: trading takes effort and dedication. I will do my best to guide you and give you the information you need, but I can’t force you to take action; that is all up to you.

  4. Trading requires a large amount of time.
    I would be misleading you if I said no time was required, but after you move beyond the learning phase, the time commitment truly does dramatically decrease. Yes, you will always need to spend time locating the trades to make, but the thought of sitting in front of your computer for hours upon hours is just not accurate. Having a trading strategy and rules will still allow you to have plenty of freedom in your everyday life.

  5. Trading is a very stressful way to make money.
    I keep talking about trading strategies and putting rules into place… and this is exactly why! For people that do not invest into training to develop proper trading techniques and strategies, trading can indeed be a very stressful atmosphere. On the other hand, for people who do make an investment into their education and learn to put a set of rules into place, they feel in control which leads to confidence, not stress. In fact, if you are interested, I am currently offering a training event on this very topic. It is 100% free. You can learn more HERE.

  6. The first thing I need to do is sign up for an online broker.
    I get it. You want to be a trader. In order to be a trader, you need an online broker – therefore, the first thing you need to do is open up a broker account. This is 100% logical, but unfortunately in the world of trading, the logical thing to do is not always the right thing to do. Believe it or not, opening an online brokerage account is one of the last things you should be doing. Like any profession, you first need to learn how to properly do it. Would you give a loaded gun to a child? Of course not! So why would it make sense to have a brokerage account as a “child” when you don’t know what you’re truly doing? Another way to view this concept can be seen in this analogy video below.

Turning Theory Into Practice

How To Get Started With Trading For Income

Option #1: You could do nothing. The truth is, when you do the same thing you’ve always been doing, you’re going to get the same boring results – but I know you don’t want that, or else you wouldn’t be here on this website and you certainly still wouldn’t be reading at this point. It’s clear you want to take action, so choosing to do nothing would be the ultimate contradiction.

Option #2: You could keep searching for more information on the web. There’s a TON of information, good and bad, all over the place. But why would you continue looking and searching? All of the information you need to get started I’ve organized for you here on the blog, the podcast and other resources I’ve created for you.

Option #3: You can take action now. You can do it right now with the free training I created called The 1 Hour Trader Transformation. I put it together for both beginning traders and those who are still trying to find their way. My goal? To make it easy to figure out what your trading approach is going to be and how to build a strategy that makes you money. I will show you three keys that you will need to focus on in an easy-to-follow format. The training is free to attend.

Imagine having a clear understanding of what you need to focus on right from the start. It will happen, but only if you attend the training event – and remember, it’s free. You have nothing to lose!

Click here to sign up and claim your spot to The 1 Hour Trader Transformation training.

The 1 Hour Trader Transformation

Live Online Class

Learn How To Get Started

If you’re in the early stages of wanting to start trading online, don’t worry – I’ve got a free class for you that you can sign up for RIGHT NOW – no waiting! This is a live class (not a recorded video) so you can be interactive with me and ask any questions you have.

The 1 Hour Trader Transformation is a 90-minute class that reveals how I transformed myself from an employee to being my own boss (and how you can too, even if you don’t have any experience).

Here’s what I will show you on this free online class:

Key #1: How to Quickly Clarify and Transform Your Mindset With This Weird Trick

Key #2: How to Quickly Build Confidence Using A Skill We Naturally Have Within Our DNA As Humans (literally!)

Key #3: How to STOP Working Hard and START Being Productive As A Trader

I Truly Value You!

Thank You For Being Here

I want to finish by saying that I’m here for you. Not only as someone who can help guide you in your trading journey, but also as a friend.

This may sound corny, but as members of the community know, I love to joke around with people and form personal relationships with them.

To offer evidence to this statement, our trading community has had several meet-ups around the country. You can see a couple of these HERE (Pittsburgh) and HERE (Nashville). If you enjoy video better, I’ve documented a couple in video format HERE (Florida) and HERE (Denver).

I do my best to respond to all emails and inquiries in a timely manner, so please do reach out to me. My goal is to always reply in 12 hours or less, but sometimes it may be a bit more.

I am by no means “special”, so I don’t hold myself in higher regard over others. I’m just a normal guy who works hard and enjoys passing on knowledge to those who are also willing to work hard. I tell you all this because I want you to feel free to get in touch with me. Whether it is via email or social media, I am here to help.

I greatly appreciate your support and thank you for it. If you’ve made it this far, I’d love for you to introduce yourself to me at my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

I’ll definitely respond, and I look forward to meeting you!

I wish you all the best on your trading journey and hope you will allow me to play a role in it.

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