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Clay, where is your official track record?

I do not post this information for the reasons talked about in the above question. My personality and risk tolerance are unique in and of itself… just like your own personality and risk tolerance is unique. Because of this, we are all going to have different trading styles and approaches to a trade. I will never ask you to “follow me into a trade” for this reason.

The key objective I have is to consistently bring you trade ideas which are profitable and at the same time do not expose you to large losses. With this being said, “how” you are profitable (example – will you buy the breakout or buy the pullback?) is up to you. On top of this, not being exposed to large loses is also up to you. If you refuse to set and/or honor stop-loses, then you very well may have big loses.

With all that being said, you can go HERE to watch videos of some of the live trading I record of myself.

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