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STR 003: A Discussion on Trading Technology, Computers, and Building Your Personal Trade Station

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STR 003: A Discussion on Trading Technology, Computers, and Building Your Personal Trade Station

In this episode we discuss a topic that is near the top of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to trading. Whether it be stocks, options, Forex, etc., many people want to know if their personal computer set-up is sufficient enough to get the job done in an efficient manner.

In reality, this topic is actually quite tricky. How so? There is a balancing act that must take place in the sense of you don’t want to spend “too much” of your trading capital on a system that is more than you need; however, at the same time, you don’t want to spend “too little” on a system that won’t allow you to trade to your full potential.

Chezz and myself have a free flowing discussion with Nate, the “geek” who works behind the scenes at ClayTrader.com, about this balancing act and other “techie” areas within the world of financial markets and trading.


  • Clay started trading on a one-monitor setup during college.
  • Your motherboard is the foundation of your trading computer. This will determine if you are capable of expanding in the future.
  • Memory is a cheap and easy way to improve your computers multi-tasking once you start maxing out your current setup.
  • Video cards are going to determine how many monitors your computer can run. There are a few routes you can take regarding initial setup or expansion.
  • Benefits of a solid-state drive for your trading computer versus a traditional hard-disk drive.
  • Any modern operating system will suit your trading machine assuming it has up-to-date support.
  • USB monitors are great for those who travel and need to be portable. It is not the best option for those who trade at a desk.


  • “The processor and motherboard are going to be the main heart and soul of your computer.” tweet this quote
  • “I think two monitors is the sweet spot especially if you are just getting started in trading.” tweet this quote
  • “Dockable laptops are great because they are designed to be used at a desk with lots of monitors.” tweet this quote
  • “People who trade on-the-go tend to favor brokers with great mobile apps.” tweet this quote


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