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STR 204: Lighting the Victim Card on Fire.

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STR 204: Lighting the Victim Card on Fire.

I love when people acknowledge they have victim cards and decide to light them up in flames. In my mind at least, there is nothing more motivational than when someone kicks excuses in the face and focuses on solutions rather than perceived problems. In this episode we talk with fellow community member Tomasz ,who lives in Scotland. I don’t want to spoil too much, so all I’ll say is he went from being at some pretty low points in his mind/life to completely turning things around. We are all humans, so there is nothing wrong with feeling/being “down” in life. I think we’ve all been there. The problem arises if you choose to “stay down”. Tomasz chose to get back up and go into beast mode and it is some inspiring stuff for sure. If you refuse to give up your victim cards, then don’t listen to Tomasz, he will give you little room to hide. Let’s go!

Show Notes:

  • Today we talk with our Scottish community member Tomasz. His introduction to the market was in his schooling that focused specifically on how the market worked. Using newspapers the class would select a basket of stocks and check in over the school year. His first ‘paper trade’ was successful but he attributes a lot of that to luck.
  • While he was growing up still he decided that he wanted to be a helicopter pilot. After looking at the training and cost associated with that, he wasn’t sure he would ever become a pilot. At one point he had 3 jobs and was fully committed to making his dream a reality.
  • Tomasz passed his skills tests and became a pilot. Unfortunately it coincided with the financial downturn that most the world experienced which meant there wasn’t much work for him to do in that industry. He experienced a life shaking event when he lost his copilot in a motorcycle accident and this psychologically impacted him enough to stop flying.
  • After doing some research, he decided he wanted to take trading in the market much more seriously and enrolled in Claytrader University. He disabled his Netflix and Amazon Prime and focused strictly on his education by using his time as wisely as possible.
  • In an effort to keep himself from making emotional problems that plague many traders, Tomasz decided that he needed to clear his debts first before even considering funding a trading account. While he was working hard to make that happen he continued to paper trade and solidify his trading strategy.


  • It was obvious to me to buy stocks that were up trending. I remember looking at the line charts and seeing those trends.
  • I used my skills as a painter-decorator to finish this house up and sold it 3 years later in 2008 right before the crash. I made over 100% profit on that house.
  • It felt like I was going nowhere. I felt completely beat up by everything around. I attached the victim card to my forehead.
  • I needed to change myself psychologically so CTU isn’t just courses. It also discusses bad emotions that come across all your life.
  • I was working a lot and I realized I was unhappy with my accounts I started working even harder. I paid off all my debts and saved money for an account to trade.


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