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STR 209: Joining the Military to Fix Himself.

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STR 209: Joining the Military to Fix Himself.

Rough times happen. Falling into a rut happens. The question becomes, how do you respond to these types of circumstances? In this episode, we talk with international member (from Denmark) Zagros who experienced some bumps in his journey, but as you’ll see, no excuses… he did what needed to be done. Even though he is a younger guy, there is something that we all (no matter our age) can take away from Zagros and his journey up until this point. For me, it was pure motivation and inspiration that when life feels “off”, you just need to look in the mirror and take matters into your own hands. He is working hard on his trading knowledge and doing what needs to be done to set himself up to give him the best possible chances to succeed in the market. Let’s get to it!


  • Today we talk with community member Zagros from Denmark. His interest in the market was due to a search online about various jobs he could work digitally with lots of flexibility. He doesn’t have the largest family but he wanted to provide for them while having the ability to travel.
  • Zagros expressed an interest in Clay’s courses at 16 years old and after his mother was assured that he was truly interested she helped him pay for the first course. He was having a rough time in his life so he took a break from trading education and volunteered for military service. This service led him to find the discipline he lacked prior to joining.
  • When he finished his service, he enrolled in University and began his educational journey. Zagros takes in information best by both listening, watching, and transcribing what is taught to give him the best odds of retaining the data.
  • Zagros utilizes options in the US market because he enjoys having the ability to cap his risk and also decide what type of probability of profit he would like. This is another example of how trading is different from one person to the next. His risk profile will most likely differ from your risk profile.
  • After trying to create a ‘holy grail’ type system, he realized that this was a fool’s errand and scaled it all back to just the very basics. Price action and volume are kings but implied volatility is also an option traders friend.


  • I wanted to make money online so I could care for my mother and travel. I knew I could not do it with a traditional 9-5 job.
  • Clay said ‘discipline discipline discipline.’ I wasn’t a very disciplined guy so I wanted to kick myself in the butt.
  • A defined risk is a beautiful thing. You can theoretically have an ‘all weather’ portfolio by adjusting your positions.
  • When I tried to make my own system, I put so many indicators on the chart that it was crazy. So I went back to basics.


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