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This is episode has a pretty awesome set-up! My guest, Joseph, has already been on the show once before. When he was on previously, he had just lost $23,000 and that’s where the show (and his current journey) ended for the time being. I have nothing but respect for people such as Joseph who are willing to share their journey publicly, no matter the results. Many people would have never agreed to have come on after having lost $23,000, yet, he did! This in and of itself puts Joseph in rare company and shows how big of a heart he has when it comes to trying to help others learn from his mistakes. He promised to come back a year later and here we are. What happened to Joseph and his journey after having just lost $23,000? Was he able to recover or did he continue to spiral out of control? Joseph is a tenacious guy who loves a good challenge and is not scared of getting punched in the face. He’s had continued learning lessons (including one regarding taxes) along the way, but all of these have continued to forge him into a trader. I really enjoyed our discussion and I’m extremely confident you will to! Let’s get an update from Joseph and hear what happened after having lost the $23,000!

1 Hour Trader Transformation

"Let Me Show You How I Had ONLY 1 Losing Day Out of 73"

This Live and Free Event Reveals: How I transformed myself from an employee to being my own boss (and how you can too, even with no experience!)

Are you able to have only 1 losing day out of 73 days trading?

NO? Attend my free "1 Hour Trading Transformation" training event to learn how you can!

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