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This Free Event Reveals: How I transformed myself from an employee to being my own boss (and how you can too, even with no experience!)

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Are you dizzy? If you say ‘yes’, I totally understand! Every direction you turn you see headlines making a variety of claims. The problem is, these claims oftentimes are contradicting one another and seem to have no consistent basis. I sometimes wonder if this is by design? What do I mean? Does the government make the statistics it reports very broad and open ended on purpose to create confusion by allowing for a variety of opinions and theories to develop? Perhaps I am being a conspiracy theorists, but whether it’s a Republican or Democrat in office, these statistics are ridiculous when you peel back their layers to understand them better. The big talking point currently is Recession vs. Strong Economy. Some say that we have a strong economy while others say we are in a recession with a failing economy. The goal of this episode is to cut through all the headlines and apply some basic common sense that will point us in the direction of where we need to be headed. I may not have a PhD in economics, but I do have enough practical common sense with money to understand what a, truly, strong economy looks like. The good news is, none of this is complicated so there is no need for this to be some multiple hour episode. I want to keep it as brief as possible, thrown in some learning, and then apply some common sense. Let’s get to it!

1 Hour Trader Transformation

"Let Me Show You How I Had ONLY 1 Losing Day Out of 73"

This Live and Free Event Reveals: How I transformed myself from an employee to being my own boss (and how you can too, even with no experience!)

Are you able to have only 1 losing day out of 73 days trading?

NO? Attend my free "1 Hour Trading Transformation" training event to learn how you can!

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