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Have you heard? The Biden administration is proposing to forgive student loans. This has of course opened up the floodgates of opinions and debates. Given this is not only a podcast for trading, but also money/economics in general, I wanted to weigh in on this topic. My main hope with this episode is to discuss student loan forgiveness in a very fair and reasonable way. I am not here to strawman either side’s argument. In fact, I’m not going to argue one way or another. I’m just going to point out some flaws in the arguments that I’ve seen. Some of these are factual flaws, others are more so logical flaws. I would like people to be able to have fruitful and productive conversations about this topic. In order to do so, there needs to be some general acknowledgements of facts and logic. This does not mean both people are going to ultimately agree; however, it does ensure people don’t talk pass one another. Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist, but at times it seems the mainstream media is intentionally confusing us to cause disagreements where there is actually an agreement. I suppose confusion creates content and clicks, and given media companies are “for profit”, it makes sense they want to create confusion and drama. Let me cut through the drama and point out some of the most common arguments being made with additional content and considerations.

1 Hour Trader Transformation

"Let Me Show You How I Had ONLY 1 Losing Day Out of 73"

This Live and Free Event Reveals: How I transformed myself from an employee to being my own boss (and how you can too, even with no experience!)

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