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Get inspired and stay motivated by everyday normal people who are currently on their journey to trading success. Hangout with hosts ClayTrader and Chezz as they bring you a new episode every week.

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Thanks for checking out the ClayTrader Stock Trading Reality Podcast. Our show, hosted by ClayTrader and Chezz, is designed to motivate and inspire traders of all experience levels. We interview REAL traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons they learned along the way, both positive and negative.

Tune in as we focus on the realistic side of trading. You will find no interviews of "hot shot" wall street traders, rather, we sit down and talk with normal people, just like you. There is no such thing as overnight success, so come with us as we learn about the peaks and valleys of various trader's journeys.

STR 014: From Business Owner to Stock Market Trader

We look at diversification in a slightly different way in today’s interview. Our guest, Darren, operates his own business; however, due to realizing the need to create additional income streams for himself decided to venture into the world of the stock market and trading. Due to Darren’s experience already with starting and running a business, […]

How to Find Your "Sweet Spot" as a Trader

While a very private individual, today’s guest stepped out from the shadows to talk about his journey as a trader. “DS” takes us through first getting started, realizing he wasn’t nearly as smart as he thought he was, and then hopping onto the true path of success: figuring out the “sweet spot” in his trading […]

Slowing Down and Taking One Step at a Time

Ambition is a great thing. Today’s guest has three college degrees, so “ambitious” is probably not even a good enough word to describe her. With this being said, ambition in the world of trading can lead to some pain, and that’s exactly what happened to today’s guest, “Keisha.” She came out of the gates blazing […]

STR 011: A Honest Insight into the Ups and Downs of Trading

Winning 80% of the time does not mean you will make money. This valuable lesson comes to us thanks to the blunt honesty and transparency of today’s guest, “ZenTrader”. His highs and lows as a trader provide many situations that I’m confident many of you listeners will be able to relate to. While “talking wins” […]

Being Honest with Yourself as a Trader?

Today we talk with Justin, aka FreeFall909, and discuss a journey that I’m sure many people can relate to. After being inspired by a Hollywood movie about the stock market, Justin found himself in the Wild Wild West of penny stock trading and eventually turned himself into someone else’s puppet. It was not until he […]


This episode’s guest is a bit different compared to everyone else we’ve interviewed who trades with a day job. Nate Wilson (same name in the chat room) is successfully trading with a job, but that’s not the unique part. He actually enjoys his job and has no ambitions of quitting it to trade full time. […]

STR 008: Turning $900 into $40,000, Quitting School, and that's Just the Start‏

Chezz and I sit down with Steven King (same name in the chat room) and hear about one of the craziest stories to date. In fact, the story is so crazy that I asked for verifiable documentation to support some of the claims being made. Becoming a high school dropout after turning $900 into $40,000 […]

STR 007: What True Trading Passion Looks Like

The passion this episode’s guest has for succeeding as a trader is hard to rival. Ted Williams (“BigT”) is a member of the ‘early birds’ group in the chat room as I’ve coined it – meaning, you can routinely find him in the chat room every morning before 6 am est. His story paints a […]

STR 006: How Swing Trading Killed the Emotions for this Trader

In this episode, we interview full time trader Derek Chernault (“hokiez28”) whose primary strategy is swing trading; however, also does some day trading to compliment his overall strategy. Like many traders (myself included), emotions were a major thorn in the side of Derek’s early trading experiences. Learn how Derek was able to not only eliminate […]

STR 005: Why This Trader Stopped Trading Penny Stocks to Trade Options

When first getting started many traders find themselves in a situation with a smaller trading account. This leads to the common thought process of “I need to trade penny stocks in order to build up my account.” Richard Davis (RDTrader12) discusses his experience with this same thought process and where it lead him in his […]


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