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As I’m sure you’re aware, $BPTH has been talked about quite a bit the past few days with its freak-of-nature movement. What price did you first see it? For members of my private trading community, they were aware of it not only before this week started, but more importantly, down around the $4.75 area. This alert turned out to be a monster but also contains several learning lessons and trading dynamics I hope you consider.

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Welcome to a Friday vlog, Fireside Chat,not in front of the fire.This is pretty impromptu because I was not planning,I should say we were not planning, Nate and I,on doing videos in front of the computer, which is whatwe normally do, so therefore we were set up for someother videos, but long story short, if you've heard of thisBPTH, then you know why I'm kind of saying this wasan impromptu video because this thing has turned out to bean absolute monster for members of the community.And I want to just kind of touch on it,and cover a couple of different angles, both from,I'll be fully transparent, if sales videos, if me suggestingthat I offer a service that costs money even if it's just99 dollars per year, if that's gonna rub you the wrong way,I want to respect your time, just turn it off right now.But that's not the only thing I want to just kind ofpoint out, I just want to also point out the powerof charts, the power of technical analysis, and if I caninspire you to wanna pursue that a little bitmore and learn about them, great.Whether that's from me or just somebody else,that's what I really want to focus on.So two things here as far as BPTH,and like I said the main one is just charts.And more specifically, no hype.And I'm gonna show all this by going and showingan alert that I made to the community as partof the newsletter that goes as as part of the subscription.So, the 99 dollar service has the live chat room,and then it also comes with a weekly newsletterthat I send out on Saturdays with chart setups.But you'll see the chart setup in regards to BPTH,but I want you to focus on first off, the no hypeportion of it, but then also, that's not how you spell risk.There we go, risk verse reward part of it.Meaning by using charts, it was able to kind of combinea couple very nice attributes, that as traders you want.And that as traders, how a chartis gonna help benefit you as a tool.So with that being said I want to go to my desktopand I'll show you exactly how this BPTH thing all played outand yeah, it has been a monster.Welcome to my desktop here.Before I go further, and I'm sure I'll mention thistowards the end of the video again, but I am not tryingto imply or come across that every single alertthat is part of the newsletter and sent out is some sortof massive winner like this one turned out to be.I am wrong, no body is perfect, there are losses that occur,there are charts that just kinda don't do much,so I don't want to come across and try to misleadlike hey, sign up and you can expect this every single week.That's not how the market works, so just keep that in mind.Now, as far as the actual BPTH chart, and all the setup,the way it played out, you can see here that it wasalerted as a pullback play, clearly meaning wellwe want to see the price pull back.And the big thing here as far as the whole no hype,don't chase, don't fall for the hype, don't get aheadof yourself or anything like that.Now this one turned out to be such a monster that you couldhave chased, you could have done something stupid, and youwould have been okay but that doesn't mean it was actuallya good habit, or a sustainable habit over the long term.So the point here being yeah, don't chase.But I get it, okay?Don't chase that's a cool sound bite.You're not supposed to be emotional, you don't want to getcaught up in the hype okay but what does that actually mean?Well that's where charts come into play.That's the power of charts because it allows you to define,okay well, let's talk about some risk verse reward areas.Where would it actually be a little bit more user friendlyif you will, risk friendly if you will?But basically, in trader lingo, from an RVR perspective,from a risk verse reward perspective, where would thismake a whole lot more sense and that is what wasbeing mapped out here on the pullback.Now of course you gotta put out the question marksbecause charts are not a crystal balldespite what some people like to try to portray.So it's not like I knew it was gonna pullbackor anything like that, and another fyi, anybody tryingto come across or proclaim that they know somethingis gonna happen because the chart says this,now that is snake oil at it's best.Charts are not a crystal ball.Charts are used to forecast the unknown, to managethe unknown, but they're not used to predictor anything like that because here's an fyi,nothing in the market actually predicts anything.But yeah, the point here being that if it did pullbackthat would A, ensure that you're not following the hype,you're not chasing, and then B, it's leading you to a verylogical area from a risk verse reward perspective.So that was a setup that was what was alerted overthe weekend on Saturday, so let's see how this played out.Now as an fyi, this chart is looking different becauseeach one of these candlesticks here represents 30 minutesworth of time whereas the chart that you were just lookingat, each one of these represented an entire day.But in this situation, each one represents 30 minutesthat way I can just give a little bit more clearer pictureof essentially what all played out.So this chunk of candlesticks as recalled represents Monday.So Monday there was no play.Yeah it started to pull back especially during the latterpart of the day, but there still wasn't anything as far aswhat was saying don't chase, don't chase, let the pricepull back and create more of a risk verse reward situation.So again, at this point, yeah it was starting to pull back.But then right there, this is the beginning of the new day,the new day being Tuesday, so on March 5th, Tuesday,you can see the price isn't still quite down in thatgreen area which was mapped out, but then you can seeright there, spent essentially the entire dayfluctuating right down around that area.So the point here being people had plenty of time to get in.It's not like it was just some sort of knee jerk reactionthat you had to be at the right place at the right timeand just have the exact sniper like order in.No, there was plenty of time down herefor everybody to get involved.So that was right there this whole dayright there represented Tuesday.And then Wednesday rolled around.And good old Wednesday got the gap up there.So right there already a very, very solid move.And I'll just play this and you know it just kept ongetting bigger and bigger, kept getting bigger and biggerand I mean absolutely insane up over 14 dollars,and then did start to consolidate a little bit.Nothing crazy, minor pull back there.And that was then Wednesday.And then Thursday rolled around.So how did this go on Thursday?Thursday nice gap up there, in that first 30 minutes, wentall the way up just shy of 30 dollars in just 30 minutes.But, I mean you've heard of BPTH right?It's been the talk of the town this past week.But if you're not aware, as kind of crazy as this sounds,yeah you ain't seen nothing yet.So right there, did a little bit more consolidating.And then you can see at that point, and I apologize,the chart's kinda acting goofy, but because it was sucha massive mover, that's just throwing off the proportionswhich is now making the rest of this look kind of goofy.But a good problem to have.So you can see right there, went up as high, and now hit42 dollars, remember this was alerted down here atright around, we'll call it 4.75.And then the next 30 minutes occurred, and this thingwent all the way up and hit a high of 73, right around,let's just call it 73.50, and yes it did pull back,so the people that were chasing up here,they're learning a very cruel and hard lesson.But as far as members are concerned, they were well awareof it way before it even got to, heck even 16 dollars,even 9 dollars, and it went all the way up that high,and like I said, has pulled back.Let's pull out the calculator real quick.So it essentially went up and hit 73.50, and we'll dividethat, we'll play a little more conservative.You could have definitely gotten, you being members,could have definitely gotten in below 4.75,but we'll just use 4.75 as the entry point.So that equal that, we gotta subtract out one.And then multiply that times 100 to convertit to a percentage, and there we are.1,447% profit window.Now again from a disclosures perspective,am I saying that some member played thatabsolutely perfectly and sold right at the top?I'm not saying that.But I mean, let's say you screwed up, I don't know, like 90%of the trade, so you only captured the 10% of 1,400%, that'sstill over 100% that you could have made on it.And again that's saying you screwed up 90% of the trade.Let's say, well it wasn't that bad,I only screwed up half the trade, okay?You're still at 700%.So definitely a huge mover and one that was alertedvery early on, and turned out to be quite the monster.Again, not that this happens all the time or anythinglike that, I'm not trying to proclaim that.But, as far as not believing the hype, not followingthe hype, and then also okay well we're not gonnabelieve the hype, but how can we figure out a goodrisk verse reward, I mean think about it.Down here, and then absolutely exploded, so a great moverand one that, for a normal stock, this might be a record.I don't know if it is or not.We have had some other big ones, especially froman options perspective, but that's besides the point.The point here is that charts are a great toolto help manage the unknown, to help control your emotions.They'll not allow you to fall for the hype,chase the hype, like these people right here.Again not to rub in the salt or anything,but these people, I mean that is chasing the hype.That is chasing the hype to a T, and like I saidthey're learning a difficult lesson now, as I talkright now the price is sitting, essentially 50% belowwhere it was, not quite 50% but at one pointit was way below 50% in a pretty short amount of time.But don't chase the hype, but that's only half the equation.Right, okay well don't chase the hype, now what?Then you gotta find those logical areas, and that's wherethe power of charts comes into play.As I said at the beginning of the video, hopefully I caninspire you to wanna dig a little bit deeper into charts andtechnically analysis, remember those being one in the same.But also, yeah, if you are interested in joining the groupthese are the types of alerts that are sent out,and what you can expect from the 99 dollars.Once more, just to reiterate, am I saying that if yousign up for the 99 dollar service, you're gonna get 100,or excuse me not 100, 1000% movers on a weekly basis?No, don't sign up if that's what you're thinking.So I am not proclaiming that at all, I am just tryingto illustrate that yeah, for 99 dollars, for an entireyear, I think that price is more than fair.Especially if you get out the calculator and break that downto a per month cost, which is eight dollars and 25 cents.Or if you really want to geek out and calculate thatdown to a per week price, one dollar and 90 cents.And as I always say, over the time span of 12 months,I'm more than confident you're gonna getat least 99 dollars worth of value.I never claim to really be setting the bar that high.So I hope you consider that.But at the end of the day, consider charts are a great wayto eliminate those emotions, eliminate that hype,no need to chase, and I get a lot of other kind ofplaces out there, let's go, let's go, let's go,and everybody's building up excitement and yeah.I mean that can definitely get you in trouble.But you always want to be out there looking for thosegreat risk verse reward opportunities.And that's what BPTH did a good job of, and as you sawvia that alert, via the chatroom, not the chatroom,the newsletter, but remember the live chatroomdoes come with the service too.So I hope you decide to sign up.If you have any questions under anything let me knowdown below, but again to members, 1,400%?Are you kidding me?Congrats, well done.If you are out there trading alone currently, and maybeare in the market looking for a community to join,to assist you in your trading, or to just help you,give you another set of eyeballs, then I do havea private trading community where you can trade alongsideme and other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link, so if you click on theinner circle one, that is going to take you to the pagewhere I explain all the details of what exactly come withthe community, both the chat room and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped up is a behindthe scenes tour where you can see exactly what is goingto be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind the scenestour of everything, and that way you'll know preciselywhat you are getting when you join.So definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a communityand let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader