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(loud whooshing)Good morning, it is Clay at claytrader.com.This'll be a live trade videowhere I try to capture some of my tradesas they unfold live.Market opens up here in about 25 minutes,some fantastic action right now on ATOS pre-market.I mean, look at that monster move.So maybe a pre-market trade,but if nothing does play out,I'll just see ya back at the open,but as of right now I do have an order at 4.25,and whether or not it gets down there, I don't know,but if it does, I'll do my best to capturethe entry point live on video.But like I said, if not, see ya back at the open.Have an order for a thousand shares at 5.01 on ATOS.Let's see if it can work its way down.All right, it's moving down,4.75 I moved my thousand share order to,represented by that green line.So it's certainly in the ballpark.How low do that actually go?Went as low as 4.82, so about seven cents off.All right, we'll see if we can pull back.All right, pulling back, nice, got those at 5.15,we'll look for another thousand down at 4.75.So let's see what this wants to do.All right, it's given me 275, 894,well at this point I have how many left?106, so let's just hop out there thenand call it good for $131, and I don't know,what was that?Well, let me first stop talking,get my next order down at four, double checking,4.55, so $131 in, I don't know,was that like 10 seconds?So I'll take that.If you go back and put the video back,you'll see that I was just, it wasn't clean,it was partial, it was at 200 something,then it was at 8.94 and then it just stopped there.So I canceled that out and took the rest at the 5.07 mark.So good heads up that trying to get in and outis gonna be a little bit trickier on that one.But yeah, 131 on the gain in a good,efficient amount of time.Let's see if it wants to pull back.Oh nice, alright, I got in at 4.55.I apologize though, I don't think I gotthe entry point though.Wow, that was fast.Alright, but less talking Clay.So 4.15.First entry point.I say first entry point 'cause ideallyI want more than a thousand,but if it's gonna give me the quick 150 bucks likeyou saw there, so I don't know, what was that 150 bucksin five seconds, 10 seconds?I don't think I caughtthe entry point on video, I apologize.I was watching too, I was watching very closely,but that thing just snapped down in a hurry,which is why I was pretty excited about it,'cause I mean that's what I'm looking for though,snap movements like that.Alright, no promises that I'll capture the entry point,but just for the documentation sake I have an orderfor a thousand at 4.15, now start the process over.Alright, I have an order at 5.01 for just 500 shares.Let's see if it wants to pull back here.I mean it's got the nice little upwards trendto it right now.So I'd be willing to make my first purchase,but not anymore than 5.01.I will keep you updated.Okay, I have an order at 5.01 on the pullback here.Can't remember if I told you that or not.It's been awhile since the last update.I think I told you that, but it's like I said,it's been about several minutes,but I do still have that order at 5.01.It got down as low as 5.07, there we go.So got those first ones at 5.01, just 500.We'll look for some more down thereat 4.55 if this move wants to continue.So let's see what it wants to do here.Again, 4.55 next entry point,puts 'em down at 4.35 too.Alright, I will go ahead and pause for the time being,unless it looks like something is going to eithergo in my favor and I can take profitsor if I'm able to add some more to the position.Alright, going for the break of five, there is the break.It's working its way up there.So all out there for the nine cents which equated to $45.Gonna keep that, those orders still down thereat 4.55 and 4.35 in case it wants to flush back downwards.In hindsight, yeah I should have probably beena little more aggressive with that second purchase, but,that's why we're all trillionaires in our hindsight account.So let's see, we were just a little over 30 minutesin and up $326, so for 30 minutes worth of pressing buttons,as I work at home in pajamas, gotta keep thingsin perspective, I am very happy with that.Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and wrap this up.It's 10:22, so almost an hour in the day,and there's some stuff that I wanna get done,and if I can just be honest I don't feel like sittingin front of my computer right now anymore.So I'm just gonna head outand haven't even really been paying attention that much.But regardless, before I go, a couple final things.First off, if you enjoy these video,I know this one's on the shorter side,but if you do enjoy the longer one's, then yeah,there's lots of other videos on the playlist.I think I've done over 300 of these live trades.But regardless, wanna do this one, well,as I talk now this thing's moving down.So, famous last words.Let's go to 4.55 here.So I don't know, maybe I'm gonna be a liar.So, if this gets filled during my little spiel right herethen we'll capture one more trade.But, if you do enjoy these videos, the easiest wayto communicate that to me is to click that like button,and then subscribe to the channel.If you are interested in trading alongside meand other good quality tradersthen you can go to claytrader.com.I do offer a live chatroom, that also comeswith a weekly newsletter.And that is all for just $99 per year, not per month,not per quarter, per year.Pull out the calculator, do the math,it breaks down to $8.25 per month, or $1.90 per week.So truly, it's more than fair.And as I always tell people, over the time spanof 12 months I'm more than confident you'll getat least $99 worth of value.I realize that's not setting the bar too high.But, you know, $99 is just enough to keep out the pumpers,keep out the trolls, keep out the bashers,keep out all the drama,and it's amazing what $99 to keyboard warriors, and drama,people that trolls and all that.It's amazing, $99, poof.So if you're interested in beingin a very well structured environmentthen that's what that is.And then if you are interested in learning howto trade with charts and tactical analysis,which is the tool that I use, then again, claytrader.com.I offer a lot of online video courses on that topic,and you can check out all that.But even if you don't spend a single dime, that's okay.But like I said, if you do enjoy these,then at least click that like buttonand subscribe to the channel.And that's a very efficient way to communicate to me that,hey Clay, please keep spending your timeto do these because I do enjoy 'em.So hit that like button and I will keep 'em up, so yeah.Less than an hour into the day, up over $325and I will take it.But, you know, let's just do this, I'll pauseand if it looks like there's gonna be some sortof breakdown flush I'll get it going again.Alright, well it's bounced back up, so that is all.Thank you again for watching, hit that like buttonand I'll see you back next week.One of the biggest questions I get is, hey Clay,how do you find the stocks that you trade?So what I've done is put together a free resource guidewhere I talk about the tools that I use to locate stocksthat I find interesting and think may have potential.So if that sounds like something that could add valueto you as a trader then click on the image that is upon the screen right now and I will email you the guide.The guide itself is very short and to the point,and best part, it's completely free.Thanks for watching the video,let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader