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4k, 1080, and Football

In a practical sense, what is the difference between a 4k and a 1080p resolution monitor? Let me try to give a practical example of how things would look on a 4k monitor vs a 1080 monitor, and help you make the decision is right for you.

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Let's talk monitors.4K, 1080, footballs?(dramatic music)One of the questions I get a lot on the channelis what monitors do I need for trading.So let's break down the difference betweenmonitor size and the monitor resolution,and if you need to go with 4K or you need to go with 1080.So first off, we're gonna talk about size.Everybody knows what size is.We're just gonna glance over that pretty quick.A 27 inch monitor is measured corner to corner as 27 inches,whether it's 4K, 1080, 720, 8K, whatever.It's always gonna be the same size screen, right?Right.So resolution, what does that mean?So, basically a 1080p screen is gonna have about 2000 pixelswide across the top, and a 4K screen's gonna have4000 pixels across the top roughly,give or take a few of 'em.So width-wise, basically...The pixel density, I'm trying to think throughwhat's the best way to do this.The pixel density on a 4K monitor of 27 inches,is gonna be four times as dense,so you're gonna have twice as many pixels wide,and you're gonna have twice as many pixels high.So you're gonna be able to fix basically four timesas much stuff in the same amount of pixels.But what does that really mean, right?Let's, let's be honest,to who, pixels, density, inches, who cares, right?So let's talk about footballs.So I have two footballs here.Basically, right now you have to think that bothof these are the exact same football,so I know this one's dumb and little and orange,and this one's a regulation size,but basically these are the same football in your eyes.Basically this is the same football being viewed in 4K,which is this one, or 1080, which is this one.So what does, what does that mean, right?So the 1080 you're gonna see the same exact items,but you're gonna see them a lot bigger.4K, you're gonna see the same item as you would in 1080,it doesn't change what's actually on your screen,it just makes it smaller,packs 'em in there a lot more densely.So how do you choose what you want,how do you use it, right?So behind me here, I have three monitors.Two of 'em are 27 inches and two of them are...What, yeah, two plus two is three, right?Two of them are 27 inches.One is 32 inches.And they're all 4K.But the 27 inchers, I honestly cannot run them atthe full 4K because their stuff is too small,I just can't see it.So I have to actually scale the screen up.So the 32 incher I can run at the full 4K.Everything looks fantastic,and I get tons of stuff on the screen,and it's super nice and sharp.So, what is the kinda the barrier line ofwhere you should go 1080 versus 4K?Honestly, I think it's about 27 inches.So I have my 27 inch screen scaled.Windows lets you scale 'em upso you can actually see the stuff.So, I'm not scaling it all the wayto like what it would be with a 1080 screen.It's like at 120%, so it's not quite as small,I can't get quite as much stuff on it,as I could with a full 4K resolution of 100% scalinglike I can with the center screen, but I can getway more stuff on it than I can with 1080 screen,and the other benefit is the pixels are so much smaller,that I can also get a much finer, cleaner,crisper picture as well,so I hope that answered your questions about,or helped you out a little bit in terms of picking,if you should go 4K and 1080.And really what the difference is,and the difference being stuff is really big on one,and stuff could be really small on anotherdepending on how big it is.Now if you have like a 70 inch, 4K TV, yeah,you're stuff's probably gonna be about the same sizeas if you had...A 27 inch 1080p TV,but at the same time, you can get way more stuff on it,because you then have four times the amount of screen space,so I hope that helps.If you have questions, if I didn't explain this very good,(laughing)Please let me know down below.If you have any other questions abouttechnology, monitors, computers, trading, tech,whatever, let me know down below in the questions.I will be happy to see if we can answer those for you.Have a great day.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader