Let’s talk five toxic signs for day traders that will, ultimately, lead you to failing. These personality traits are pointed out by a Harvard career specialist. In other words, this person has seen a ton of data and can point out these common themes of toxic signs. I’ve been running the YouTube channel since 2013, so needless to say, that I’ve seen quite a few of the same exact toxic signs over my years coaching and working with other beginner traders. The good news is this, if you have some of these toxic signs within your personality, that’s okay. You just need to be honest with yourself and admit they’re there. By doing this, you’ll now be able to begin to work on and fix these problems before they cause you to spin out of control within your trading. The day traders that find the most success are the ones who are bluntly honest with themselves. Don’t let pride and ego get in the way. If you have any of these traits, acknowledge them so you can fix them! Let’s go!

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