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In the world of learning how to trade, I realize there is a lot of “free” information out there; however, as you are about to see – free is NOT actually free. When you stop and analyze it, the entire concept is not only flawed but is quite a nasty situation. At the end of the day, as I’ll show, by investing into your knowledge you can unlock profits in sometimes forgotten about ways.

More reasoning on ‘why’ free is actually NOT free – https://claytrader.com/videos/90-failure-rate-explained/

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Hey welcome to another Friday fireside chatthat is not in front of the computer, AKA, the fire,but in front of the whiteboard.If you're new to the channelsometimes I'll put a little fire in the background,so that's what I mean by fireside chat.Why do I have the whiteboard here?Because we have some numbers I wanna go overand some chains of logic that justmake it a little bit easier to see.And I'm gonna do my best to stay composed.I'm gonna do my best not to lose it,but this is the stuff that really just,just, uh, because I get that this can come acrossas maybe cliche or a sales pitch,but I really do want people to succeed.So when I see stuff like this,which is the absolute opposite of putting yourselfon the pathway to success it does just uuuuhhhh.But anyways, I'm gonna try to stay, calm.So I got this email and I will be the first to admit,it is extreme, but it all revolves aroundthe concept that free is not freeand knowledge can come in a couple different forms.The main form is, well, if I pay for knowledge,if I pay for education,then I need to learn how to make money.Totally fairand very logical, you are correct.But there's another side herethat you're also, assuming you get a quality program,you're also gonna learn aboutthat comes in the form of knowledge.And I'm gonna show some numbers herewhere you really should look at it as an investmentinto your education.Not in an expense,not an I have to spend money on my education.No, an investment 'cause an investmentis going to give you returns, right?ROI, return on investment.And you're gonna see here, a kind of,I think one of the hidden areas of how education works,but also just why free is not free.And I don't blame this personbecause when you are new and you don't knowwhat you don't know, then you don't really knowwhat you actually should belearning from certain situations.And that'll make more sense after I get through this.But like I said, I'll be the first to admitthis is very extreme.But as I've said in many other videos,and I'll probably say a couple more times in this video,just imagine, if things can get this extreme,imagine all the gray area out there, if that exists.It's actually quite scary, and again,it makes that much more sense why failure ratesare at 90% and even higher.So Don says, I just,or I had just opened an account to invest.Been thinking about it for years.Retired so was trying to figure outhow I can add income.So everything has doubled in cost the last few years.Looking for advice.Took your take on USMJ,so one of the video charts that I do.If you're not familiar, I'll take a chart,map out some support, resistance levels,very, very, very basic stuff.And give it a try as this CBD stuffis supposed to be the next big thing.I don't know what CBD is,but I guess it's supposed to be the next big thing.That's why I started an account.Took savings and thought I couldmake some money off your report.Again, my report is simply a video charttalking about supports, resistance level,something very basic.In fact, it's so basic that some peopleactually make fun of me for it.They're on the, believe it or not,in the YouTube comment section people actually talk trash,if you're not aware,but some people talk trash in the form of,that is so basic, anybody knows this stuff.And I'm not denying it.It is basic, but I want it to be basic'cause those videos are intended for peoplethat have no idea what a technical chart even is.So, but my point here is thatthey're looking at this very, very basic thingas some sort of report.And it sounds like they've made decisions based off of it.It had jumped to double oh one twoand you put out your view on it.I fell for it and bought a lot of it.Lost right at 50% at this point.I'll try, I'll not try stock market again.I've learned, okay, keep in mind learned,they think they've learned, hint, wink, wink.I have learned a lot about pump and dump stuff,and so much more the last few weeks.Should have studied how stocks,oh I didn't even see that the first time I read through it.Should have studied how stocks worked first.I agree.You probably should have studied how stocks,but,and you're blaming my, okay, okay.Where was I?How did I miss that the first time?Don, you're absolutely right.You should have learned how stocks workedbefore you took money out of your savingsand put them into a penny stock.I will agree, that is a proper lesson to learn.I will give Don that.Politicians, MM, pumpers, wow,first time I bought a stock and last time.Way over my head.Didn't realize this is a game played by the oneswho know how to take others money.America, like believing in Santa Claus,is just all a big rip.Don, I hear Canada's nice.I hear, what else is nice?What are some other? Puerto Rico's nice.Puerto Rico, it's probably, right now in Michigan,there's snow outside, by the time,no, by the time this goes this will still be.Anyways,calling Santa Claus a big rip,I hope nobody's kids were in the room, Don.I'm happy for you, though.You figured out how to survive.I didn't have to invest so this one's on me, not you.I will not sell this USMJ as I think someone else like youwill come along and get more people to spend.So I can sell it at what I paid rather than give it away.I have noticed that all stocks go up and down.So this should also.Thanks for the $6,000 education.You gave what I thought was good news on this companyand I bought.Today I see someone post bad news.I guess this is a trick to get people to sell.See my dilemma,who can I trust to be teaching me this stuff?Oh Don.Don, Don, Don.Let me get my marker.The key number here, let's just focus onis$6,000.Is that is what, from my understanding,they are down.So in all actuality, with this current person's mindset,that number's probably gonna get worse.But we'll just call it and we'll justassume that it's a $6,000loss.And what did they do?Well, they said, you know, that was the cost of education.And this is what really summarizes the problemwith, and how free is not free.Because let' think about this.And I get where what this person's talking about.I see it all the time.Customer service chat, new people in the chat room itself,just in general.Have you ever heard in the soundbites,well you know, you really learn from the losers?The losing trades,that's where you learn your valuable lessons.Really?Because when you're new and you don't knowwhat you don't know,how exactly do you even know what lesson to learn?Now yeah, there's a lesson, well,I probably shouldn't have done thatbecause it lost me money.Maybe, but can you see the problem hereis the logic for that goes, okay,loss, that's when you're new, losses,that's just kind of a cost of doing business,a cost of learning the ropes, a cost of,however you wanna phrase it.But then the next question with this becomes,okay, yeah that is a part of education,but what actually was the conclusion?Meaning, what did you draw?What did you learn from this quote unquoteeducational experience?And as you saw here, this person just spent $6,000to reach the conclusions that they shared in the email.Were any of those conclusionseven remotely to being correct?Except about the one about he probably shouldhave learned about how stocks work before doing all this?Besides that, think about whathe ultimately withdrew from all this.It was somebody else's problem,I was the cause of all this,and I somehow manipulated or just,whatever, I'm not exactly sure,but it was very evident that what they learned,their conclusion with the $6,000 losswas that I somehow took advantage of themin the situation and that was their conclusion.And then their other conclusion was,but I'm not gonna sell yet because all stocks go back up.Have you heard that one before?Especially from penny stock people?Don, this is not Pepsi, this is not Coca-Cola.It's not Microsoft.There's no guarantee.And even on those stocks there's no guaranteethat they would ever go back up.But this is a penny stock, Don.This is not like a blue chip companythat you grabbed your savings and put it into.So to think that, in their mind,they just had a $6,000 education,and then these are the what they shared with us.Those are the conclusions?That's actually a very, very scary thing.Now let's also look at the investment into the educationand look at some numbers hereabout why it's actually very worth it.And before I forget, I should note,that this is not strictly a sales pitch.When I got involved in real estate investing,and I've done videos on this,I spent close to $5,000 on my education.Because for me, what I'm gonna talk about hereis exactly why I wanted to do that.And the main forum,not necessarily invest in my educationfor real estate investing to make money,I wanted to make sure that I was not doing anything stupidbecause a penny saved is a penny earned,and in many ways I think I would arguethat having that knowledge of when to avoid a situationwhen it's actually a bad thought process,that's just as, if not more important,than actually having a thought processthat will lead to actually making money.Don't get me wrong, yes,both are valuable.But sometimes you almost wonder,the best trade you can make in may situationsis no trade at all.But you gotta know when you should be avoiding situations.So think about this.And like I said, to assign some numbers here,and I'm not saying you should buy my course,but this is certainly a sales pitchfor just investing into your education in general.I'd love it if you invested into my course.But if there's somebody else you feel more comfortable withor whatever then cool, go with them.At least you're investing into a course,but if it's a quality program,if it's quality education that you're getting,then you're gonna learn and I willdefinitely state a guarantee here for mine,'cause I can obviously speak to what I offer,but mine is, we'll just round it up to $2,000.That is the cost of my ClayTrader University program.So $2,000.But one thing I can guarantee is if Don had just investedthe $2,000 into my program he wouldnot have found himself in this situation.He would not have been approachingthe market in this manner.He would not have thought that his thought processwas actually a valid sequence of events.He would have avoided this situation all together.Now that's not even a very bold proclamation on my endbecause like I said, this is a very extreme situation.But remember, if it can get this extreme,where are all the little gray areasin your potential approach?Your potential thought process towards the market,towards trading.Like I said, when you don't know what you don't know,you're gonna lose money yes.But that doesn't even, when you don't know,how does that even, there's no guaranteethat you're actually gonna learn the proper lessonfrom the loss in the first place, as we saw here.But like I said, I will guarantee,I can't guarantee that if you spend the $2,000you're gonna make money hand over fistand be swimming like Scrooge McDuck in a pile of coins.But in this situation I 100% guaranteehe would not have been in this situation.Which means what?If he's not in that situationthen he's never lost that $6,000, right?Which means he still has that $6,000 in his pocket,hence, Benjamin Franklin's a penny saved is a penny earned.So let's think about this math.He still has $6,000.Now to be fair though, he did stillhave to spend the $2,000 to avoid that.So netting that, so let's subtract out the 2,000 there.He's still$4,000 ahead, right?So think about that.$4,000 ahead by spending the $2,000.So if you wanna look at thatfrom a return on investment perspectiveI won't insult your intelligence there,but you look at there, double $2,000 is $4,000.Which is, if you double somethingthat would be just at 100% move.So Don would have gotten 100% return on investmenthad he invested into my program here.Sure, he'd never get it in the sense of making the $6,000,but he made it in the sense of knowingwhen to avoid certain situations,when to step away and say,that's not the way I should be approaching this situation.And that gets lost in the shuffle a lot.And a lot of times people don'teven tell that in their education.So that's why I say,if you feel comfortable with somebody else, that's fine.But I will say that within what I offerthat's a big part of it is, should you even be in the trade?Should you even be thinking about taking that trade?Because like I said, there is a third order type out there.You have the buy, the sell,and you have the do nothing button.And many times people never focus on the do nothing buttonbecause, I get it, that's not quite as sexy.It's much more sexy from a marketing perspectiveto say, look at all, invest in thisand you're gonna make all this money.What about, and you know if I say, invest in thisand you're gonna avoid certain situations.What kinda market, no that's not.But remember, now I'm not saying I'm the only onethat focuses on this, to be fair.But my point is that I know you will,I will give you that as part of your education.Yeah, of how to make money, how to manage a tradeafter you get in and all that good stuff.But sometimes you shouldn't even be in the tradebecause that's how the math works out in this.So just by simply avoiding something, Don,you could have had 100% return on your money.And also, you'd have actually had a valid education.But now, Don, you're down $6,000,and you didn't even get,you didn't even get a proper education.In fact, now you have that many more false misconceptions.So this is a breeding of bad habits.So you are paying to breed bad habits.You are paying to breed faulty and misconceptions.If that's not kind of a spiraldown the toilet I don't know what is.But that's what happens all the time,and I see it.Somebody tells me about a loss they took,and they give me all these reasons on why.And I just have to sit there and say,no that's actually not why you lost.That's not the lesson that you should have learned.All the time,and here's the thing is once you learnand once you exit out of the stage ofwell I don't know what I don't know,then you've seen this, too.You know exactly what I'm talking about.Somebody on social media, somebody on anywhere,and they're explaining or they're telling youin one way or another,just telling kind of the general public their reasoningfor why they lost and the lessons learned,and you're just sitting there saying,no that, you lost money.And not only did you lose money.What you think you learned is actuallynot what you should have learned from the situation.So it literally is a double whammy.Lost money, wrong learning example.I guess a triple whammy.Because with the wrong learning example,now you're gonna just take that,and that's gonna spiral out of control with more bad habitsand then it really is a vicious cyclewhen I stop and think about it.And that's why I wanted to investin my real estate education 'cause,yeah, of course I wanna learnhow to make money in real estate.But you get in a bad deal in real estate,if you're putting yourself in a situationthat you should have never been in,those numbers in real estateare a whole lot bigger than trading.So this is not simply a sales pitch on my end.I do believe in investing into your education.I've done it myself.And I really hope that you consider it.Not only consider just investing in how the numberstruly can work in your favor,but also just the general conceptof making sure an education you are looking atis covering both forms of knowledge.Sure, the knowledge of how to make money,but are they really focusing onthe risk analysis perspective ofshould you even be in the trade?Should you even be thinking about taking the trade?'Cause that has a large bearing on thingsand also pays the return on investment.So, Don, I do wish you all the best.I highly doubt you watch this,but yeah, you definitely didn't learnthe right lessons that you think you did.Your conclusions were way off and,I do wish you all the best.But I think that's all I wanted to say.But yeah, 100% return on investment, not too shabby.If you are out there trading alone currentlyand maybe are in the market looking for a community to join,to assist you in your trading or to just help yougive you another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link,so if you click on the inner circle onethat is going to take you to the pagewhere I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chat room and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped upis the behind the scenes tour where you can seeexactly what is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said,a behind the scenes tour of everything.And that way you'll know precisely what you are gettingwhen you join.So definitely check that stuff out if you are interestedand thinking about wanting to join a community,and let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader