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A 263% “Jump”. Boom!

The stock market is an amazing way to make money online. Yes, you need to know how to trade with a strategy and systems; however, once those are in place, the sky is the limit. As part of my yearly subscription service, I send out weekly scans to members designed to assist them in their scanning of the market as they look for potentially profitable trade set-up opportunities. In this set of scans, as you’ll see, we had a stock chart alert that got extra “jumpy” for us!

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It's Clay at ClayTrader.com.This will be the weekly review of thePower Profit Scan Newsletter, which is a portionof the $99 per year subscription servicethat I offer at the site.I like to do this, it gives an opportunityfor you to see behind the scenes,and this more knowledge,this more information on how it works,can help make your decision on whether or notyou want to join the community.These are great and it also just serves asa great educational example.Nothing worse than reading a book and that authorhas selected the exact, perfect examplefor everything they're talking about.Here, we're looking at some nitty gritty,real life examples that literally have occurredthat were sent out to members,which brings into the first disclosure that I always make.Am I trying to imply, am I trying to portraythat every single alert that I send out is a winner?And it's always raining money and all that?Absolutely not, nothing is perfect, no one is perfect,no scan is perfect, so yes, losing trades happen,losing alerts happen,and if you follow my video series here,you know I've talked about losing trades in the past,but what it does go to show is that,the importance of keeping losses controlled,focusing on risk management, risk control,because sure, losing trades do happen,but on the flip side of the coin,winning trades also happen.So when those winning trades, those winning alerts do occur,you want to make sure that from a risk managementand an account perspective, you have your accountpositioned in a spot to best benefitfrom those winning trades when they do happen.Now do they happen every single time?No, but sure they absolutely do happen,as you're about to see.The second thing to note, from just an explanation point is,we are gonna go back and look at the week of 11-19.Why are we going so far back in history?Two reasons.First is, it's just simply giving plenty of timefor the chart to play out.So now that we can see what actually has happenedand then second, a matter of being fair.I mean, if you paid the $99 for the yearly subscriptionand then all of a sudden, you see this stuff out therefor free on the Internet,I'd assume you'd feel a little ripped offand I would agree, so it's nothing shady,in terms of going far back, it's just a matterof letting the chart play out and a matter of being fairto paying members, so let's get to it.The first chart that we're gonna talk about herewas alerted a ticker symbol GME,and the category I put it in was just a history repeat.The last couple times it was done around this areaof the chart, you can see the price did indeedget some very nice bounces and once again,the price was down right around this area of the chart.So as I noted here, the general area has producedsome nice bounces in the past,so hey, is history going to repeat itself?Let's see how this one all played out.So here is again, what the chart looked like.Before I go any further, before I forget,a couple of quick, little notes.As far as prices, keep an eye on the prices of stocksthat we talk about, that's a common question I get.Hey Clay, what type of stocks do you actually followand my standard reply is, I will follow, I will alertany chart, any stock that I think gives usa higher probability than something else.I don't care about the price, I just care about the oddsand the probabilities that the trademay work out in our favor.So here, we're talking about a stock that'sup over $10, but just keep in mind,and if you've watched past videos,you know that I've talked about stocks over $100,stocks below a dollar, so the price rangeis all over the place so just keep that in mind.I don't care about price, I care about odds of successand the probabilities that the trade willwork out in our favor.And then also, the newsletter is sent out on the weekend,so what you're seeing right here is what the chartlooked like after Friday and the close,and then the next information you'll seewill be when the market opens back up on Monday.So with all of those things out of the way,let's see how this one played out.So again, that is Monday right there.And then, the move down here happened.And this is where things get a little tricky though,because depending on how you played it,there's a lot of gray area.I can see how people might have gotten in and thenthis move right here, it'd been like okay, I better get out.I can see how maybe people wanted to see more confirmationand then perhaps got in down around here.And you can see that ultimately, it turned outand history did indeed actually repeat itselfonce again by bouncing all the way up there.However, like I said, going back to the opening,this was definitely not a smooth trade.It was not a smooth set up.You know, had this candle right here, not existed,not come into play.Now again, I could see how for some people,that would have given them an awesome, awesome entry point.However, for other people, I can see how that would havedefinitely thrown a monkey wrench into the planand maybe even caused them to have to just hop out,which brings up the example where,have you ever been there?Where you get in, something goes against you, oops,there you go, I don't know what I clicked therebut we're back to normal.But have you been there, where you get in and thensomething goes against you, and you display disciplinewhere you're like, you know what, I need to just get outand then all of a sudden, you get out and the thinggoes totally in your favor?Well here's a perfect example of that,and trust me, you're not alone.It does happen.So for me, I'm gonna consider thisultimately a losing trade, maybe a break even trade.But for some, it maybe was a big winner.Why am I being so sketchy in my explanation?Well that just really goes to illustrate the pointof sometimes in the real world of trading,not looking at some sort of perfect examplefrom a textbook, things can get sloppy,and you can have certain candles and certain daysthat either cause you to have to get out of the tradefor a loss, it can cause you to maybe hesitateand then miss the trade, or you know, in some cases,maybe those days actually give you an opportunityat a good entry point, but there is no doubt about it,this one was not smooth, due to that one candle.So it is what it is but it does providea good, real life example.But ultimately yeah, history did repeat itself.Things just got a little too sloppy beforehand.The next chart here is MDRand category, I kinda made up for it,was just is strength building,and the strength building via the higher lowsthat were being formed, obviously got beat upwith the gap down here,and it started to slowly show some progress,so I made the comment about,can it work it's way back up to this red line here?Which was represented of $10 and 70ish cents.So let's see how this one all played out.Here, once again, is the chart as it was over the weekend.Another thing, a quick reminder,now we're talking about a sub $10 stock,so a good variety here in pricing,and just from a presentation standpoint,things are a little goofy because of thisbig gap down here, and not that long ago,the price was actually all the way up here,about $20 so the point being, it throws offthe proportions a little bit, as far as the chart looks.So, yes this trade works outbut it doesn't look like that much, but it actually is,but the formatting is just thrown off a little bit.So here we have, like I said,the trend line here that I talked about,and let's just see how this one plays out.So eventually, nothing really occurshowever what does occur,is it pulls back to that trend line.As you can see, just hovers right here at trend line.And I would say that there's no sloppiness at all.Of course, it drops a little bit below the trend linebut remember trend lines, move in averages,support resistances are not exact, specific levels.There is a range element associated with it.So I would definitely say that it stayed within the range.It's not like there was any sort of sloppy candlethat had it all the way down hereto seven dollars or anything.So it continues to just hover right around that trend line.And some patience required here,some patience definitely required,and then, there you go, starts to come to life.And then makes that move up there,which again, doesn't look like that muchbut given the price range, that was actuallyan 18 1/2% opportunity to pull profits from itbefore the price did roll back over.Now am I saying that anybody played it perfectly?No, I'm not saying anybody played it perfectly.But you know, even if you made,let's just say 10% on it.10% out of the 18, hey for a matter of a couple of weeks,that's not too bad.In the past videos, I've talked about,in fact, last week, how CD rates right noware 3 1/2% for five years.So literally 3 1/2%, you can get for waiting five yearsor if you played this one, just for 10%,10% in a matter of a couple of weeks.You know, I think I'd take the 10% two weeksover 3.5% over five years.So again, a nice little move there.And not dramatic movement, but yeah,good, solid little move.The last chart we're gonna look at isfor ticker symbol ANY, and I totally justmade up this category,with a quote, unquote jumpy potential.I'm pretty sure jumpy's not actually a trading lingo,but that's really all I could really describe itbecause I talked about here how,I've shown before that the price can actuallymake some pretty crazy moves.I mean, there is a wide range here.So it does show that it can get quote, unquote jumpy.The price can make pretty quick price movementsso that's why, the best I can do is justthrow it into a jumpy potential categoryand then I give the bigger explanation right here.And at the end of the day I say it's worth watchingcause these ones, if you like the quick moves,keep an eye on it cause you never knowwhat may be in store.So here is the chart on the weekend and once more,price range now, we're talking about a stockthat's down below three dollars even.So we've covered quite the range of prices herebut let's see how this one played out.So this was on the weekend.And there was Friday, not much going,plenty of opportunity if people wanted to get in.And then the next day, just an absolutely monster of a move,pulls back a little bit,if you weather that storm, it came back to lifeand it went all the way up as high as $8.70for an overall profit window of 263%.Again, am I saying people played it perfectlyand made 263%, I'm not saying that.Let's say you played it less than half right.Less than half right still give you 100% movein a time span of just a few days.So again, let's keep things in perspective.3.5% in five years or 100% in just a few days.Like I said, no need to be greedy out thereand when you have a strategy and you knowwhat you're doing, the stock market is truly a crazy placebut yeah, ANY definitely got jumpy for usand created a huge profit window,where like I said, even if you screwed up more thanhalf of the trade, you could have still hadan opportunity at 100% move, which is not too bad.So, definitely a great winner for the membership community.In closing here, if you are interested in joiningor learning more, then you can go tojust ClayTrader.com/innercircleor you can simply just go to ClayTrader.comand there's a section up at the top that'll directyou towards the Inner Circle subscription service.You get a lot of other things with it.Yes, you get the newsletters, which is what we talked about.Probably the more talked about thing,at least what I do on social media and such,involves the live trading chat roomand that's all live, real time stuff.So it's literally a situation where you have,I think the best of both worlds,you have set ups sitting in your email that are sent out,and then you also have the opportunityto interact with others, myself, live in real timevia the chat room.As far as prices are concerned,I mentioned this already but $99 per year,not per month, not per quarter, per year.If you do the math, that breaks down to $8.25 per monthor if you break down the math even furtherand want to know how much it's actually costing per week,$1.90, so really there's no excuses.If that's not fair pricing, I don't know what is.And as I always say, I'm very, very confidentthat over the time span of 12 months,you'll get at least $99 worth of value.Another thing, it does come with a mobile appso it's not a situation where you have to bechained to your computer or chained to your deskor anything like that.You can stay in touch with everythingfrom wherever you are.So there is an app available too,at no additional cost so hopefully you decideto give it a try.If you do have any questions,leave it in the Comment section below,contact me through social media,contact me through the site,contact me in whatever means makes your life easiestand I look forward to hopefully getting to know you betterand networking with you within the community.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader