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If you want to get started trading stocks, you’ll need a trading platform to allow you to buy and sell the stocks you want to trade. Beginner day traders more times than not need a budget friendly trading platform to fit their current financial situation, which is totally understandable. When you are new to the stock market and just getting started, you probably will not have tons of money you can spend on various brokers and tools. From a budget perspective, it is wise to seek a broker who gives you quality tools and data for an efficient price. I want to share with you a platform that not only gives you great technical charts, but also Level 2 data for only $1.99 per month. If you want to make profitable decisions as a day trader the two primary tools you need are charts and Level 2’s, so to be able to get access to both of these tools for only $1.99 per month is a fantastic deal! At the end of the day, your knowledge of the markets and your particular trading strategy will determine how much money you make; however, having the proper tools that are visually pleasing to your eye will assist in the process. Let me show you a great platform to help you get started trading stocks!

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