While being a day trader and day trading online can be an awesome and convenient way to make money as a side hustle or full time job, to be transparent, the task certainly requires many skills. This is where many beginner day traders and those who are just getting started stumble. It’s not because they are not able to gain the required skills, it’s because they are mislead into thinking day trading is much easier than it actually is. With that being said, if you start off with your expectations in line with reality, that doesn’t guarantee anything but it certainly gives you better odds of finding success and making consistent money. Over the years I’ve been a day trader, one of the biggest skills I’ve come to realize and do my best to master is this: know when to quit! This may sound like a loser’s attitude; however, within the proper context and understanding, day traders need to be great at quitting. Of course, you don’t want to give up and quit too soon, but there certainly are those moments where quitting is the best choice going forward. Let me show you what I mean by using some of my personal day trading results. This way you can rest assured that none of this is being lectured at from a “in theory” perspective, but rather, a “real life” perspective. Let’s get to it!

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