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A Test. Should You Be Trading with Real Money?

There is one reoccurring example in the market that I come across time and time again that truly illustrates the point of people trading with real money when they shouldn’t be. Let’s see where you stand in regards to the test. You’ll need to be totally honest with yourself, but it is a great indicator of just where you actual knowledge and understand of the market resides.

I can’t give it away here, but HERE is the video explaining the answer to the question/scenario.

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Now be honest with yourself,we're gonna do a little test to seewhere you stand in your trading journey.(door slamming)Right off the get-go, if you're like oh Clay,I know all of that, that's good, don't get me wrong.But, just realize that I'm not just talking aboutthis example specifically,I'm talking about more so kind of an underling themethat I see out there all the time,and that you, as a newer trader, need to be aware of,and understand kind of the little pitfallsthat exist out there.Little being a key word, because sure,for this example here, it does seem little.It does seem like okay,well I missed that little dynamic of things,but there's a bigger underling issue here,and it becomes a question of, well what other little thingsare you missing out there?Is a tiny hole gonna sink a boat?No, but if you get enough tiny holes,it is gonna sink a boat, it's gonna sink a ship,just like little tiny holes are going to cause youto lose money eventually.I'm not saying you can't stumble across fool's gold,I'm not saying you can never make a great trade,but when you have little misconceptions,little missing bits of information within just trading,and the markets as a whole,like I said, enough of those are going to add up,and it's gonna start to cause you a headache.So before anything else,I wanna kinda get to this example here,but we'll start off with just, you know, a person,and over here we have real money.Meaning, you know, they are actually out theretrading with real money.But this hereis going to be the area that I wanna focus on.So let's get to this comment that is being made.This comment comes from YouTube, and they saydo you think it will rise to $8000 at some point,like October 2017?First off, a few clarifications.It being a stock price, I don't remember exactly whatthe stock was, but it being a stock price.And then you see the value of $8000.And what's occurring here is that the priceis much, much, much, much less than $8000,which is why this person's saying wow,could this thing actually go back up to $8000.Now here's the test,what's going on here?What is this person missing?What is this person not understanding?If you're saying okay, Clay,clearly they've missed the whole thingknown as a reverse split.Now what is a reverse split?I will put a video down below this,so if you're watching on YouTube, in the description area,or if you're watching this at claytrader.com,just right down below the video,about what a reverse split is.But that's not the point of this video.The point is, this person has blatantly, very clearly,just is not aware of reverse splits.Now, like I said, you could say but Clay,what does that really affect, you know,any sort of trading dynamics?I mean I could argue well that's gonna,that could affect like, I think I could get at leastsome sort of higher price,but that price never really existed anywaysbecause of the reverse split.But at the core, yeah, I mean,no this misunderstanding isn't gonna cause the personto go out there and absolutely blow up their account.Maybe, but probably not.That's not the point though, the point isthat if this person is using real money,then they failed the test, because I guaranteethat if they are missing and not understanding somethinglike a reverse split, and how that affects the market,how that affects charts,and has caused them to ask this question,then there are plenty of other little issuesthat they are missing out on.And when you have enough of those issues,again, that's where enough little tiny holesare going to sink a ship.So right here, that's the test that I'm giving you.Have you ever saw something on a chart,and you're like and wow, it used to trade for that?Here's another one that you know, is just crazy,but a D-R-Y-S,H-M-N-Y, if you go and look at those charts,you know those have had a bunch of reverse splits.And I think D-R-Y-S, at least at the time of this recording,it's traded for like $400,000 a share.And I've had plenty of people come and say,wow, do you think D-R-Y-S can even get up to, you know,$10,000 a share?And it cut, you know, I don't wanna say this questionoccurs like every single day,but there's been plenty of instanceswhere people are asking questions, are forming trade plans,based under the premise that the stock pricehas been a whole lot higher than where it is,but they're just clearly not understandingthat a reverse split has occurred.So if you're somebody that didn't understand,wait, what's wrong with that?Or you're thinking whoa, something used to trade for $8000,then I'm not saying you're stupid,I'm not saying that you're never gonna figure stuff out,I'm just saying that would be a signthat you failed the test,and you should probably tap the brakes,especially if you're using real money.Now, if you're not using real money, that's fine.You're in the education phase.But if you are using real money,and you don't understand what was going on here,tap the brakes, because I guarantee there are other thingsyou need to focus on, and you'll reassess,kind of the educational and knowledge pathwaythat you're going down.I do offer training courses, I would love to teach you,I would love to, you know, come alongsideand coach you along the way.But if you don't wanna do any of my courses,that's totally cool too.The idea here is not to sell you anything.The idea here is to just illustrate a point to youthat you missed out on this whole reverse split thing,so if you are all of a sudden going to real money,you're treading very, very...You're treading risky waters,because there's probably other things you're not aware of.If you're out there trading alone currently,and maybe are in the market,looking for a community to join,to assist you in your trading or to just help you,you know, give you another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading community,where you can trade alongside me,and other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link,so if you click on the Inner Circle one,that is going to take you to the pagewhere I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chat room and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped upis a behind the scenes tour,where you can see exactly what is going to, you know,be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind the scenes tourof everything, and that way you'll knowprecisely what you are getting, you know, when you join.So, definitely check that stuff out if you are interested,and thinking about, you know, wanting to join a community,and let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader