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A Warning Regarding CGC, CRON, ACB and TLRY

I’m aware that to some traders I will sound very bitter and negative (to which I understand ‘why’), but all I’m asking is for you to at least consider what I’m talking about as a possibility as to what is occurring in your current stock market trading results.

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It's Friday, it's time for a fireside chat.And it totally makes sense right nowgiven it's winter here in Michigan,there's snow on the ground, there's a crisp fire burningin the background, this doesn't get any better.But I am going to probably, I don't knowif offend is the right word, let me put it this way.There's a certain group of people out there,I'm going to look very bitter,I'm going to sound very jealous.I'm going to sound very, just negative.I'm gonna look and sound very insert blankof any sort of not positive type of view point.And that group of people that is going to view,that is, those people that are brand newand making money right now.In some cases, probably making a whole lot of money.And as you saw by the title of this,if you are somebody that is newer and you've made money,or you're making money on the Canadian pot stocksACB, CRON, TLRY, CGC, and maybe I'm missing,but really those kind of main four.I wanna just offer up a warningand try to just speak with you.Now, I get it, I'm gonna sound like I said,very bitter and very kind of well, he's not very positive.And I don't blame you for feeling that waybecause I get it, you're new and your experiencein the market right now is I've been making lots of money,what does this guy know?This guy is just jealous because I've made all this moneyand he hasn't on those stocks.So, like I said I get it, but all I'm asking isto step back and maybe acknowledgethat what I am going to talk about is a possibility.Now I get it, but all I ask is that you acknowledgethat maybe it's a possibility, maybe there's some truthto what I'm trying kind of offer up a warning for.And that is, those stockshave taken zero skill to make money in.I know, I know, that's gonna sound bad.But let's face it, these Canadian pot stock companiesit is a big bubble.Now, I'm not saying bubblein the sense of it's going to explodeand these companies are gonna go non-existent.I'm just saying bubble in the sense ofall these prices have been doingover the past few months is going up and up and up.And I see it time and time again,where people could be literally chasing,buying at the worst, absolutely worst timefrom a trading perspective, or really from any perspective.But because these stocks are such monstersand have been such monsters, they get bailed outand then they're still making money.And my point is when the bubble, I'm not gonna say pops,but when the bubble kind of maybe self-correctsand things to quote unquote normal,then it's actually going to take skillto make money in the market.I assure you, chasing after a price, buying at the high,and then having to sit there and say,okay well it's pulled back, it's gone back.Okay, it's still going back.Oh wow, it's gone back some more.And then a few days later because these stocks have beenso strong, all of a sudden it's that new high,you're saying, "Hey see, I made money on it."What can I say, I'm just a really good trader."Be very careful of that because that is not the norm at all.Now, the other camp of people,those that have experience,those that have been in the market for years,you know exactly what I'm talking about.I am by no means saying you can't make moneyon these stocks, many of you have,I'm just saying just accept the possibilityor consider the possibility but maybe this is not the norm.Maybe this sort of price movementwithin these stocks is not how it usually is.Now, I'm not gonna equate these exactlybecause I don't think pot stocks are these Canadian onesand then Bitcoin, I'm not saying they're the same,but I am saying is the same is the kind of mentalityand the way Bitcoin tricked a lot of people.Again, for those of you that were aroundduring the whole Bitcoin thingover the past couple of years,you saw it all over the place.All these people running around,thinking they knew how to trade,thinking that they were somehow a prodigybecause they're making all this money in Bitcoin.And there was a lot of money to be made.And there was just this mentalityof yeah, I'm a good trader.Oh, what are you talking about offering me up a warning?How much money have you made on Bitcoin?Yeah, that's what I thought, shut your mouth.I'm a good Bitcoin trader.And you know, funny thing is I don't see really anybodyrunning around acting tough now.Acting, dare I say, a little cocky,a little bit of, you know?Why?Because that Bitcoin bubble has stopped.Now, Bitcoin is actually taking skill to trade.Once more, I'm not saying you can't make moneytrading Bitcoin, but there's actually skillthat's required because it's not just going straight up.Same with back in, let's see when was that?Pretty much up until 2007-ish, the whole real estate thing.All sorts of people getting into real estate.Yeah, I'm a real estate investor.Yeah, I flip houses.Do you flip houses?Have you made any money?Have you made as much?No?Then shut your mouth, I'm a real estate investor.I know how to flip houses.Well yeah, during that real estate bubblethat didn't take any skill.I still remember one of the episodesfrom those reality TV shows,the person bought a house and it was terrible.They went so far over budgetbecause they had no idea what they were doing.They spent so much more than whatthey thought they were going tobut they still turned a ridiculous profit, why?Because the market was just appreciating,and appreciating, and it totally bailed them out.And then, of course, when the real estate bubble poppedand it actually required skill again to make money,well that's what wiped out a lot of people.When skill actually comes into the picturethen you have kind of the does of reality.And it's nothing new, it happens all the time.Bubbles form, people just kind of stumble into themat the right place at the right time.Other times, people hop in a little bit late.Some people hop in really late.But you know, because it's such a bubblethat a lot of those people still have the opportunityto make some money and then they startto get luck confused with skill.Kind of just random timing, skill.Be very careful, that's all I'm saying isto offer up a warning and to just question,are you sure all this money is coming from skillor has there just been a whole lotta luck maybe involved?Good for you, you recognized this thingthat's been the opportunity that has beenthose Canadian stocks in the marijuana industry.Good for you, I'm not taking anything away from you.I'm just saying there's a very fine line out therebetween yeah, having kind of a broad general idea,put in some money, and then oh, I was right about that.Like I said, again props to you, well done,but just realize.Now, if you're like some sort of day traderor swing trader and you're yeah, I got this all figured outand all I trade is these stocks.I would really, please just consider,I realize I sound bitter.But throw out there that maybe there's a little bitmore luck involved in all this,in all your gains, than skill.Because when stocks start to act normal again,and they will, they will eventually just actlike any sort of normal stock out there.At that point, there's a lot more that goesinto successful trading and consistent tradingrather than just waiting for the stockto value up because all it does is go up.So just a warning, something to consider.And I hope you do consider it,even if just one of you believes me.Because I realize some of you,I can already see the comments right now, you're bitter.You're just jealous.You're so bitter.You're actually a troll.And I don't blame those peoplebecause I'd probably think kind of the same wayif I was new to something and I was making a bunchof money in it and then there's this person saying,you better be careful it could just be luck.No man, it's skill, it's skill.So, I'm not offended, but just consider it.That's all I'm asking.Be very, very careful.Don't let yourself get too far ahead of yourselfin terms of confidence and thinking you know morethan what you actually do.If you're out there trading a lot currentlyand maybe are in the market looking for a communityto join to assist you in your trading,or to just help you give you another set of eyeballs,then I do have a private trading communitywhere you can trade alongside meand other experienced traders.So, what you see popping up on the screen right nowis both an information link, so if you clickon the Inner Circle one that is going to take youto the page where I explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chatroom and the newsletter.And then the other image that has popped up isa behind the scenes tour where you can see exactlywhat is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said, a behind the scenes tourof everything and that way you'll know preciselywhat you are getting when you join.So, definitely check that stuff outif you are interested and thinkingabout wanting to join a community.And let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader