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Am I Greedy? Yes. Here’s Why…

Every now and then I get this statement thrown my way, “Oh… so you aren’t going to help me unless I pay you money?” – ouch! That sounds really bad on the surface, but… let’s go below the surface a bit more so I can explain about me and my greed.

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Welcome to a Friday fireside chat,from the video title.I'm not quite sure I'm going to title it.But we're gonna talk greed.And I wanted to get a video out there,because it's pretty bad sounding accusation,if I'm being honest.Because, yeah, it really does sound bad,but I wanna just try to explain a little bitmore of where I'm coming from.So that, I guess,one it's kinda just nice to sit hereand maybe get it off my chest a little bit.But also, I'm giving myself froma customer service standpoint.Instead of having to sit thereand explain this to those peoplethat throw the accusation at me.I now have a video that I can send them and say"Hey, just watch this and I explain myself"but the accusation is this."Oh so you're not going to help me unless I pay you?"And that sounds really bad.That makes me sound like such a greedy scum bag.I'll hold"So unless I buy this, you're just not going to help me?"Ugh, kinda awkward.But yeah, that's absolutely correct.First off, a little bit of defense.If you go to claytrader.com/blog, there's a ton,a ton of free information there.I mean, literally at this point,hundreds upon hundreds of videos.The YouTube channel's been around for a few years now.And there's, I mean go through the channel.There's all sorts of free stuff out therewith little tips and tricks and stuff like that.But there does reach the point where,yeah, you're absolutely correct.I am not going to help you.I am not going to carry on with youunless you make some sort of commitment to me.Via paying for, you know, in joining the community,or purchasing the course,or some sort of avenue.I realize, again, on the surface,that's sounds really bad.But why am I doing that?Well, at the core, I want to be able to help people.So what do I mean?How does paying make me- This is how.There's only 24 hours in a day.I have a family.I have friends.And so I need to sleep.So, I mean, you don't really have 24 hours in a day,but time is limited.I'm sure you understand that.And in order to truly help people, well,I need to have time to help people.I need to have time to interact with people.I need to have time to do what needs to be done.And in order to do that, I need to free up my time.So how do I free up my time?Well, believe it or not, people that actually get money,despite what some in the media may portray.Its not like they're gimme gimme gimme,I'm hoarding all this cash for myself.No, they go out there and reinvest that cash.I invest that cash in one form, into the business,in the form of well, lemme hire some people.And by hiring people,these people can go and do other things.Great example, I.T. Nate, the guy behind the camera.If I really wanted to, yeah,I'm probably not as good as him,but I could figure out how to record, what camera I need,how to edit, how to do the software,how to do that audio, how to do the lighting.I mean, I think I could do that,but even after all that was figured out,still just from the editing perspective,and the recording perspective, that would take lot of time.But I don't wanna use my time to sit thereand edit videos, fix lighting, fix audio,what else do you do, Nate? Lotta-That's about it.Okay, well then, maybe I need toreassess some things here.But you get the point.I don't want to spend my time doing that.I want to spend my time being able to help peoplethat have paid me for a service.Because when people pay me for a service,and I do a good job providing them with a service back,because I am able to help them and interact with them.Then, they go out there,and they have good words to sayand that brings in more people.That's good word-of-mouth.Just business 101 stuff, here.But that, that is why I need to charge money at some point.Again, at some point.I give away a lot of free stuff.But some people show up and I can tell,and I don't blame them.You can always try.It's always worth trying,so I'm not mad in that regard.But it's like, okay, this person wants to-okay now they're asking-okay now they're needing this, holy-okay now they're-And I can only type so fast.I have other things I need to do.So at some point, I just say hey listen,I talk about all this stuff right here.But there here is, yes, it's a course.It's content that requires money.And then, of course, that's where the-"Oh, so you're not going to help me unless I pay you?"Well, yeah, I mean I have a business.And I would encourage you to do this.Walk into, I don't know,Verizon, AT&T, some place, and do this."Oh, you're not going to give me that iPhone"unless I give you money, huh?"Everybody would laugh at you and be like,"Well, yeah, exactly."That's the same thing here.I mean, when you stop and thing about it.Well, Clay, I mean, you can go get all that stuff for free.Yeah, you know what else you can get for free?A phone.You can go out there and you can study how to build a phone.You can buy all the parts.You can to, you know, get connected to the-I mean you could go and do all that if you really wanted to.Or you could just save yourself the hassleand just pay for that phone.And that's what a lot of people choose to do.Save themselves the hassle of havingto go through all the ups and downs,through of trading and blow up a bunch of moneybecause they- Oh, I could have avoided thatand not lost all that money.You know, some people realize that,so they're willing to pay for the service.But, again, I want to give them a good service.So I need to take some of that money,and invest it into other routes,where I can free up my time.So, yeah, there is a point where I'm goingto be requiring paymentand this really doesn't apply toprobably 95% of people.Most people in the YouTube commentsthat I interact with, they're awesome.I refer them to a link.No, that doesn't necessarily mean they buy,but they're like "Hey, thanks a lot, I'll check it out,"and I'll let you know if I have any questions."But every once in a while,that 5%, I get maybe not in the exact words,but that's what is thrown at me, in general.Is, "Oh, so I have to pay you,"or you're just not going to help me?"And that always kind of just, that sounds so bad.So I wanted to get this video out thereand just kind of explain.Like I said, for most people,maybe you've already turned this off.But like I said, my ulterior motive here,was so now I can link this video to those people,so they kind of better understand how a business operates.How a business- look at it like this.Maybe this will help you out.Let's just say that the iPod.Who remembers the iPod?It was super super popular,But let's just say that Apple never collected any money."Oh, so you're not going to give me that iPod"unless I give you some money?""No, no, no, yeah, that kind of a scum bag- here you go."Here's iPod, here's iPod."And let's just say they gave them all away.Do you know what doesn't happen?You don't get the iPhone.You don't get the iWatch.You don't get the what Apple just announced, like this TV.You're not getting any of that stuff.Why?Because the company never made any money where they couldreinvest into offering more products and services.The same as me.I need to be able to offer-I want to be able to help people.I want to be able to offer a good service.And the best service that I can offeris my time to people that have paid me,so I can help them,so I can help improve their trading and get them better.But If I'm off editing videos,and working on lighting,and doing all sorts of other website stuff,that I don't understand but I can learn.No, Nate, he takes care of that.He pulls that off my plate,and frees up my time.So that is why I charge.It's not because I am a total scumbag.It's definitely not because I'm sort of greedy capitalistthat just wants to charge so I can hoard the money.No, I spend that money on the company.And if that's still really just bothers you,my only question would be, I mean,I don't understand what's wrong withcreating jobs for other people,so that you can free up your time,so that you can offer a better service, and work one-on-oneand interact with people that have paid for-I don't see any flaws in that.I don't see anything that's wrong.And at the end of the day,if you're still irritated that I maybe-ask for you to pay me for me to continueto spend my time with you.If you're still offended,then let's just call an ace an ace.You're a freeloader.You're not very serious about this trading stuff.And you are way too entitled,and that's just the story.If that offends you,then, yeah, I really don't care,because at this point,there is no way you're ever going to purchaseany of my services, in the first place.If what I've just laid out stillhas you offended in one way or another.But for most people, if you're still watching this,I guess thanks for sticking around.But, yeah, am I greedy?Yeah, I'm greedy in the sense of,I wanna offer a great service,and in order to do that I need to be greedy with my time.I need to utilize my time as best as possible.So that I can offer you as a potential customer,or you as a current customer the best opportunity,and the best service possible.So, I feel better, that's off my chest.Now, when people throw the very nasty accusation,that sounds so bad.I think I have a rational and logical reply now.Or who knows?Maybe none of this made sense.Leave in the comment sections.Did any of this make sense,or do I need to do like a 2.0 on this?I don't know, let me know,but I feel better.Thanks for listening.If you are out there, trading alone currently,and maybe are in the market looking for a community to join,to assist you in your trading,or to just help you, give you another set of eyeballs.Then, I do have a private trading community,where you can trade alongside me,and other experienced traders.So what you see popping up on the screen right now,is both an information link.So if you click on the inner circle one,that is going to take you to the page whereI explain all the detailsof what exactly come with the community,both the chatroom and the news letter.And then the other image that has popped up is abehind-the-scenes tour, where you can see exactlywhat is going to be contained within the community.I take you through, like I said,a behind-the-scenes tour of everything,and that way you'll know preciselywhat you are getting when you join.So, definitely check that stuff out,if you are interested,and thinking about wanting to join a community,and let me know if you have any questions.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader