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An Important Reminder of Trader Flexibility

When it comes to trading the markets, the more choices we have, the more opportunity to make money we give ourselves. I show why it is so important to learn how to trade the markets with all tools available to you. When it comes to learning how to short stocks, this is not an optional pathway… as you’ll see, it is something you NEED to do when certain stock market environments arise.

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Hey it's Clay at ClayTrader.com this will bethe weekly review of the Power Profit Scan newsletterwhich is the email newsletter portionof the Inner Circle subscription,the other part of the subscription is the live trading roombut there is also this portionwhere I send it out every weekend and as you'll see,just go over several set-ups that I find through scans.Before I go any further, quick disclosures up front first,am I trying to imply that every single alert that I send outis a winner and is a great money maker?Absolutely not,in fact in this video you're about to see that,yeah losses happen and this is why it kind of catapultsinto a great real life learning exampleon why keeping losses controlled,why keeping losses small and disciplinedreally does matter because while losses do happenas you're gonna see, winners also happen.So when those winners do happen you want to be in a positionwhere you haven't let any sort of loss spin out of control.So that's where there's little nuances in trading that,because there's no pointin hiding the fact that losses do happenbut let's just turn that into a learning exampleon why you need to keep things disciplined.Second disclaimer to makeis we are going a bit back into the history of things,we're going to 10/8/18.Why so far behind?Well a couple reasons.First, it's just simplygiving the chart plenty of time to play outso that way we can see what actually happenedsince the time, if we just did it a week later or so.Sometimes patience is requiredfor these plays and alerts and set-ups,whatever you want to call 'em, to actually unfold.But this gives us plenty of timeand second it's just simply a matter of being fair.The last thing I would want to dois for somebody to pay and then all of a suddena few moments later see something for free.And it's like,well I just paid for that and now it's out in the public.So this also makes sure thatthe paying members have plenty of opportunityand I'm sure that's more than understandable.So with that being said let's get to it.Now to set up some context herein terms of why what I'm about to talk aboutis actually very importantand in a weird and twisted type of way,because yeah, I'll be the first to admitI love to talk about winners on these videos because hey,that's just much more enjoyable to talk about.But in a weird way, like I said, in a twisted way,these losses that we're about to showreally go to show a much bigger principle,a much bigger fact, that I think sometimes people overlookor don't think matters or I'll do that later,where it actually really does matter in a big way,especially when weeks like this occur.What do I mean by weeks like this?Well remember the timeframe herewe're talking about is Octoberand if you're watching this on YouTubeseveral months from now or who knows maybe a year from now,this portion of the market got really really nasty,the overall markets just got absolutely hammeredand it was a nasty period out there.So as you're gonna see and I'm just taking a couple examplesbut people that were going long,people that were trying to buyand make money from prices going up,known as going long, it was a very rough weekand this is just one example from the newsletterthat's gonna kind of show that.But, there's a but coming so just stick around for the butbecause that's what kind of proves and illustrates the ideaof why there's a certain aspect of the marketthat is very important.So right here though, did alert DK,with as you can see up herejust implying, is this some sort of bottom?Because I mean the price started to go sidewaysso I threw out the logical conclusion that hey,maybe this is some sort of bottom formingso let's see how this played out.So here is what the chart looked like over the weekend,I believe I said it alreadybut I send out the newsletter usually on Saturdays,so it comes out on the weekendthat way everybody's got plenty of timeto look over things and set-up trade plansand so on and so forth.So let's just kind of get startedand Monday you can see the price actually gapped down,so it closed up there and gapped right there.So I'm not saying necessarily people got inbut I'm gonna assume people got ineven if they saw the gap down, perhaps thought,alright well it's down by supportso I'm just gonna assume people got inbut I would also understand if they didn't get in'cause if you're thinking of going long and buyand all of a sudden you see something gap down,I could understand maybe some hesitationbut I also understand that everybody's different,we all have different risks tolerance levelsbut for the sake of thisand kind of for the sake of the example herefrom the general learning example,I'm gonna assume that people did get in and you can see thatfrom that point forward it just went down.So again my point here is this is why losses are importantin the sense of keeping losses controlled.Keeping losses managed.I realize these are just general soundbites.Well what do you mean,how do you keep losses controlled, how do you?Well that's the important of knowledge.That's the important of investing in to yourselfand learning how to actually tradebecause I'm well aware that all I'm doingis tossing out general soundbites like,keep losses controlled.But there is an actual strategy,there is an actual way to do all this and that's not what,it's more in depth than what is gonna be accomplishedon a 20, 25, heck hour video.But there's definitely ways out thereto definitely specify what keeping losses controlled,having disciplined losses means.And here's a hint,it's more than just throwing in a stop lossbecause you gotta know where to put the stop loss,you gotta know what's a logical area, you gotta know,is the stop loss even worth putting in in the first place.So there's lots of things to itbut point here being this was oneand like I said the entire marketwas getting absolutely hammered during the week.So you can see that this stock was no different,down it went but the importance of keeping losses small.The next one here was ALT and I totally just,I've never had this category beforebut I think this did a good job of illustrating things here.But just simply pointed out the factthat this thing has in the past made crazy movesfrom 4.27 up to $36, no that's not a typo.So you have a crazy past history,all of a sudden you have another crazy candle againwhere it moved like $2 in the course of a dayand it had the crazy volume compared to past times.So you throw all these together and is more crazy coming?So this was definitely one that I had an eye onso let's see how this played out.Again here was what the chart looked like over the weekend.And you can see on that Monday it just flat out gapped downalthough given the premise of the category,hey is more crazy coming?Who knows maybe the crazy was gonna be a gap downand then all of a sudden it comes back to life againand kind of skyrockets back,even if it skyrockets back up only halfwayfrom a percentage standpoint,that's still actually a decent move.So that's why I can understandif people just never got in in the first place.So for some this could have been a quote on quote no play,meaning they just never took any action.But I could also see, 'cause we are all different,that maybe some people thoughtthat maybe some sort of crazy was gonna happenbut yeah as you see here there was no crazyall it did was drift back downso that was definitely a one day type wonder.And again that would have beenanother losing trade had you gotten inwith the expectation of some sort of crazy,which would have been logical as I pointed outbut it just simply didn't work outand the overall markets givenwas just dragging everything down so it makes sense why.So yeah, I mean I get it,not necessarily fun to talk about lossesbut now this is where I want to move intoand I will fully admit that some of the other oneson the email were losses or no playsand kind of some gray area,well would you have gotten in or wouldn't youbecause there were gap downs across the marketbut regardless point here being isI fully admit that yeah this was a rough week for anybody,any newsletter that's just talkingabout going long and buyingbecause the week as a whole just got absolutely hammered.However, however, and here brings the learning lesson.Shorting, what does shorting mean real quick,in case you're new.Shorting means you make money when prices go down.That may sound like black magic,that may sound a little goofy but it's totally true,it's totally possible, it exists in the market,and the learning lesson,maybe you kind of know where I'm going with this is,bad weeks do occur in the market.And when that occurs there's still actually opportunityto make money but that's where shorting comes into play.I do offer a course on it.Would I love for you to buy the course?Absolutely, I'm not gonna sit here and deny thatbut my goal here is not to get you to buy the course.Again I'd love if you did,sure, but just be aware of shortingand if you are already aware of it and you ah,I'll learn that another time, ah yeah I'll learn that.No this is exactly why you need to learn itand why it's such a critical componentto having 100% flexibility as a trader.So as part of the newsletterI do send out alerts for potential short set-ups.Now they're not chartsbut this illustrates the knowledge of power,anybody that's taken the course,they don't need to have something, a chart,they have been taught what to look at,what to look for on the chart themselves.So that's why I just simply throw out some ticker symbolsbecause given that they're students they know what to doand again give a man a fish, what was that saying?They eat for a day,teach a man to fish so they eat for a lifetime.So these people have been taught how to fishin regards to shortingso that's why they're just given a ticker symbolbut let's look at a couple of these that were given out,remember we've talked about the losersfrom people trying to buyand make money from prices going upbut let's see about making money when prices go down.So here we are looking at STXthis is what the chart looked likewhen I alerted it over the weekendand again I realize if you're new this sounds kind of badbut actually seeing prices fall,seeing these candles go lower and loweris a good thing from a shorting perspective.So I'll just kind of quickly go through thisbut like I said if you took my coursethen you would definitely know how to have playedone of these types of moves.And you can see that ultimatelythat thing dropped nine dollars per share.Now am I saying anybody got nine dollars per share?I'm not saying anybody played it perfectly,I'm just saying that was the windowthat they could have worked with from the short sideto make quite a bit of gains.So when you stop and think about itfrom here all the way down to there,this was a big old window that could have wiped awaysome of those losses, assuming they were controlled,assuming they were disciplined from the long side.So flexibility.Yeah, maybe you were tryingto make money on some stocks that went upbut if you were disciplined about itand kept the losses controlled and small,well hey, here's a stock that went down quite a bitand would have wiped away those lossesand then put more green into your pocket.Another one from the list AKCAso same premise here we want to see prices go downand that is exactly what happened.Again if you know how to do shortingand know how to read charts and all that good stuffmore than plenty of, several waysyou could have gotten into thisand taken advantage of the $10 per share drop.Again $10 per share, that's a lot,especially for a stock that's in the $30 rangeand again not saying anybody played it perfectlybut lots and lots of wiggle room,lots and lots of territory to lock in a nice little,nah I shouldn't say winner, a nice winner,and which would have wiped awaythose stocks that did not go up.So remember just because markets are going downdoesn't mean that there's nothing you can do,it doesn't mean that you're just gonna flat out lose moneybecause you need to have 100% flexibility as a trader.And again what is 100% flexibility as a trader?Well yeah, everybody knows about this method,making money when prices go upbut that's only 50% flexibility 'cause why?Well you can only make money 50% of the time.But if you can also make money when prices go downwhat has that given you?That is literally increasing your flexibility by 100%.'Cause 50 and you double it which is 100% move.So 100% increase in flexibility you can accomplishby learning how to short.Again I'd love for you to buy my coursebut even if you don't shorting is somethingthat not only needs to be learned but started to implementso that you can have full flexibility as a trader.If you are interested in joining the groupand surrounding yourself with other like minded traders,people that yes, do short, do go long,do whatever the chart is essentially telling you to dothen that is the idea here behind the community,just to talk about the Power Profit Scans,but like I said at the very beginning,also get the live trading chat roomand there's lots of other little dynamics heregoing on that you can read about.Also there is an appso it's not like you have to stay chainedto your computer or anything like that,you can stay in touch no matter where you are,that doesn't have any additional cost or anything.Speaking of prices, the price is, are you ready?$99 per year, not per week, not per quarter, not per month.Per year.If you were to pull out your calculator and break that down,per month that would break down to $8.25.I don't really think that's that amount.If you were to break out your calculatorand continue to crunch the numbers and do it per week,it's $1.90 per week.So as far as pricing is concernedI am 100% confident in saying it is more than fairand as I say every week and will continue to say,over the time span of 12 monthsI'm quite confident you can get at least $99 worth of value.So let me know of you have any questionsin the comment section below.Hopefully you learned something from this.From my perspective, not the funnest video to makebecause it's not like there wasany winners from the long sidebut from the short side, meaning when prices go down,it made a great real life example of just the importanceof making sure you have 100% flexibility as a trader.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader