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Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making money. But, there is something that is hard to describe when you know others are making money right alongside you and that’s exactly what happened with the scans for our weekly member newsletter. If you are looking for some help and/or additional support in your trading, then I’m confident my private trading community can provide value and help you accomplish your goals as a trader.

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Hey it's Clay at claytrader.com,this will be the weekly reviewof the Power Profit Scan newsletter, which is partof the inner circle subscription service that I offer.What we're looking at here is behind the scenes,and one of the ways you can access these scansis just through the member portal, I also email it out.So it's a situation of whatever makes your life easierto get access to these, whether that's your email,or just logging into the member portal.That's up to you, but that's what we're looking at here.A few disclosures before I go any further.First off, am I trying to imply that every single alertthat I send out, every single scan is some sort of winner?Absolutely not, I wish I could say that I'm perfect,but I am not perfect, nobody is perfect.So I'm not trying come across like everythingis always a winning alert, or anything like that.And in fact, for those of you that have watchedmany of the other past videos in this play list,you know that I've shown loses,I've shown sloppy trades, and I try to showa good wide variety of things.But I just wanna through it out there right now,by no means is this intended to make it sound likeevery single time that I send out an alertit's gonna be a money-making opportunity.On top of that, it also goes to show the importanceof risk management, because losing trades do happen.So you wanna make sure that you understandhow to control the loses, because while losing trades happenwinning trades also happen.And when winning trades do happen,you wanna make sure that you have your accountin the best possible position to benefit from those winners.And then the second disclosure,we are going back to the week of 12/31/18, why so far?Two reasons, first off it just gives the chartplenty of time for everything to play out,and then second, it's just a matter of being fair.The last thing that I would want is for somebodyto pay for something and then all of a suddenit's out on the internet for free.That person would probably feel a little ripped off,and I would say they were justified in that feeling.So with that being said, let's get to it.The first alert I made, scan, whatever you wanna call it,I created kinda my own little category for it.More panic needed, and CYH was a ticker,and basically the premise was the there had beena lot of bloodshed already, however, I wanted to seeif the price could roll back over and come downto this approximately $2.50 area.So let's see how this one played out.Now before we see what happens, a couple things to note.First off, keep in mind the prices,one of the big questions is, hey Clay,what price range do you cover?I cover anything, I don't care about prices per se,I care about probabilities, I care about odds.Odds that hey, this is gonna turn out to be a winning trade.Probabilities that it's gonna turn outto be a winning trade.So price is very far down the list,and if again, you watch past videos you've seen metalk about penny stocks, sub-penny stocks,stocks over a $100, so just keep in mindprices are gonna be all over the place.So right now we're looking at a $3.00 stock.And then also, these are always sent out via the email,or like I said, you can log into the member portalevery weekend, that way you have all weekend longto put together maybe how you maybe wanna approachthese different setups.So that is when things are put out into play.So as we just went over, this was the more panic needed,or in other words, the price needed to get downtowards this green line down there, $2.50.So let's see how this one played out.So Monday, right there, the opening portion of the weekstarted to make it's way down, and then that happened.And then that happened.And then that happened.And then that happened, up and up it wentfor 48% move, so in other words, I was definitely wrong.Now sure I could kind of try and finagleand say, "well yeah, you got in right there,"but that wouldn't really be genuinegiven that the whole logic behind the alert was thatmore panic was needed to get down to this $2.50 range,and that just simply never happened.Like I said, if I really wanted to, I guess I could tryto say that yup, that was a big enough pull back,but no, that's not quite close enough to $2.50.But here's an example of one where yeah, I was wrong.I was looking for, I was thinking it had a potentialat $2.50, and it smacked me in the faceand said no, we're not going to $2.50,we're going now and we're gonna make a 48% move.So it is what it is, so while this wasn't a losing trade,it was definitely one that did not play outthe way it was looking, and left us 48% in the dust.The next alert that was sent out was nothing fancy,as far as category is concerned, just a technical pattern.And the technical pattern was the falling wedge,which you can see right here.Ticker symbol was Nvidia, maybe you've heard of it.So again, price wise, we've gone from a $3.00 stock,and now we're talking about a stock that at the timeof the alert, was up over $130.So let's see how this one played out.The week started.Took a little bit of patience, nothing happened right away,but there was the break right there.Consolidated a quick second,went sideways a little bit more,and then got some continued fall through up therefor a total of a 14% move.Now I realize, yeah 14% not a huge percent gainer,but you gotta keep things in context.This is a $100 stock, that is doing millions upon millionsupon millions of dollars every single day.So theoretically, and not saying anybody did this,but you could put a million dollars into this,and have a pretty relatively easy time selling.Whereas if you were to go and put a million dollarsinto let's just say, some sort of penny stockthat moves 200%, yeah good luck selling a million dollarsworth of a penny stock without crashingand destroying the whole thing.So there is a little bit of apples and oranges.Percentage, yeah 14%, but this is a highly liquid stock,where you could, like I said, put in large amounts of money.I mean, $100,000 for example, would be a drop in the bucket,I mean, it wouldn't even sneeze, you wouldn't even rock,nobody would even notice $100,000 on Nvidia.Again, $100,000 on a penny stock, that's a different story.Also though, and this kinda brings about clearer,is it only stock traders in your community?No, we have lots of options traders too.So from an options perspective,you get this sort of movement on the underlying stock,and from the option point of view,that's some very solid gains within that realm of things.So sure, 14%, but when you consider these other bitsof context, definitely a very nice winner for the community.Next one here was ticker symbol CARA,and just is there a bounce coming?So just basically noted that there's a gap beat downquite a bit, started to go sideways,so just kinda threw out the question,hey is this thing ready for a bounce?Also, throughout there just in case,if it were to break to the downside,it could be a shorting opportunity.So let's see how this one played out.So price wise we're now talking aboutright around a $13 stock, so from $3.00 to $133,to now $13 dollars, hopefully you're seeingquite a wide price variety here.So let's see how this one played out.There's the first day from when it was sent out,and then right there it didn't waste much time,big old volume, nice price movement, little bitof consolidation and then just kept on grinding upwards.And that was a total price movement of 26.5%.So good solid movement, and again, a nice liquid stockwhere you know, you could put in a good chunk of change,and if you're getting right around,and not necessarily that you played it perfectly for 26.5%,but even if you played it half right, that's still 13%in a short time span, that's good solid money.And my favorite analogy, if you don't think 13% to 15%in a week is really worth anything,go into your local bank, your local credit union,and say, "excuse me ma'am, excuse me sir,"here is some money, I would like 15% return on this money"within the next two weeks."They're gonna say, "well, we have these bank CDs over here"that'll give you 3% if you hold onto it for three years,"but I'm gonna call the police on you sir,"because you are a crazy person"to want 15% in a week or two."What are you talking about?"So let's keep things in perspective here.Definitely a very nice move.The funnel alert here, ticker symbol AWSM,and just pointed out as a volume alert.You can see volume surged in here quite a bit.And as I noted that in the past it has shown the abilityto move pretty big, I mean from $7.50 up to $22,absolutely insane, so when you see the volume kick back inat least makes it a logical question.And wonder, hey, this thing has shown that it can move,maybe history's getting ready to repeat itself.Not necessarily to that extent, but you get the idea.It's shown the ability to move.Maybe another big move is coming.So here is the chart going into the weekend.Again, now taking note of the price,we're talking about a $2.00 stock here.And I also wanna note that while this line hereis not annotated, it does go to show the power of knowledgeand the power of having an understanding towards the market.If you can see why I have that line there, then that's good.I mean, I'm not gonna say that you have all of tradingfigured out, but at least you understandsome basics of charting.But where I have that line there is not necessarilyany sort of revolutionary placement,or doesn't imply any sort of brilliant knowledge.Like I said, it's pretty basic.So because of that even if you do know,oh yeah, I do know why you put that there,don't get carried away and start to putyour college tuition money on that.I mean, there's still a lot more,and maybe you are all set, but my point isthat is a more than logical, a more than rational placeto kind of aim for some sort of entry point.I mean if you want you could of gotten in right around hereas far as the calculations are concerned,but let's see how this one played out.So went sideways, pulled back,pulled back right there, and you can seespent some time right around that green line,which like I said, even if you have a basic understandingof charts, none of that price actionshould necessarily shock you at all.So right there, an entry point right around.I think, no I didn't play this like perfectlybuy in the low, you know these calculationsare based off of an entry point right around hereat about a $1.65ish, so again I'm not manipulatingthe numbers where I'm saying that people played itexactly perfectly at the low.No, that's not the case here.And then, seeing how things continued to play outyou can see the party started to come back to life.Pulled back a little bit there, but nothing massive.Notice, patience was required,but then things really came to life there.And that all equated to a 112% move.Now I realize that maybe didn't looklike it moved that much, but you gotta keep in mindfrom down around $1.65 to the high that it went up here,at $3.00, how high was that?$3.50, percentagely, that was actuallya very big move, so 112%.Again, am I saying that people played it perfectly?No, let's say you screwed up half the trade.Okay, now you're looking at about a 55% move.Okay, 55% move in let's say, a few weeks.Again, go into your local bank.Excuse me ma'am, excuse me sir, I'd like 55% returnon my money within the next three weeks.They will look at you like you're a crazy person.So overall though, 112% move.Very nice gainer for the members,and just a great example on the power of charts.As I wrap things up here, if you are interested in joiningjust got to claytrader.com/innercircle.There's also a link down in the description box,or you could just go to claytrader.com,and you know, there's a section Inner Circle.The cost for all of this is $99 per year.Not per week, not per month, not per quarter, per year.If you do the math it breaks down to $8.25 per month,or $1.90 per week.As I say every week, and will continue to say,I am very, very confident that over the time spanof 12 months, you're gonna get at least $99 worth of value.Yeah, I realize I'm not setting the bar too high,but that price is just enough to keep out the pumpers.It's just enough to keep out the trolls,and it works well for everybody.So yeah, take a look, and these areall the different dynamics of it.We talked about the power scans, but there's alsothe live trading chat room that comes with it.And there is a mobile app so it's not likeyou have to stay chained to your computeror anything like that.You can stay in touch wherever you are at.If there are any other questions or anything,then leave them down in the comment section,hit me up on social media, email,whatever makes your life easiest just let me know,and I'd be happy to answer any questions for ya.But yeah, come on, give it a try.This literally breaks down to a $1.90 per week,no excuses, let's go.

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How to Kill Your Stress, Fear, and Frustration as a Trader