Beginner day traders beware! There are some very common “sayings” out there that are total lies which will lead you into a world of heartache and headaches! I’ve been involved in coaching and guiding traders since 2013 and I constantly see this lie showing up time and time again. The reason this lie is so nasty is because, on the surface, it actually sounds very logical which makes it easy to believe. As a beginner day trader however, I want you to realize that the sooner you know to avoid and NOT believe these “sayings”, the better off you will be. If you want to learn how to trade the financial markets properly, you need to be focused on the right principles and concepts surrounding a trade plan. It’s the little things in trading that can add up in a big way, and like I said… because this lie is so believable, it can infect any trade strategy you are building in subtle, but very annoying ways. Let me show you why this lie is so nasty and how it can, at best, cause you to spin in circles as a trader in the results you get.