First off, congrats! If you are reading this you are thinking about getting involved in the world of investing. Seriously, that is awesome and it tells me you are serious about taking hold of personal responsibility and beginning a journey towards freedom. The stock market is one of the best forms in history of wealth building, but in order to build wealth and obtain freedom, you need to take that first step. What is that step? You need an investing app. In stock market terms, you need a “stock broker”, which sounds fancy, but in this day and age of technology everything can be done online or via an app. Two of the most popular stock investing apps, Robinhood and WeBull, are both easy to use; however, one of the apps offers a massive advantage compared to the other one. What is this advantage? Why does it make such a big difference? I talk about that and more in helping you figure out what is the best stock investing app to use on your journey to building wealth in the stock market.

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